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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

say goodbye - Chris Brown

Words from friends really influence people.
Define friends- They scold you when you do nothing wrong, they leave you alone when you're with a girl they don't like. Now that you're alone, they come to you and tell you they care.
Naive, simple minded and stupid. Perhaps too in need of love.
I'm totally speechless. I should be despised man.

smilE: hi.. dropping by^^
thanks (:

shirlyn: wtf.u got secret admirer!hahaha
I don't even know him at all. -.-

saint: well, i reallly hope briighter future of you and him. hope your grandma will get well soon.
Thanks for despising me and then be nice at the same time.

passer-by: just blog hopping and you have a very lovely blog~! and u're pretty cute too. hope you'll stay cheerful!
Thanks and I hope I can stay cheerful too. (:

saint: sinhui is not a sinner. saint is not a saint at all. and all i can say now is goodbye.. =)
yeah, perhaps like you write u post, despise me. thanks man. despise. what did I do that you should despise me? despise is such a hurtful word.

shirlyn: everything is going to b alright.the confident cindy will b bk.n u reali haf good thinking man.how can u actuali think of SAINT a saint,n SIN hui a SINner.wth.dun think too much
I guess I really think too much sometimes that is why.

shirlyn: HAHA..is quite funny.HAHAHA.cheer up ok?
I so sad u still laugh laugh laugh. :(

minmin: CHEERUP baby. i will give you a lolli if no one does okay? i will be there if no one is there okay. call me anytime okay? loves you.
Thanks, I know u're here for me all the time. loves you too.
(L) alphabet A
4:45 PM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Let me take you down
'cause I'm going to
strawberry fields
nothing is real
and nothing to get hung about
strawberry fields forever.."

Went out with QingLing and Shirlyn to town. GSS is here and it's time to shop. Hahaha, indeed we found our super super cheap deals. 3 for $20 storewide. Each of us got 2 dresses. Wheee. I tried them on and they are pretty cute. (:
After shopping around, we went to swensens to satisfy Ql's craving for ice-cream. Hmmmm, sticky chewy chocolate is always the best. Now that I had it, I keep wanting it. Damn.
For the past few weeks,
I'll get to see you on Saturday without fail.
Today, I felt real odd without you.
Your pressence linger around me still.
Every thing I do, everywhere I go reminds me of you.
Oh no....

This girl is pretty!
I want to dye her hair colour maybe. I'm tired of looking at brown.
Saint is right, I'm fickle minded.

(L) alphabet A
2:59 PM

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm trying not to think too much, Life has to go on.
I just hope you're fine.

Damien Rice
» Cannonball

Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
Still a little hard to say what's going on

Still a little bit of your ghost your witness
Still a little bit of your face I haven't kissed
You step a little closer each day
Still I can't say what's going on

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannonball

Still a little bit of your song in my ear
Still a little bit of your words I long to hear
You step a little closer to me
So close that I can't see what's going on

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannon

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to cry
So come on courage!
Teach me to be shy
'Cause it's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna scare her
It's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna lose
It's not hard to grow
When you know that you just don't know

Canonball (acoustic) - Damien Rice

(L) alphabet A
11:02 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't feel well today.

I declare I'm mentally drained out. I woke up feeling giddyand a bad headache. Seems like a hangover. But I didn't even drink last night. Ate maggie me and went back to sleep. Sleeping seems like the sweetest escape from problems that I can't solve. I'm pretty emo today.

I know you let me go for my sake.
I know you're reluctant.
I know I've kinda let you down. I know it's hard on you.
I know I totally sucks at handling the situation.
I know you should be angry with me.
But I want you to know I'm sorry sorry sorry.
I ask for your forgiveness.
I wanna be the one to run to when you have problems still. I still can be your listening ear. I wanna go out with you occasionally still. I really want you as my good friend, close one.
Sigh. I doubt that is ever gonna happen.

I was waiting for you to come online.
And when you finally are, I didn't dare to talk to you.

I wanted to ask you out for dinner so that I could tell you exactly what happened.
But I just couldn't find courage.
My courage went in hide.

My heart starts aching when they tell me you left the classroom halfway through while I was talking to you. I have a fear in me. I don't have the courage to even meet you to explain, to talk. I know you need someone badly to hear you out now.
I'm sorry I'm not your pillar of support but the root to your sorrows.

Maybe I should just be left alone.
Maybe You should hate me.
Maybe it all doesn't matter anymore.

I deserve it.

Granny is sick too.

My uncle just sent her to the hospital. Dr. Tong says she need a check up and stuff. I'm worried but there is nothing I can do. This feeling of helpless-ness sucks badly. I just hope I can wake up tomorrow seeing her around at home. I'm pretty scared.

Why do shit happens to me all the time, all at a time, all together.
I'm starting to doubt if I am so strong to go through all this alone.
Too many at a time. Too many in a row.
I haven't even recover and I see the next one coming.

I can feel myself really feeling the falling.
I can even think of crap things like Saint is indeed a Saint. SinHui is indeed a Sinner.
Sometimes, I see myself just like a piece of shit. No one cares about shit. No one treasures shit. No one thinks of shit. Shit is useless other than being fertilisers. Even when they are fertilisers, people still think shit is smelly. Shit is just waste. Shit is dirty stuff.
Urrrrgh, fuck.
Saint always tell me to think positive. I should.
Where is that confident Cindy?

I need something sweet to happen in life.
Perhaps, I just need another hello kitty or just another lolli.
Maybe, cupcakes.

Tags Replies with

QingLing: I keep see QingLing best. Shy ;x
eeeeeeeeeeeee, I thought your skin as thick as erskine...ooops, I mean elephant.

shirlyn: u nid mi to make appointment for u to mit her?haha.no prob.i oso duno y i oni take ur photos.haha.hope u r ok alr.'alwax look on the bright side of life...du du du du du du du du...'haha
The reason is simple, becaue I'm too cute to resist. I will try to look on the bright side unless I'm looking at Siv. (walao, I'm very very lame now)
And you know why I wanna see your mum? So that zy can stop hao-lian-ing to me.

yan: u dun drive mi crazy! i m not emo!! no no no!... and hor... i dont know tat i nv fail to make u laugh sia... thks!
"Wo de neck hen yang"
I just think of your face, your witchy laughter, your lame jokes, your words I can laugh liao. I smiling in front of my screen now. You are so wei da so you cannot emo. Emo then no more fun.


(L) alphabet A
6:18 PM

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

As usual, went out with shirlyn and the guys after school.

Everything seems to be good until a sms came and suddenly my world seems to be like falling apart. And then I just cannot help but cry. I want so much to share with those around me but I really can't. I just want to cry. I felt that crying was the best way to make me feel better.

When someone is always there for you and suddenly this special someone is gone, I really feel empty deep down there. And that is when I realised how much he matters to me.

I cried like throughout the movie not because it's touching of course.
Nonetheless, it's my type of romance story. I would have enjoyed it more if I'm not feeling down.

The guys wanted to shop around after the movie so I decided to go off first. I don't want to embarrasse myself. People will think I'm crazy. My friends all laughing and having a great time while I'm hiding behind sobbing.

I went to Qingling's house and talked to her and we both knows what is best for me. And I just hoped everything is not too late. I just hope Saint is fine. I just hoped I will be fine too.

I know I look retarded. Thanks to Fernandes who zoom in on my face.

"Bu yao noob lei"

I know it has been hard for you to let me go now. After all, it hadn't been easy for us ever since then. I know you had been afraid that I only want to keep you as a friend. I'm sorry. Sorry won't make you feel less pain in the heart but that is perhaps the only thing I can say now. I want you to know that I still care alright? Now and always. As for the rest, I want to talk to you face to face. Now, I hope you know I'm really sorry. I don't feel good here either. I'm truly sorry.

(L) alphabet A
5:30 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waiting to see a doctor at the polyclinic really kills. I wanted to faint right there so I can have the piority to see the doctor first. I wonder if I can request for a doctor who don't check so throughly so that I don't have to wait for so long. Waiting really can make one feel more sickly and uneasy.

Ran into many many familiar faces today.
Jaric on the train, Fishy at CWP and darling at interchange. Great. I miss Jaric and those playful and fun times we had. I always miss those times. I miss fishy, haven't talk to her for sooooooooooo looooong. And darling xinyi, she is always missed.

Tags replies

shirlyn: walao nv update
so fierce.....update liao lah. AIYO! Loves you
And, thanks for taking photos of me. I like the one on the swing. So sad, didn't get to see your mummy today :p

saint: missssss youuu aloott
I know.... (:

saint: yea, who's another auntie sia~ ahaha qn 2, 35, 39, 51, 56 are about who ah?
Am I suppose to spell it out?

shirlyn: tot ur ans to qn 7 shld b 3 presious aunties instead?whr d u get another 1 de?haha
shirlyn: eh
Yah hor~ I sotong can. I count myself in. Hahahaha.

yan: woah, i m really honoured to be the one who make u laugh.. haha.. *i m not emo*
LOL. You really never fail to make me laugh and I'm loving it. I don't it when you emo though. Scary. I prefer noisy you. Hahaha. Accept it lah. Cannot change your image liao. LOL.
(L) alphabet A
1:03 AM

Monday, May 19, 2008


Went out with Qingling and co. (:
Went FEP then PS for a movie. Thanks to Shirlyn, we get to watch Drillbit Taylor for free.

P.S. All these photos are taken by her, I stole them from her blog. Haha.

Went to meet my lovely aunties for a short majong game at zy's house. After that zy left to meet her friends, ql left to meet her bf so shirlyn and I meet Saint and Fer for dinner at northpoint.

Today - Vesak day
Supposed to meet 9am at AMK to study with Aunties and the guys.
But they all HL and end up all late.
QL is the best, she is the only one who came earlier to acc me if not I'll be all alone at Mac. Saint is the "best" lah~ Sent me a sms saying he will be late and when I left house I called him thinking he will be on the way alrdy but he just woke up again. So bad! And that ai zai fernandes not zai today. He never rush down as he told me. All so bad.

And the worst thing is we end up didn't study a single bit. For me and Ql, maybe just that bit.

We went Nebo cafe after that and it wasn't enjoyable at all. Waste of money. My first and last time there. Food there kinda sucks, Games sets there looks old and not complete, most of all service is really lousy.

After that, went to play pool. As usual, funny things happen. Today not zy but that shirlyn. Laugh until I reall buay tahan. Laugh until can not even play properly.

Shirlyn loves me so much that she keep taking my photo.

Ain't feeling very well now, the headache is killing me. I guess it must be the weather and other circumstances and too little sleep.

"Do I look like your mother?"
P.S. Ql, zy and me got so scared all thanks to Fer's ghost story.
It's not that the story was scary.
It was the timing when the lights went off and Fer's scary eyes.


(L) alphabet A
11:18 PM

Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally the scary presentation is over. I did not do extremely outstanding but I guess it's all fine. I was nervous as usual, actually more than the practise in class. I don't know why. My voice was trembling like mad. I guess I can't hide stage fright. And as usual, I tend to not follow my script when I'm nervous so yesss. The great thing is when I add in things, I forgot the word clutches. Thanks to Siv who filled in the blank for me. Phew....I'm just so glad it's over and done with. (:

Supposed to like do project after school that is why I pushed important matters away but in the end....nothing is done. The best thing is I brought my laptop for nothing. Shit man. It kills when I'm wearing formal with heels and I had to carry my laptop and went town. Tiring and frustrating.
Nonetheless, met with my sweeties for Jenny's birthday celebration in advance.
It's just a plain birthday celebration but I hope she enjoyed our company. We will meet out soon to have more fun okay? Love you girls always.

Jenny the lovely (:

(L) alphabet A
1:19 AM

Thursday, May 15, 2008


1. Have you ever kissed someone with braces?

2. Who is the first received call on your call log?

3. What is the wallpaper on your phone?
Default wallpaper of the theme.

4. How many pillows are on your bed?

5. How do you feel about babies?
Adores them.

6. Is there someone you can't stop thinking about?
Yes, definitely.

7. What was the best thing that happened to you this year?:
Knowing my 4 precious aunties.

8. Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?:
It's too hard to surprise me I guess. I wish for one though.

9. Do you have a crush on somebody now?
I don't know if that is a crush.

10.Who was the last person that made you laugh?
Miss Choo Zhang Yan. (the thought of her now makes me wanna laugh too)

11. What is the thing you wish to do the most now?
Ice skating.

12. Who do you make fun of the most?:
My precious barbie, bimbo and brownie.

13. Which country do you wish to visit now?

14. How many unpaid bills do you have on you right now?
None. (:

15. Have you ever seen your best friend cry?
Yes. I guess.

16. Where did you last go out to eat?
Cong Qing Steamboat

17. Do you sing when you bathe?
Used to.

18. What do you want to be?
Wedding Planner.

19. Name one hobby of yours:

20. Does your mom vacuum early in the morning, when you're sleeping?
She used to when I still stay under one roof with her.

21. Do you love watching movies in cinema?

22. Would you rather sleep at a friend's or have them over?
Sleep over at theirs!

23. Do you walk around naked?:
Duh, no!

24. Dogs or cats?:
Dogs, of course.

25. What do you smell like right now?:
Johnson's baby milk bath.

26. Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong?:

27. Where do you shop at most?:
No any particular shop.

28. What is the most recent regret you have?
Cutting my hair short.

29. What is your favorite number?

30. Do you get along with your parents?
Hell no.

31. What are your favorite color(s)?
Pink! Black is great too.

32. Have you ever thought that your life was so bad you wanted to give up?

33. Do you have any tattoos?
Not yet.

34. How many piercings do you have?

35. Taken or single?

36. Would you still kiss your exs?
No way.

37. Have you ever had your heart broken?

38. Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is ok?

39. Are you missing someone special right now?

40. Have you talked about marriage with anyone?

41. Do you want children in future?
Of course!

42. If yes how many?
2 or 3

43. Would you consider adoption?
If I can't have my own, perhaps.

44. If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?

45. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
Absolutely yes.

46. Does it matter to you if your the other half smokes?
I'll hope he quits for his own good.

47. Do you drink alcohol?
Yes. Kinda loving it.

48. Do you like roller coasters?
I will resist it at first but I will always love the thrilling process in the end.

49. What is your favourite food?

50. What is your favorite drink?
Green tea.

51. Who was the last person who held your hand?

52. When is the perfect time to have a boyfriend?
When I'm madly in love with him?? I don't know!

53. Do you see half cup full or half cup empty?
Half cup empty most of the time.

54. Have you tried killing yourself?

55. Teddy bear or flowers?

56. Do you love french kissing?
With my ♥ , definitely.

57. Do you french kiss in public?

58. What do you wish to do your next holiday?
Chalet with loves.

59. Do you love yourself?

60. Did you make up any questions here?

Alright? did you know me better from the quiz I did. Found it at some website when I was too bored during AFA class.

School has been a really long and boring today. Thank God I pulled through it. Tomorrow's gonna be another long day to run. I can't wait for the break in june. I'm starting to get lazy to go to school again. And this is bad. I need to recharge. But before that I'm gonna study real hard for the upcoming tests. Mugging gonna start next Monday. Aunties shall unite and this time not laughing and gossipping hard but studying hard. Hmmmm, we can do it. B power!
Cindy, you can do it! Aunties, we can do it!

I try not to care but obviously, it still bothers me. I choose to turn and just take a quick glance at you and what you're doing. Is it that I'm too demanding or what? I don't know why. I'm definitely not trying in any way to find faults in you or try to change you. I don't know. But certain things you do just pulls the trigger in me. And of course, I shoot it right at you like just now. Sometimes I wonder if I really get myself into this shit. If only I can pretend and just turn a blind eye to things. I keep telling myself sometimes why should I bother so much about you. Isn't it all along take it or leave it? I wish I never had started all these troubles. I guess I'm right that I got myself into this shit. Now, I'm trying real hard to save myself, for the better.

I tried, tried too hard and failed terribly so I had to let go.

Cindy, you can do it.
Cindy, you're a brave girl.
(L) alphabet A
6:38 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Having a swollen half sore right eye is true. It hurts kinda badly that I didn't dare to wear contact lense. And it's the best reason I self declare a off day from school.

I had a great time out with my dearest today.
I dont know what particular reason did we bring ourselves to vivo. Nonetheless, I did some shopping as usual. Then off we headed to Bugis for Steamboat at Cong Qing. It's kinda nice there actually. Will go back there again definitely (:
Then I randomly say I wanna go Mustafa since it's 24hrs, and so we boom boom there. It's good to own a vehicle. It was super crowded there. Do everyone else go there because it's like the only shooping centre that has got almost everything and it never closes? We had a fun time laughing and shopping and digging for cheap deals. I just realised they sell storybooks cheaper than Times and Kino. They have trendy shades, cheap bangles, perfumes and the list goes on. Wow.
We shopped for 2hours and headed home.

I love days like this when I get to spend solid time with love ones. I truly got a day off troubles. Did I mention I hate thursday? Super Super long day. So I'm gonna go hide under my blanket and drool on my pillow now. Goodnight.
(L) alphabet A
11:25 PM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I found these series of pictures regarding anorexia. I think the pictures are not only very true and interesting but also Scary. I really don't understand why some people just bear to do this to themselves.

To my Friend,
I didn't mean all those words I had said if you still haven't realise.
I just wanted so much you understand because
I have been through something similar and perhaps worse.
I hope you know my story and realise how fortunate you're already.
I keep advising you but you keep insisting you're right.
Perhaps I should apologise, perhaps.
But I didn't even mean to say you're bitach or whatever.
Oh well....
it so aches when you go interprete in your own ways.
I don't know if I had hurt you as much as how hurt I am now.
It aches in the heart.
I can throw tantrums, I can complain to the whole world too.
It aches in the heart.
But for as long as I know,
I cared for you as a friend from the bottom of my heart.
It really aches in the heart.
I don't know what tomorrow holds,
But right now I feel the aching in the heart.
If only you realise I said all that for your good

Tags replies with

winnie: you like hello kitty?
Kinda find it cute without mouth. lol. Use to love it even more.

saint: love ya =D

shirlyn: yea.dun worry.i'll be fine.i hope
Well, I hope you pull through what happen today too. sigh. sorry if I don't know how to say nice things and that I didn't manage to make you feel better.

saint: oh well.. how can i please you to delete my stupid photos! haha love you
No way! Hahahaha.

~With smile~: If life is about live till you die, hope this is not what you've been thinking. Life is too short to complain, however, for as long as we live, do as many good things as we possibly could. This is the happiness which many of us fail to observe and do. =)
Actually I've no idea who you're. If you know me well enough I guess I'm living quite happily just that life isn't free of worries and unhappiness. Ranting out once in a while is nothing odd isn't it? (: but still thanks alot for your concern. I appreciate this. (:
(L) alphabet A
10:30 PM

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mr John Ho's lesson is cancelled today so today is actually a short day. 1-3pm
Thanks to Fernandes, the class gets to eat pizza after school. Yummy. And I apologise to Gab with the cookies I baked myself, although he only took one. I will bake more next time. It's the thought that count I guess. And I was indeed happy for the Mocha Frappe he gave me.

Last minute decision to play pool so we went to AMK after we were not able to get into Grassroot Club. No slipper s allowed. -.-
Although I'm not good at it but I somehow enjoy playing it (:
Maybe because of the fun and laughter with friends especially Zhang Yan. She is one of the most most spastic and comical and cartoon-like fren I can ever so adore.
I had a nice hearts to hearts chat with Fernandes and ZY. I feel that I got to know them better now. Poor Saint was kinda bored. He couldn't really understand.
I'm contemplating if I should get the Pink DS lite from Fernendas. I want to start working real soon. Too too too many things to buy. Money makes my shopping cart goes wild. Lol.

(L) alphabet A
10:14 PM

Rotting at home on a Sunday. I wish I can let my mind not run wild of thoughts also but too bad.
Thinking of baking cookies later. Haven't really bake for very long. Baking will make me feel better I guess. Baking is love. But I haven't try baking on a bad mood day. What if the cookies turn out all burnt. Will my aunties still want to eat? Hahahaha.

Tags replies (:

shirlyn: thx for not taking my photo.haha.n pls lor aunty yan.is not i dowan u all ok.is coz we solving the complicated prob.tats y.sry la.
Nevermind lahs~ we understand totally. Glad also that the problem is more or less settled. Don't think too much over the past okay. Let go means let go liao.

QingLing: Dont make me puke. Hahahs ! Ok lor. Thn wait we free. Eh seem like i missed out many things ):
We will update you on all the happenings one. And yes, wait till we're free then.

yan: u all shuld bk me earlier, as u all know, i m a veri busy person.. wahahaha
Got the urge to vomit out all the things I ate yesterday.

yan: i nxt wk not free le!! except monday.. tue and thur gt training til 9... wed goin ktv with my ex-colleagues.. fri watching movies with my ex-colleagues.. hahaha.. i'm so sorry =x
WALAOeh! Kbox with us cannot, KTV with other people can. you good lor you. (!_!)

QingLing: This friday thn we go Zoo ahs ! Miss me ok ;D
Well,*blush* you know I miss you always. Friday we got John Ho's presentation!! Hahaha, you wanna wear formal to zoo ah? Funny lor. We will look like cukoo and sweat like hell there.

yan: wa piang! u admire mi dao u even post my backview.. hehehe!.. so sexy .. =x ya la.. we laughed non-stop.. but lucky we didnt fall.. haha... the shirlyn so bad lo.. gt ********* jiu dun wan us.. hhehe!
Please lor, you dont want to let me take your baboon face mah. I thought you so thick skin but in the end to shy until don't let me take your picture. Yah lor, shirlyn........SIGH. she's the real 'heavy colour light friends' one lo.

passer-by: erm i see that. but u believe in God? cus i feel that a life is very precious and you shldnt think of taking ur life nor even to slit ur wrist. when u think bout it later u will regret
Dont worry. When I mentioned slit my wrist. I mean really slashing it. Not like some people out there who just slit to get the painful feeling. -.- And I didnt end my life also. Thanks for your concern.

saint: not only me but it includes me.. that's why.. enjoy on weekends! distress!
I guess, didnt manage to distress after all. :(:(:( and I guess I'm seems to be your troubles now. Seems like I should be the one saying sorry. Oh well...

cin: darlingggggggggggggggggggg! you'll get through it. loveyou. and, i know you are surprise by my tag. heh
YESSSSS. you tag once in a blue moon kind. So bad. I'll get through it. Yes! I have to keep telling myself I can. Hahahaha. Love you too.

carol: hey! am i still one of ur obasans? LOL!!!!
hahahaha. you still remember ah? Carol-san. (:
(L) alphabet A
12:19 AM

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Went out with baboon and bimbo to Bugis.
Bimbo needs to buy presents for her friend and her love. And baboon is my first female friend who hates shooping. And look who's weird. Lol. I only like unique toys what.

Took quite sometime back.

As for today, no pictures. Forget to bring my love camera out.

Super crowded as usual. And I hate shopping at Bugis when I have to be squashed in those tiny shops although I have the urge to spend money. And it's seriously super super hot in there. The sun melted all my make up man. Lucky bimbo was really fast at choosing her presents. If it's me, I think we could have been cooked in there while I choose presents. Oooops.

In the end I manage to get myself a bag, 2 belts, a top and shorts.

After that met Fernandes and Saint for dinner at Hip. I tried the Snail chicken and Cheese. Not too bad but the Snail Chicken is spicy. After dinner, we just had nothing better to do and so went to Breko Cafe for a drink.

And I seriously think I've been eating alot these few days. Damn! I get hungry too easily. Perhaps food heals my soul. I mean, junk food heals my soul. Nothings beats Nuggets.

Oh yes. I would like to know if breastfeeding on the MRT is normal or not because I was really uncomfortable seeing that sight today. eeeee. Saving cost on milk powder, bottles and pacifiers? Because all the mother had was a handbag. Each time the child makes noise, she will............! Oh well, is it really normal?
So I guess Happy Mother's Day. I dont really care about this kinda occasion anymore.

I'm ending off this post with a sigh. I don't wanna think of you being drunk and the reason is me. I wanna go watch my tv and care less of you. I really don't need you to change for me. I really mind what u said to me. I think you haven't really cared of my feelings. And because of that, I just dont want to care anymore. I can go care for others who at least appreciate it. I really don't want to think of you anymore. That's it.

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3:42 PM

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The sun is shining real brightly today. It's super sunny. It's great since Bamboo, Bimbo (aka Boob lady), Baboon and the guys namely Saint, Fernandes and Gabriel are going to East coast park to cycle. The initial plan is for the zoo and night safari but we want to wait for Qingling to go together. (:

On bus 76..

This is Mr Saint trying to act cool when listening to his antique MP3 -.-

Then he tried to act cute like always.
I only think that the seal series of fan and eye mask in so so so adorable.

In conclusion, he is not style nor cute. Oooops. He never style his hair today and he just have this silly looking face today. Lol. He is gonna cry when he sees this. Hahaha.

Initially we wanted to take 76 all the way to east coast but we had sudden decision to alight at amk central for lunch first. This is kinda hilarious since we waited like so long for 76. And we actually only took it to amk only.

At east coast, we just cycled around. Zy and I had some fun time laughing and chatting while we cycled. Hahaha. And that was when we got our new nicks. Lol.

This "shy" girl just refused to let me take her photo.

Oh what's that?

Actually got more photos taken but little did I know that they are being deleted by fernandes secretly.
:( So so so bad. Nevermind, there will always be more chance coming up. haha.
And poor shirlyn so depressed over confusing matters. Hope she cheers up since it is somehow solve. I didnt really dare to take photo of her. It only spells troubled and feirce on her face. Hahaha.
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