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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, April 30, 2007

like i said,
i wanna give my hair new colour right?
i did it! now it is reddish brown.
i guess i kinda adore it.
my hair dont look lik grass anymore.
bye to my blonde hair.
bye to being outstanding in a class of black hair.
and thanks to YEN FENN so muchy for accompanying me.
she rocks!
Version 1: she even send me to work.
Version 2: she wants to eat pasta mania so she sent me to work.
THE FACT: she went to see how handsome is Raymond, at the same time eat pasta mania so she sent me to work.
the truth is always ugly.
nonetheless, i still love her loads.

mummy sms-ed yesterday,
saying someone sent me something.
to Cindy Ang.
i thot wah, my dear so sweet ah?
when i told my dear about it,
he gimme cheeky face..

"is it you?!"
he shake his head.
then bin's sms came.
"still remember i said i got something to pass to you?"
so it's him who sent it to my house.

didnt really think much into it after that.
i didnt go home yesterday anyway.

we were lying on the playground,
looking at the sky that has only a star to count.
it was really good ambience then guess what..
wind blew and it started pouring damn heavily.
then cute him, " Run, quick run!"
i was laughing my ass off looking at him.
then he pulled me up and piggy me back to his house.
i was in a room with him, his sister and his friend.
doesnt matter lah.
it's just nice to wake up seeing him beside me.
accompany him to work just now
so now back home.
and when i got home,
i saw this!

it's the contents that matters.

my favourite bear (which i lost mine 3yrs back)
& a bouquet of lollis

a notebook & elephant magnet.

DVDs & a CD

& my favourite chupa chups cans

i sat on the floor dumbfounded with all these lying on the floor.

bin is so sweet.
i'm so stunt.
my favourite pa pa xiong lehs!
and i 100% love that lolli bouquet.
that notebook is actually filled with all the sms conversations i had with him.
and also lyrics of three songs.
three meaningful songs.
and he burnt it n the CD for me.
as for the DVDs.
b'cos i cant watch turistas and hills have eyes 2 in threatre so he bought it for me.
as for the lolli cans, i just simply adore them.

i'm sorry i chose not to be with you.
i know it hurts you badly.
thanks for everything.
thanks from the bottom of my heart.
i will definitely miss all those times we shared,
after all,
memories stays with us forever.

(L) alphabet A
9:18 AM

Sunday, April 29, 2007

i wake up early today when it is not a schooling day.
and usually when i damn need to wake up early, i'm forever waking up late!
i'm body clock is not behaving!
nevermind. make something good out of it.
shall do many many things on a great sunny saturday!
(i woke up feeling cheerful!)
let's see,
1. clear the mess in my room!
2. sew button back onto my pants
3. change bedsheet
4. organise my stackS of notes
5. give my hair a new colour (:

yup, 5things to complete before starting work which is at 5.

today Raymond also working so not so bad.
ytd, i did closing with wei liang which is so boring.
he's super lame and kinda boastful,
so i dont enjoy a conversation with him!
ytd got 2 new staffs!
YES! that makes me not so fresh there anymore.
" Cindy is here to serve you better!"
so if people wanna write in to compliment me,
they can do it secretly w/o asking me what's my name!
i was seriously super hyper ytd.
the new staffs probably think i'm so crazily cute!

thanks to andy, ah hong & ah hou who find pleasure in teasing me,
i looked more high than ever.
ytd Raymond came to fetch me from school!
i'm so so so so happy!
it's been ages since somebody fetch me from school man.
this man says he wanna sew my button (which drop from my pants) back for me..
and he insisted and insisted.
i'm so gonna get diabetes soon. too sweet!
so we went to his house.

and this cute little man cant find his sewing kit!
perhaps i spreaded my blur-ness to him.
talking about blur-ness.
there i go again!
forget to bring socks & cap!
so i borrowed his cap which seriously smells so cheesy
and wore his socks which is clean!
he's the only interesting thing in his house.
so i played with his sister's tiny pig toy.
sorry to say,
i spoilt it.
the tail came out, unattached!
then when i was holding and laughing at my own creation,
the little "ball" attached to the end of the tail
suddenly went unattached too.

i told him,
i think the pig look cuter w/o a tail.
he nods with a sarcastic smile and hide the pig beside the bed!
i cant help it.
we're both so adorable!
thurday was a boring day at school
so i took a few photos.
this was the one taken during lunch break.
she's sitting in front of me.
speaking and laughing loudly with the boyfriend/male friend..
but what caught my attention was this..

hey you!
stop showing half your butt away!
nothing is amazing about your butt.
it's just so alike of every other butt.
(i know i'm wrong to like zoom and take her butt and blog abt it but they were intruding my eyes and affecting my mood for McNuggets!)

then during POA lecture,
i suddenly went cranky and..
i tied a bun right on top of my head.
this is just for entertaiment sake.
i DONT go out like this.
at least i make lecture more fun!

and during the 10mins break..

i bought Mogu Mogu Strawberry juice.
and Morinaga Bitter Chocolate.
i paid $3.65 with NETS.
i think it's hilarious man.
i shall buy my usual Pokka Green Tea @ 2 for $2 using NETS next time.
if not, a 50cents sweet with NETS!

and when we decided to make 10mins break to be 20mins...

that retard is xinyi!
a picture speak so much of people.
xinyi is always loud and full of nonsense.
and jieling is always nice & gentle yet corny at times.
this picture says it all.
(xinyi, dont kill me when you see this!)

Who: MK0701 (:
What: Steamboat.
When: Friday, 4th May, After school.
Where: Marina South.
How: By train. (lol)

cant wait, cant wait!
it's me. random!

(u liar! u're not 19!)

ps: i forgot to mention earlier that my button for my pants burst (literally fly out) when i was serving pasta halfway. and the zip went down straight. thank God my pants didnt drop. damn paiseh. and the funny thing is that Gina use masking tape to tape it up for me. i was so afriaid people will notice the masking tape! (dont cha laugh at me!)

(L) alphabet A
12:14 AM

Thursday, April 26, 2007

i'm blogging from classroom B.316.
having econs tutorial.
pretending to be listening but actually engrossing in stoning.
also msn-ing with the rest of the class.
we were just saying about our bee hive classmate
he got this nick from Ms Nair!
and we're saying he's influential!
because shuxian comment that anthony's hair look like bee hive's.
so corny!
i love my class!

i so dont like econs now.
it's killing me.

dear just called.
he's sweet.
scolded me for falling asleep while standing in the train.
scared i fall down.

he's so innocently cute.

cant wait for him to come back.
nonetheles, can only see him tmr after school.

i still got work at 7 today.
so probably wont be able to blog tonight i guess.

i need to catch a goodnight sleep man.
i fell asleep on the table ytd night while trying to do tutorial.
(L) alphabet A
12:29 PM

just came back home from first ever rugby training!
senario 1: Couldn't find NYP stadium
senario 2: Late for 5minutes
senario 3: Bang my head with another girl when playing Dog & Bone
senario 4: Wrote B with my butt.
(because the group who lose has to write TOUCH RUGBY with the butt)
senario 5: Look fugly cheapo with a big plastic bag.
senario 6: Orange aka andrea manage to catch apple aka me.
senario 7: Almost fell when orange was chasing me!
my unglam senarios during training.
people likes 7 but i dont.
and i'm no.7 in the game Dog & Bone.
my head still so hurts from senario 3!

we're gonna have training for like 6mths before the trial.

i need to start working out man!
night jogging or gym anyone?
i need to have stamina & speed!

i'm not quitting touch rugby!

as for dragon boat..
i guess i can forget it man.
rugby is already 2times a week.
it's quite hard to balance sch, rugby & work, not forgeting my sweet.

Raymond's in malaysia to attend his friend's wedding.
will only be back on thurs midnight!

he called to chat for awhile.
it's just a casual chat.
simple questions like "Have you eaten?"
but it makes me a happy girl.
i can feel him missing me even though we're miles apart.
i cant find words to describe this feeling i'm having.
it's just so sweet.
i'm so so so thankful for him in my life.

he's sweet.
he gave me morning call this morning.
i so adore to wake up to his call.

i also went out with yen fenn to town today before training.
i enjoyed her company!
let's date out more more more often okay?
we even talked about wearing PHS uniform to shop one day.
i dont mind. i so adore PHS!
i bought a tube top and a cheapskate school bag at $10.
(that is why i got an fugly plastic bag with me)

i promise myself not to slp later than 12:30 today.
so i shall go have my dinner for now.

te amo!
(L) alphabet A
12:22 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm happily attached with Raymond.
he's the beauty, i'm the beast.

he loves me for who i am,
even when my fringe is fugly like now.

i love him for who he is,
even if he ruins his hair later.

honey-sweet dreams for me!
(L) alphabet A
5:22 PM


jieling, juliana, xinyi, kellie, lehan &me went to town today.
although it was pouring and we were stuck in heeren unable to do much
but still i enjoy their company. (:
you guys rock socks!
more neo-prints next time k?

these naughty girls insisted on eating pastamania.
so we went to shaw house where raymond is.

i was super shy at first. lol.
but we chatted quite alot after that.


it was only when i saw him chatting so happily on the phone that i decided to say goodbye.
(was wondering who is it!)

he never really smsed me before...

he either call me or too busy to reply my sms.

then as i was walking in the underpass leading to orchard MRT.


raymond appears in my inbox!

i opened and read:

"Tmr you free? wanna go out after your school?"

havent been having such a sweet feeling since i dont know when man.

then halfway thru the sms i asked who he talking to just now...
he said he was talking to andy.

when we were leaving town,

i smsed him to ask if he wants me to wait for him..
then he called almost immediately.
he said that he not use to girls waiting for him...
b'cos usually he's the one who wait for girls...
then i say is it? also never see you wait for me?!
then he say cos i special mah.
aiyo~! i was a little turned off by this man.
then i smsed him after that saying i not meeting him liao.
and tell him i aint free for our date.
he called again.
explaining and stuff..
then he say he did waited for me..
first day of my work & yesterday.

i like this kinda guy who bothers explaining.

so i am still meeting him tmr.
venue & time not decided.

oh man! so excited that i probably cant sleep tonight.

what should i wear?!

what an important first date!

now talking on the phone with him.

i secretly zoom and took it yesterday.
he's so cute that even the uncle bside him stares!

i'm sorry i'm so so so love sick!
(L) alphabet A
2:31 PM

Monday, April 23, 2007

me: eh, raymond got gf not?

my friend: why lehs? interested in him ah?
me: (cheeky smile)
my friend: so expected!
me: huh?! why?!
my friend: almost all the girls who work here like him before..
me: really ah?
my friend: yah. dont know why also
me: you mean he's nice to every girl?
my friend: how is he nice to you?
me: eh.... (cheek smile & walked away to serve pasta)
me: (back) will he wait for girls and send them home if they work till midnight?
my friend: nope.
me: (BIG FAT SMILE & continue serving pasta)

this so made my yesterday.

i smiled so much that raymond asked me why i keep smiling.

but still,
dont be happy too early!

at 10:58pm , pastamania.
me: i going home soon.....
raymond: huh?! not waiting for me mehs?
me: (i wish to deep inside) you dream on..

at 11:03pm, pastamania.
raymond: still not going home?
me: i work till 11:15 lah. teehee. you thot i waiting for you ah?
raymond: (cheeky smile)

i made up an excuse so i could wait for him.
i asked if they (including him) wanna go for midnight show.
then drag and drag so i stayed till they end work which is like 3am.

i was tired,
but if it is for a guy
who can make my heart stop beating when i talked to him..
it's all worth it.

i zoom to take a quick shot of him.
(i promise a better pic next time)

the first time he sent me home
was on my first day of work.
jenny and i sat at the back so he had to sit in front.
we didnt talk much.

yesterday was different.
he was holding a can of coke light.
his jelly hands accidentally topple it over.
he turned to me, i stared at him,
we look into each other's eyes..
and smile.

his eyes speak,
it makes my heart stop beating.
his smile is sweet,
it is all i need.

the cab went silent for a while.

then he started talking to me.
so we casually chatted until sembawang.
how i wish the cab will be on CTE forever.

sometimes i think it's all fated.

i remembered when i went for interview,
he was having break.
i also remembered when i asked for the application form,
he was also outside.

and right now,
when i wanted his number..

i was given the perfect chance to.
i was about to alight from the cab when i felt his spects.
he sotong-ly left it there.

so i got his no. from my manager.

i was so happy that i danced around my room!

piglet loves his spects too.

this morning he called me and we chatted a while
awhile is damn good enough!

i confessed i'm so love sick.
i'm seeing him in 4hours!
(L) alphabet A
2:44 PM

Saturday, April 21, 2007

i'm in the school library's cafe now.
brought my latop to school for Hilary to configure for me.
and it's done! (:
now i can access to NYP's wireless!
i'm with anthony,mike and maybel right now. weitieng just left.
anthony waiting for his mum, the rest just chilling while waiting for time to pass.
i got work at 6!
and my phone just went out of batt.
now my laptop is dying on me!
oh no. shall quickly blog.
i probably have no time to blog tonight.
i reallyhad a great time laughingmy ass off in the library just now.
laughing at jieying and also that chicken ass - kellie.
she keep saying chicken ass.
we took a photo in a library.
then went for econs lecture.
things are falling into place aldry.
shall just stop being blur and urm...
remember to bring tutorial and lecture notes??


i alrdy had two copies of the stats notes b'cos i forgot to bring!
it's $1.80 a set can?!

today is friday!
sleep late late tomorrow!
i'm working still though.
i'm too nice.
choose to agree to replace two people.
that's all!

(L) alphabet A
7:02 AM

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

today isnt that great.
mood swing-ed with a bad headache!

today's lecture by Dr. Badri was okay.
he wasnt a devil like Ms Chee had protrayed him to be!
he's cheesy yet strict lecturer.
he's most particular abt using mobile phones in class.
i simply adore when he tease his own baldness!
he said Ph.D stands for permanent hair damage!
so, going back 2hrs every wed for his lecture is worth it (:

after lecture,
went for the CCA carnival.
that was where i felt emo, emo, emo!
well....i dont know why.
we recieved tonns of brochures and people came running to us like scary.
community service, christian lifestyle, judo, stagearts, etc.
then it was dragonboat.
X came to talk to me..
him: hi. are you interested in dragonboat? or join the water sports committee?
me: yah..but i cant swim man!
him: dont need to know how to swim one!
me: cannot. later capsize then i drown!
him: nevermind. dragonboat not like kayak wont capsize. plus got lifejacket what!
me: urm....(look elsewhere to avoid his pretty eyes)
him: join sports committe lah! only plan and organize only.
me: urm.....i dont know leh....
him: just write your name down first lah!
me: huh~?
him: can lah. just write only...
me: i go look around first okay? (:
him: okay lor...(with a reluctant smile)
gosh! he's adorable.

continue to proceed on...
adventure club, dance, taekwando, archery, etc.
obviously,i wrote my name down for touch rugby.
i gave up cheer leading because girls there looks so not right.
cheerleaders is not equal to bitches and sluts right?

i met xinyi in the hall.
she wrote her name down for kick boxing.
then, we were approached by a guy from dragon boat club again.
he aint as cute as X thou.
then after some consideration.
i wrote my name down for both dragonboat & the committee.

kiew xinyi wanted to join kayaking.
but in the end..also decided to join db after talking to X.
oh well...
X still touch her chin...
because dragon boat people get to do that i suppose...
oh well...
i stood there in silence.

after that i went to ps with diane and lehan.
but decided to meet my xin yi.
accompany her to funan to look at the laptops.
i'm so glad for that guy in the hP shop.
because of him...
i also bought the notebook optical mouse from challenger.

we then went to bugis to walk around.
shop for clothes & laptop case.
my shoulders ache like shit after carrying the laptop for hours walking all over the place!
and, i definitely feel emo when i cant find a latop case!
so we went bugis street.
xinyi bought lotsa clothes.
me? just a $15 budget bag and a shirt.

i ate the plum sweet potatoes.
that make me miss bin.
oh man, come back soon!

after that we took mrt home.
we snooze like never before!

found a nice laptop case that is presentable at causeway pt.

msn-ed with xinyi..
and i'm so glad she finally made her mind up on what she wants!
hope our chilling session on fri is on man!
a long long day for me tomorrow.
9-4 and still gotta work.

night folks!
i'm emo.
(L) alphabet A
4:21 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i'm blogging from my compaq v3209.
i'm happy i slash out the last of my wishlist.
First day of school was great
except the fact that i need to do so many self introductions throughout the day or maybe the whole of this week. oh man, this sucks.

i made a point to mention in my self intro that i dont like to do self intro.

my class is full of corny people. with pretty cute names.
there's my favourite HILARY,
and Julius too. (his nick name is Orange)
I shall wear my Paul Frank shirt and tell him Julius is the Monkey.
after school,
annie, diane, pei jia, lehan, kellie and me went to amk hub.
we ate new york new york.
urm, i'm so so so disappointed.
same nice songs, same nice ambience but the food suck.
how can?
we just walked ard aimlessly after lunch..
and finally left when the rain got smaller.
some funny thing happen to diane but she'll probably kill me if spill it out here.
zip zip...
then after that i went to find bin at hougang mall
and to work.
work was tiring.
wiped, sweeped, mopped and more!
i feel bullied by ******
but , since she uses the manager's name..
what can i say?
even the chair bullied me.
DAMN the chairs.
one fell, half the population follow!

Today was better at school.
B'cos no self introduction whatsoever.
i was late for like 10mins
(i reached home ard 1plus after work ytd!)
and, KIEW xinyi waited for me at the atrium.
so sweet of her.
her name is same as my dearest dearest xinyi.
i bet they're equally nice!

yesterday i got cute coursemates,
today i got cute lecturers! (cute guys tomorrow?)
Mr John Lim who likes to mumble & giggles to himself, or maybe the whiteboard.
Kiew Xinyi likes to admire his bugs teeth.
Ms Nair,who has got spider-look-alike limbs, makes super big & hilarious reactions!
joke of the day is when she tried so hard to pronounce LEhan.
feel like laughing now when i think abt it.
she's crowned my cutest!

last but not least...
Ms Chee.

(if only she's like the Ms chee in PHS)

i dont know what's her problem.
i guess....
i'm gonna suffer during BM0011.

oh please! prove me wrong.

talking to ricky now.
he's interesting.
he lives 3 blocks away from me!

p.s my memory card is stuck inside my card reader.
feel like banging my head on my pillow. damn!
(L) alphabet A
5:38 PM

Sunday, April 15, 2007

what do you mean when you siad this is for me??
i wonder...

"Look After You"

If I don't say this now I will surely break
As I'm leaving the one I want to take
Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate

Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh, oh
I'll look after you

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down

Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh, oh
I'll look after you

If ever there was a doubt
My love she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly

Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
I'll look after you

It's always have and never hold
You've begun to feel like home
What's mine is yours to leave or take
What's mine is yours to make your own

Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh, oh
(L) alphabet A
11:57 PM

what a busy week for me!
this is gonna be a super long post.

i went for the SBM orientation on the 11th, wed.
met up with yen fenn in e morning, catch up a little on the train.
so many joy are in classmates in BIT!
and then, saw dearest thia chun fu outside the auditorium.
okay, the whole big bunch of them all in BM and i'm in MK.
when they started cheering, trying to make us less sleepy...
oh well..HPT is so much better.
as for the activities...
it was boring, real boring.
even Ricky (my OGL) says it's boring...
i left at 2.15pm for my interview at pastamania
lina (the outlet mnager) is cute!
she talk damn corny. i was laughing at her throughout the interview!

12th, thurs.
wanted to go for 2nd day orientation but...
wake up feeling giddy and sick.
so i didnt go. sorry mk0701 girls..sorry ricky..
then i woke up in the afternoon feeling less uncomfortable...
so bin accompany me to MINI TOONS to collect my pay cheque
i'm happy. it's only my commission but it's sufficient.
then i went to vivo with the intention of buying this white dress for my uncle's wedding but sadly... it's not there anymore. GONE!
i got kinda upset so poor bin had to let me vent my anger.
i was even mre emo when i cant watch movies with aiting & jackie.
because i'm not legal. wtf.
he tried to cheer me up...
got some shit from me but still tried to give me a smile.
i adore!
i finally smile when i bought my starburst from candy empire
then we went to bugis.
bought 3 denims, and 1 gold shorts.
i'm a happy girl after that (:
also, bought a paul frank shirt.
YAY! nothing rocks like paul frank!
then bought this cute yellow duckie bracelet.

that marks end of my shopping spree..

i went to pastamania office on 13th, fri.
ulu ulu place..then i went for the jab also ulu ulu clinic!
this is my conversation with the doctor.

doc: hi
me: hi (:
doc: so, you're here for the jab?
me: yep
doc: sacred or not?
me: okay lah...
doc: good! so brave!
me: hehe :l
doc: (while preparing all the syringe and stuff) sit closer..sit so far..
me: okay. (move forward and gave him my arm)
doc: taken this jab before?
me: no...
doc: never take any vaccination jab before?
me: no..
doc: are you married?
me: NO! :s
doc: still schooling?
me: yah...
doc: so you working while studying?
me: yah..
doc: so good ah? can cope?
me: try my best...
then there goes in the syringe..
and my arm ache for a day and a half.
so looking at the conversation...why did he ask me whether i'm married?

then i took a super duper long bus journey to hougang.
find my dearest bin for lunch.
in the end, the bus was so long, i had to enjoy McNuggets myself.
then i went to vivo to purchase this adidas belt for work. my burms is loose!
then i was targeted by this Mr Foo at mrt station.
so, he intro me to prucash.
and, i became his client.
it's fri the 13th. and he got a huge lump on his head because he bang onto the wall earlier on.
lol. am i his curse too?
so after rushing up and down to all the places to do all the things i'm suppose to do..
oh gosh..
i still need to work.
i'm 8mins late.
cute lina forgave me. stressed derrick didnt say anything.
he keeps on asking me if i'm okay.
haha.. i made a new friend call jenny. she's cute.
the chef is call ah fu. but he look like ji an. lol. (if you know what i'm talking abt)
and this cute chef is call raymond.
he keeps on teasing me. urrgh.
i enjoy working there! (:
i'm a happy girl.

can't wait to go to school tomorrow! yay!
i'm meeting the girls 7.45am at the fountain (:

(L) alphabet A
7:50 PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i adore! <3

(L) alphabet A
8:16 AM


this week i'm busy chilling out.

went sakae sushi with xinyi. i ADORE!
went shopping with Angeline.
went to watch Number 23 with Aiting, HeBin, WaiSan and Jackie who fell asleep.
went shopping with HeBin in JB.
and, we watched the Reaping at city square.

my kampong trip.
it's almost 3 hours trip from jb.
rain rain rain makes it so boring over there.
all the animals hide! i only saw chickens when the rain got smaller.
i stayed on top of a provision shop.
i'm glad i didnt have to pee into a hole dig in the ground.
and there's water heater.
my first meal there was meepok dry!
nice eh!
he bin's family are nice to me (:
i can take the tibits and drinks from the provision shop.
i'm a happy little girl there!
i also went to sao mu with them...
althou i did nothing there.
cemetry sight see-ing? lol.

i enjoyed a carefree and simple life there.
where everyone seems to have no worries.
but i believe on the long run,
i'll still miss city life.

i shall visit another island to relax myself soon.
from the photos i only saw a sunny island.
delicious! (:

i also went Eskimo (in JB) to club on sunday night to celebate jerry's bday.
eeeee, i dont like it there.
seriously....the way people dance over there is so not alike of us.
feel alien dancing over there!
after that i slept overnight at this ulu hotel.
the next day, which is yesterday, we went to k at red box.

i have enjoyed myself this week.

supposed to be at cine pastamania now for interview,
but the outlet manaer not avaliable today.
delay, delay and delay!
quite excited to be a waitress there actually so hope they wont keep me waiting for too long.

tomorrow is orientation already.
i'm seriously not looking forward to it.
i hate self introduction and stupid bonding games.
Xinyi went for hers last week and ran away during toilet break.
oh man~! i just want my time-table...
Lucky i've got yen fenn to accompany me to the orientation.
tomorrow nights out with xinyi and rachael is more appealing to me man!
cant wait, cant wait!!
i need to stuff my stomach with maggie alrdy!

i'm a happy dumb girl (:
(L) alphabet A
7:12 AM