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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, December 19, 2008

this is where i spend 8hours everyday.

2weeks of BSU have passed (:

so far so good. though hours are long. and have to do mini presentations like everyday. have to crack my pea brain to think for the speeches. but, not so bad after all. the assignments are beneficial. team mates are great, supervisor is fantastic.


waiting for more photos from stella! (:

caden is running away from mervyn

the girls :D

me disturbing mervyn -.-

liling likes to take da tou photo.
my hair is chui.

caden's says no photo taking.

(L) alphabet A
7:35 PM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

today, i'm slightly happier. it's no big deal what happened. because i know it only matters to me. nonetheless, i was thrilled by that little act. so, i hope for a good night sleep later (:

made new friends, heard more things.
fuck. can't. stop asking for. more.
actually i dont know what is the purpose
i'm really curious.
i'm like researching on her -.-
i am impatient
i am waiting.
i dont know how to express my feelings now.
but one thing for sure is that i'm a stubborn girl.
at the end of the day,
even if i'm still back to zero,
i may cry but i know i tried.
he's probably the first. ever.
i'm gonna gain weight for sure..
amazing. power of BSU. i eat to keep myself awake. i spend all my money on food. now i eat 4-5 proper meals a day. i am so dead. chocolates rocks. this is probably the time of my life when i love all kinds of chocolates so muchhhh. boo.

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8:51 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

16minutes out of 1hour.
sucks. i can't afford to be late anymore.

monday is really blue today. can't get my mind off what is not suppose to be there. finally cleared the first load of assignments today. i believe a bigger pile is coming our way. gdluck. thanks to mates with powerful ears to lend me. i survived today! (:

really, im still holding on.
it's gonna hurt but i'm holding on.
(L) alphabet A
7:18 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i'm like an empty shell sitting in BSU room rotting from 9-530 everyday.
can't possibly get my butt glued there, concentrate on assignments and not float around.
but i guess next week there will have more things to do already.
everyone is having their holidays and i only just spent my first week in BSU.
i also want holidays! :( the school is gonna be empty from tomorrow onwards.

the 'dot' game! (:

gave christmas party a miss because i dont want to answer some questions.
really, it's tiring. dont understand why am i breaking this news when i didnt want it to happen in the first place. weird. i just cant handle ugly truths sometimes. that's all.
this one week, i remembered
1. botak jones & sumo house
2. the day the earth stood still
3. bugis with buddy
4. sobbing
5. amk hub like almost everyday
6. 2 chicken paus for breakfast everyday
7. MIA from work (like today)
8. met a weirdo called JC
9. more sobbing
10. maltesers rocks
11. saw the girl
for the first time, i had a meal with only me and rebecca.
it's miracle! she never call many other of her friends along. lol.

the pizza aint that bad and i got a feeling im gonna eat it again on the 23rd again with fellow colleagues. lol. if im going.

i miss my girlfriends (:

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2:57 PM

Saturday, December 06, 2008

i just have to keep telling myself it's all in the past.
self decieving?
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4:37 PM

Friday, December 05, 2008

love is in the air!
well, but i'm having mixed feelings deep down there. whenever im alone.

idk y. and it kinda suck.
i wonder if honeymoon period is ever coming.

idk y my heart doesnt behave when i'm not with him.
presence is no doubt just physically being there with him, but i do feel better when he is right beside me. somehow, i feel secured and idk, assured?

perhaps everything started off so fast that right now we're still trying to adapt.
he is adapting to having a girlf. and me, having a super busy boyf.
time, trust and understanding is definitely being put to test.

idk what the future holds, but at long as he is with me now. im contented.
neither do i know how much it will take for us to work this out together but no matter how hard, im gonna try. love him damn much to just let go. i know he is trying already, and it's good enough.

well. what ive learn today is pretty much important.
i learnt how to go to baby's house from school.
usually is always him bringing me there on his bike.
haha. today im independent.
(L) alphabet A
12:10 AM

Thursday, December 04, 2008

couldn't sleep well at all last night. woke up like every hour. urrrgh.
nonetheless, still managed to drag my ass out of bed to meet baby.
had sushi for lunch! (:
then accompany him to su meeting. practically rotted whole afternoon there. but well, i dont mind at all. hee.

while he was having meeting outside, i was lmao with lucius & another friend over the indian videos with english lyrics. lol. seriously, freaking funny lahh! must watch.

taking a break from meeting (:

there must be a reason why my hands can fit into his this way.
(L) alphabet A
7:57 PM

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

went to meet buddy today to do some xmas shopping.
dec is the month that really drives me insane.
xmas really makes me excited, broke too.
had waraku for lunch to get the day started.

walau. what's with my xtra fat face?

shopped for the whole day ard marina sq and suntec.
bought many nice and cute stuffs. happy.
can't wait to see baby tomorrow!

(L) alphabet A
11:44 PM

Monday, December 01, 2008

slept over at boyf's crib yesterday night.

boyf is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet (:
he bought me a mug to use at his house because he says i always drink water.
awww, and he realise i like pink colour.
he cooked mee goreng for me in the middle of the night. despite being lazy.
brushing teeth together is funny (:

heart to heart talk is really essential.
i know a thing more about him each time.
i understand a little more of him each time.
i love him more and more each time.

(L) alphabet A
6:56 PM