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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i'm back, suddenly.
i dont know what to blog actually.
what have i been doing these two months eh.

i dyed my hair black& cut it short.

i worked 5days a week in Giordano.
kinda happy to see friends dropping by.

i went to Pastamania's chalet
& got a tiff with love.
& hate a girl who's going to sign contract with mediacorp.

i havent met my dear Xinyi until today.
she's still the best twin of mine ever.

i got the motorola D&G
after my N70 went cukoo.

i had fun with Shiyun, Jenny & Xiwen.
went shopping spree
& got our love token,
& gossips.

i miss Angeline.
she's mugging.
cant wait to meet her soon.

i got a lacoste as present from belove gary.
i appreciate the muffins &sunflower too (:
he is always a sweet.

i got that super-duper cute piglet
as a surprise from love.

what else?

& i still havent get my camera! :(
but i got e crumpler lappy case (:

life's a little dull.
but i'm going to spice it up!

school had been terrific so far.
work is still work.
friends are great.

and i will try to blog more often.
i'm infected with lazyness.
off to Ms Tan's class now.
(L) alphabet A
3:19 AM