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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, September 29, 2006

Cell group was great fun today (even thou my little finger was scaled)

Wheeee (:
Love you guys truckloads.

And yeah, Im happy to finally tell cell abt the Genting trip that Jaric, Daryl and I were talking about. Hope it really comes true.
Damn cool isnt it?
Woot. (:

Went to talk cock sing song with Jun after that.
My childhood friend. haha
It has been a while since I last talk to him.
He is still the same except with more tattoos now. haha
(L) alphabet A
7:29 PM

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I open the freezer this morning and got a shock.
Its full of Haagen-Dazs.
(i took a photo of it, will upload it soon)
The cookies and cream is all time favourite. (:
I wish I can finish my courseworkA on time man!
Once again stressed over it.
I wanna scrreammmmm.

I cried because I miss you. I cried because I feel your love no more. I cried because I feel lost. I cried because I feel like a sore loser. I didnt cry just because its Thursday, its because I can not take it anymore. I’ve been fighting back my tears since you left.
Guess you are right. Im a darn crybaby.

(L) alphabet A
3:41 PM


(L) alphabet A
2:06 PM

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Surprisingly, I went to school today.
Go to school and waste time…
After school, i went to ps with mund, wc and luke.

I spend quite alot there.
Item 1: Dorothy Perkins top
Damage: $19
Item 2: Donkey
Damage: $6.95
Item 3: Storybook
Damage: $ 16.80
Item 4: Green Tea ice-cream
Damage: $4

total damage: $46.75

got to save abit more for next this week then...
(L) alphabet A
11:23 AM

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mug. Mug. Mug.

Are army guys that desperate?
I bet he had already forgotten my face.

(L) alphabet A
1:21 PM

Monday, September 25, 2006

Went to riverboat yesterday.
Had talentime there.
It was okay but I was actually expecting more.

3cheers to all of the people who took part in the talentime!!
And xia nan is gorgeous!
Didn’t take many pics. Not really in the mood.

Watched "John Tucker Must Die" at Cathay house yesterday night.
Laugh my ass off.
But still had a heavy heart..
Nice show anyway! (:

I didnt go home last night so Im so sleepy now.
Big fat panda eyes.

I enjoyed the night out though. <3
Squeezy wizy on a bed isnt that bad right?
Theres warmth
but still i cant sleep well w/o blanket!!

And i'm so glad i see u for 3days in a row.
(L) alphabet A
11:17 AM

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Didnt go school as usual but I revised a little.
I need to really start mugging man!
No more time to waste.
I need to STUDY diligently and not get distracted.
(L) alphabet A
2:13 PM

Friday, September 22, 2006

Took a day off from school after exams.

Went to watch "the Banquet" with Luke, Mund and Chong at j8.
(I didnt wanna watch this show but since tickets are bought already…)
It wasnt as bad as I thought but was expecting a better ending.

After that i went to far east to meet Angel…
but thanks ah..
PANGSEH ME and I shopped far east ALONE.
dont even have mood to blog...
(L) alphabet A
2:38 PM

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I woke up late for my POA paper1 today.
I was 19minutes late.
Lucky was still able to take it but looks like its not gonna make much difference from getting ABS because I forget to bring the calculator.
I basically just anyhow pick A,B,C or D for all those calculations questions.
Its finally over.
Im really glad it’s over.
yay-ness (:

(Even though it simply means I must get my ass down to real revising.)
(L) alphabet A
9:34 AM

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Havent really had so much fun this year yet.

Brenda, Eve, Yuen Zhen and I went to Sentosa today.
Thank God for the good weather and bright sunny sun.

So, Im rather tanned now. Whee.. (:

Thanks to Yuen Zhen who wants the volleyball, we got to know this bunch of guys.
The guys just happen to resemble people we know. so funny.
They are from Ang Mo Quee camp. Uh huh, army guys.
hai..miss you though Im still angry.
Played volleyball then soccer then captain ball with them.
Frankly speaking, It wouldnt have been fun if its just 4 of us right?
More the merrier.
I only enjoyed captains ball actually.
After the games..
Pictures speak louder than words?

will upload soon (:

After that, we had dinner at coffee club together.
Thanks des for the treat (:
And the guy who look like Jake interested in kailing! hahaha. that's really cute. haha.
Thanks dearest Brenda for dropping with me at dhouby ghaut. <3

I wish everyday can be as happy as today.
Just lie on the sand, under the sky and enjoy the sea breeze. (:

(L) alphabet A
3:30 PM

I fell asleep halfway through calculating those digits in my POA paper2.
I didnt do the whole 20marks question which is on ratio.
Well,i know nuts abt ratio still.
I promise to do something abt it soon..
POA is really a pain in my ass.
I hope I can borderline pass my FNN with most of the papers blank.

Seriously, why didnt I take prelims seriously?
(thinking hard)

why must you do this to me? how hurt can i be when i know that the one u liked isn't me? my heart was smashed! you FREAK! I HATE YOU! u made me cry so so many times when u say i leave you with no choice. why must you make me feel guilty when the truth is you like somebody else? i realised im such a idiot. i hate you. i hate you. i hate you. just because i love you deosn't mean i must accept it that u cheat behind my back. you push me up the walls and go bonkers. now here i am crying obver a jerk. FUCK!
(L) alphabet A
12:26 PM

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Day that I Die

One day I woke up
I woke up knowing today is the day I will die
Cashdogg was barking went to the park and enjoyed that one last time
I called my mother told her I loved her and begged her not to cry
I wrote her a letter that said I'd miss her and signed that goodbye...

You know the happiest day of my life
I swear the happiest day of my life is the day that I die

Can you feel the cold tonight?
(The day that I died)
It sets in but it's alright
(The day that I died)
Darkness falls I'm letting go
(The day that I died)
All alone but I feel fine

We took a drive and we drove thru D.C.
To see the places we lived,
Long conversations we talked of old friends and all the things that we did
Summer nights, drunken fights
Mistakes we made...did we live it right?

You know the happiest day of my life
I swear the happiest day of my life is the day that I died

Can you feel the cold tonight?
(The day that I died)
It sets in but it's alright
(The day that I died)
Darkness falls I'm letting go
(The day that I died)
All alone but I feel just fine

You know the happiest day of my life
I swear the happiest day of my life
I know the happiest day of my life is the day that I died

Can you feel the cold tonight?
(The day that I died)
It sets in but it's alright
(The day that I died)
Darkness falls I'm letting go
(The day that I died)
All alone but I feel fineDid I live it right?

I hope I lived it right
I hope I lived it right, I know I lived it right
Did I live it right?
I hope I lived it right
(L) alphabet A
12:46 PM

Sunday, September 17, 2006

(L) alphabet A
3:00 PM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I slept through my day.
If only I can sleep through my life.

Taking a long stroll alone tonight seems like a lie isnt it? White lie?
Nvermind. Nothing i can do abt it.

And for my saturday night...
Its party time!
Andrew invite me over for his bro birthday party.
The party really rock socks!
When I reached there, it was jam packed.
His house was turned into glitchy electro land. His bro is a drum maniac.
He and his band laid the whole house with…urm…melodic sounds with wicked beats.
Andrew gave him the new drum set as birthday present!
Aww..how sweet!
Andrew had a hard time trying to ask me if I want volka.
Uh huh. VOLKA. (i didnt get drunk)
I dont understand how people can actually hear a decent word inside!
I simply tell Andrew to give up talking to me! haha.
All the people there are pretty babes and punk dudes, feel kinda fugly there.

12am and we sang happy brthday song.
After which I chill a little more and left.

Well, it was fun and cheered me up a little.

For now, i shall continue to sleep to drown the sorrows.
(L) alphabet A
4:50 PM

physics paper suck balls too! (actually I didnt study thats why)
but according to others, it is really tough.
I fell asleep for the science MCQ papers.
Shit man.

Didnt visit kk today because I have got a more important thing to do for him!
I made a GIGANTIC postcard for him.
Get N280 to write greetings on it and the front has everyones palm prints!
Aww…hopefully it will surprise him and cheer him up a little. He’s suppose to be discharged today… but…I didnt receive any good news. :(
Bet he must be damn depressed over there.
Today, mich and i finally talked.
Oh well, forgive is easy but to forget takes a long time?
Just hope that all those pains and hurts haunt me no more. (:
Andrew, thanks for the chocolates.
(: I am suddenly so thankful for the hot-pink lady. if not for her, we wouldnt have met!

thats all for today.
(L) alphabet A
2:56 PM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I keep telling myself I have to start revising but its not happening.

(L) alphabet A
2:11 PM

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I went to visit kk again. (:

Today is cooler, SK and I actually sat in for their therapy.
Actually its like a sharing session but through that, I actually understand some of them more and the problems they go through.
i bought a doughnut and his favourite choc for him. And SK bought us nasi from change village. But guess what?
The nurse went to put it in the fridge. lOL.

All of us got rather irritated by SDI and we got kinda mean. Frankly speaking I feel so bad now. Sam will be discharged tomorrow morning. I guess Im gonna kinda miss her man.
She a hot chic (:
somehow when I look into kks eyes, I could feel his sadness. Hmmm, I feel sad for him.
Hope that he can be discharged too.
He is seriously not fit to be there!

Actually, i had a tiff with my mum this afternoon. Its always the same old issues but yet we cant seems to resolve. Theres nothing much I can do about it but give in or plainly keep quiet. Hai. Im saving up to buy a new com for myself man.

And the sweet thing to end off today is still Andrew. He makes me smile when I saw him at ninth floor waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers. And its my favorite sunflower. He damn sweet. Kinda melt my heart.

I still refuse to let go just like that, even when someone better comes along. Did I really leave you with no choice?

(L) alphabet A
3:13 PM

Monday, September 11, 2006

I was so so happy to see kk today.
He is still in a piece and cheerful like before.
Most importantly, he’s perfectly sane. Haha.

Woah! So I really went IMH today!
Seriously, its COOL stuff man. (:

I was actually afraid when I first stepped into the building. And worse of all, I must find my way to block 3.
what if a insane just grab me and refuse to let go? luckily, luke was with me.
Cant imagine if I’m alone.
After hearing all the stories that kk told us about the people there, kinda sympathise with him. But when I sort of get to socialize with them during dinner time, they are actually okay except for one. That exceptional one is kinda scary.

I wish to say more about things I see and hear but better not. Like kinda rude isnt it?

And something nice to end my day off is to see Andrew again. Took the same bus as him and he helped me carry my groceries.
He invites me over to his house for dinner. I dint go.
but guess what that dude did, he sent cookies to me. and its cookies he made himself.
Sweet isnt it?
Im slowly enjoying the cookies now...
(L) alphabet A
5:42 PM

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Im aching all over, especially my arms.
Must be because of yesterdays race.
Oh well..
I dint go for service today. NOT because Im tired but just wanna take a little break.
Just look at the people there.. I know im not going for them but it does affect me and my feelings isnt it?
Im just reluctant even though shaun gave me so much encouragement yesterday to go ):
Urrgh. Change subject.

I just got to know a minute ago from weiwen that kk is in IMH.
Im like traumatized.
What could have happen?
I refuse to believe that he’s insane. I REFUSED TO.
And, its like I seem to be the last person to know can?! wtf
(L) alphabet A
4:29 PM

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Im so so sleepy now.
I WAKE UP AT 5AM TODAY! Only sleep for like 2hours.

Had amazing race before the ceremony. Its FUN but tiring.

First station was the most enjoyable station.
Finding 500 puzzles bits and then piecing them together as a group really is FUN.
At the end of one hour forty-five minutes, we had 488 pieces put together.
Arrgh, 2 pieces missing!!

Second station was at AJC. Oh well, I didnt like this station.
I CANT ROCKCLIMB OR BELAY. All thanks to my back problem.
We wasted quite a bit of time there.
Well, at least you were there.

Last station is so so tiring. PHS to lower pierce.
I dont know how many KILOMETERS!
And we carry Li Quan on stretches. Isnt as light as I thought.
Everyone rotates around to help carry her.

Wenjie and Colin made a big fool of themselves on the way there but really kinda entertain us. (:
they have soya bean milk all over.
They dont smell good. HAHA.

Come to think about it, I miss going camps!! Olevel just suck balls. Take away all the fun.
LOOK, I wanna go for the sec3 adventure camp DAMN MUCH can? Urrgh.

And finally, the Handover Ceremony 2006.

Woah! Its finally our handover. Pretty happy (:

HPT 6th batch

journey with hpt doesnt stops here. Im quite determine to come back as a grad. Wah, but think of going thru the training camp makes my legs go wobbly. Haha. Its all about passion I guess.

Im so so sad right now. Have you been flirting behind my back?
It kinda hurts to see those sweet talk messages from you in other peoples’ inbox. Somehow, deep inside, I don’t bear to be angry but still, it hurts.

Oh yes, Im so worried for kk right now. Received a sms from him during lunch saying that he has been with the police doing some investigations.
Oh man..thats the one and only sms.
And he left me hanging in the air like that, worrying. Hope he gets back to me real soon. Everyone is worried man.

(L) alphabet A
5:13 PM