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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

isn't she hot?

isn't she hotter?

Velvet Dragon with Diane on Sat night.

we shared table with them (:

Last photo we took: Tristen, Diane, Alex, Me and Yenson

(do i look tired, because i am.)

hmmm, i didnt enjoy myself. the songs are still nice, the atmosphere is still like MoMo, i still have people dancing with me but i just didnt enjoy myself. dont ask me why. it's hard to express...i prefer other friends to go with me perhaps. Lucky Yenson was keeping me company while Diane was with the guys.

i'm pretty pissed actually. nevermind. it's just the first and perhaps the last?

(L) alphabet A
1:28 PM

Friday, August 03, 2007

went to meet Angeline today. i always have fun with her. haha.
she rocks my world.
we walked around in City Link then headed to Marina Sq then to Raffles City.


we have got the same shoes. she keeps on laughing the moment she see our shoes. she finds it funny. so she took this photo.

should have taken more photo actually. like the "friends forever" tag hang on our phones.

i bought it for her when i was shopping at cine the other day (:

but both our minds are too occupied to think about what present to buy for Xue Ling. it 's very belated present already! We went to see wallets to bags to necklaces. And FINALLY, we decided to buy a necklace and a matching earring from Diva.


one thing off my list.

anyway, here's other stuffs that i bought today. (winks* thanks to bf)

1. A black dress @ Blossom

2. A heart shape nacklace @ Diva

3. Little handbag @ M)phosis

4. A not-so-big lolli

i got almost everything i wanted except the donuts. i am too lazy to queue. i shall go back there someday and make sure i QUEUE to buy them. hahaha.

after raffles city, Angeline had to go so i decided to go for HPT meeting since i just recieved a call from Char but then Diane called just as i board the train.

she wants me to accompany her to bugis to get dress, boxers and socks.

so being nice, i agreeded. i didnt shop there actually. just ran around with her to look for her short dress. she wanna wear it for Sat night.

After that, Kailing ( Diane's fren) and her went to catch the movie so i went to pastamania to find my friends and wait for bf to end work.

then bf and i went to watch movie at AMK hub.

baby wanna "Alone"

i kinda like the storyline. kinda scary also...after that i headed back home (:

(L) alphabet A
6:18 PM

yesterday was our 100th day!
(just a short entry)

we went to get same gray contact lenses.
lunch at LJS.
headed to my house.
headed back to collect the contact lenses.
went to Cine to catch a movie.

someone sold the tix to "Disturbia" to us at only 10bucks. kinda cool right?
it was in the panasonic hall and it's free seating (:

after movie, supper at Kopitiam
then went to Zouk with Eric, Vivien, Ah Wei, Meng and MehMeh.

most of the photos still with Vivien.
will upload soon... (hopefully)

although i didnt get to go to the zoo with bf but at least i enjoyed our day (:
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2:42 PM