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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm glad I passed my ICA.

But the project seems like a killer.

Oh no. And the presentation is just next week.

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6:15 PM

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today is just a stay home day. I'm too lazy to go out.

I'm contemplating if I should get a backpack. I need it because laptop is seriously too heavy. Each time I carry them to school, my arms seems to ache the next day. And it is inconvenient to carry in my arms also especially when taking a crowded train or bus. But on the other hand, I'm worried that I might still prefer tote bags after I buy a backpack. Afterall, I havent bought a backpack since secondary school. And, I didn't see any nice ones around. Either too boyish, childish or too big.
I'm also comtemplating about the wallet I fancy and the Ted Baker bag.
Perhaps it's good this way to always think many times before buying something, and not be impulsive like I use to be.

And I'm definitely good at procrastinating. Damn! ICA in on Tuesday.

And here is for YOU.

炎亚纶&刘力扬—Ti amo


Ti amo Te Quiero
想着你 沉入梦境
一张眼 一清醒

Saranghae And I Love You
少一天 就会遗憾


Ti amo Te Quiero
想着你 沉入梦境
一张眼 一清醒

Saranghae And I Love You
少一天 就会遗憾
(L) alphabet A
8:04 AM

Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally have my narrative speech presentation today. I don't know why I was so nervous. So nervous that my voice, hands, legs were trembling. And, so nervous that I didn't even follow the script I wrote. Damn it.

Thanks to zy and company who accompany me while I was waiting for my darling. They are a bunch of fun-loving friends man. I did embarrassing things again. Oh well...
I love their company (:

Had been really clumsy recently...And, I think I'm too noisy in class.


I miss my darling and I finally get to meet her up today. yay-ness.
So sad that our time-table clashes.

As usual,
we eat and chat plus shop and shop then we went starbucks to chill and continue chatting.

I feel inferior beside her so I'm only willing to take few photos with her. hehe.
Just kidding.
And, she just bought that sparstic spects of hers today. Kinda cute actually.
Unfortunately, when we were taking train back home, two small kids was mocking and laughing at her. They were like saying the jie jie wearing big big spects then they laugh laugh laugh. I couldn't stand it, and I laughed too. One auntie heard the kids and she smiled also. Well, I'm sure my darling don't take this kinda things to heart. Kids dont know trends nowadays anyway. (:

She's talking to her bf and just I super envy her for her complexion.
If only mine is half as good, then at least I won't feel inferior when I go out with her.
I adore her company all in all (:

I love baking, maybe I should have said I love pizza instead.
Does it look delicious? I baked them yesterday...

Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah they were all yellow, I came along I wrote a song for you And all the things you do And it was called yellow So then I took my turn Oh what a thing to have done And it was all yellow your skin Oh yeah your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful you know you know I love you so You know I love you so I swam across I jumped across for you Oh what a thing to do Cause you were all yellow I drew a line I drew a line for you Oh what a thing to do And it was all yellow your skin Oh yeah your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful you know for you I'd bleed myself dry For you I'd bleed myself dry Its true look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine for you look how they shine look at the stars look how they shine for you and all the things that you do

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4:14 PM

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Wednesday.

Skipped lecture in the morning bcos I woke up late, tutorial was super super slack also. Teacher gave me a nickname call 3seconds. Becos I took 3seconds to react when he was taking attendance. Actually the fact is, he's too soft I couldn't hear him. And then, I was also slow when he asked me answer the question. Lol. He keep saying I'm slow by 3 beats. -.-

After school, walked from school to QingLing's house with her and Shirlyn. Then headed to amk central for lunch. Had great time chit-chatting with them. Had a super great time laughing also.

Then, went to PS alone to settle the $500 issue and it's solved. Woohoo, so so so happy now.
YESSS! Can sleep in peace tonight.... yay-ness.

After that, rushed back to yck stadium for badminton.

Have taken some photos, but the lightning was kinda sucky..
PLUS! my right hand was kinda shaking after not exercising for soooooooooooo loooooooooooong. So, most of the photos are wither blur or dim. ooops.

I suck at badminton lah~!
When was the last time I play? Primary school? :X

Hui Ci, Cheryl, Saint, De Gui, Han and Gabriel.
2 hours seems so fast.
Another happy thing is that I FINALLY recieve 2/5 items which I ordered from the Taiwan spree. FINALLY. Like took sooo long to come...
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee (:

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11:44 AM

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have been a sad person since yesterday.

I hid and cry a little. And a little more.



Stress, stress, stress.

I guess I'm a person who can't handle stress. I will make myself go bonkers. But thanks to good listeners. I appreciate it, really. I guess I don't want to say it all over again here. And I guess I can only really feel not stress when I settle the stupid problem. Oh well...and bad things do come in a bundle. Hmmmm, but I believe good things always happen after bad ones. I hope.

on lighter sides, finally got to meet up with honey shiyun yesterday.

We decided to give the newly open hk cafe a try. The food is so so, it would be better if they have more varieties also. When it comes to chatting and really sitting down to chat and relax, Shiyun just rock socks.
Know what honey? Next time we should meet on a weekend, then we time how long we can just sit and talk. Maybe we'll sit from morning till they chase us out.
We had great time catching up and updating each other on our school life and our interesting classmates.
Hmmmm... so we didn't really shop. Next time, next time. Have to meet up more often so that we dont have so much to talk about. haha.

it was disastrous during Mr Tan's lesson.
But, it's my fault.
I was totally distracted by other things and was chatting vigrously on heu campus. And obviously wasn't paying attention in class. I don't know why, maybe it's because I was sitting at the far end. And I'm not disciplined enough to listen, least try to make out what he was writing on the board.
But a fact is also because I just ain't into this kinda IT stuff. Seriously speaking, as I looked through the PPT slides, most of the things are like aliens to me. My mind was revolving around S-11. MONEY, the $500, potentially flying away. So I decided to "multi-task". I was practically aimlessly surfing on the net since I can not get anything into my head.
Sigh. And like Mr Tan said, I better give my best shot for next week's ICA, get an A or I'm super dead meat. It's hard for IT idiot like me but still, try my best. Oh well....
And, Mr Melvin Mole finally came to school on time as promised. Hahahaha.
He's funny. And nice.
On a lighter side, minmin brightens up my day with...

She's sucha sweet.

Caught The Hottie & The Nottie with love.
He was being a sweet to me too knowing I'm kinda down.
The movie was actually kinda nice. I wasn't really expecting a storyline initially.
It's either because I have been emotional since yesterday or It was kinda touching at the end of the movie that I nearly cried. And, at first I thought that Paris Hilton plays a real real bitchy role inside but, no. And, love was almost like screaming and eeeee-ing beside me everytime June Phigg- The Nottie does something gross, so you can imagine how disgusting she really was.
Overall, I will say it's worth the watch.
Class is early tomorrow. I'm drained out. So, I'm turning in early. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good and better day.
Smile Cindy, smile! Goodnights.

(L) alphabet A
4:10 PM

Sunday, April 20, 2008

muchachashop.blogspot.com updated!

Ear studs selling at very cheap cheap cheap prices! Exclusive earrings
Go over and take a look! It's just a click away :D


Went out for lunch with Jo at causeway point.
I was whiningto Jo about this fuckedup blogshop to her.

Now I'm gonna whine to all my readers here.


I've ordered from them like almost 2 months ago but yet I haven't recieve my item so I e-mailed them yesterday.

They reply asking if I had paid...

I was thinking c'mon lah, I'm not some mofo kids who wanna scam you of a bag -.-

So I replied nicely saying, of course I did.They have also informed me earlier on that they have sent my orders to TW already. And I say they should check.

Then, bloody mofo.
They reply me saying they have already check and I didn't get back to them at that time saying that I have paid so that means I didn't pay and that they could have send me the mail about the orders wrongly.


So I became really angry with them and I replied real nasty.

I was like saying..
"Do you mean I'm paying you and I'm not going to get my item? Do you need me to update my bank book and give you the transaction number?"
I added on saying that what i mean by checking is to check whether I had transferred them the money and not meaning to check whether I got back to them. I also said that I remembered sms-ing them once I've transfered the money.

And then they went MIA.

I was fuming with anger so I went back to their bloody website...saw their tagboard
and I realise ah huh~ alot of other shoppers are encountering similar problems.


NOW I'm still waiting for their reply...I'm gonna update my bank book tomorrow and by then if they still haven't get back to me, I'll not be Miss Nice Cindy anymore...


Weekends always end so fast...
No more waking up late tomorrow :(

Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to school.
Surprisingly right??
I want to eat McDonalds tomorrow. I'm having cravings...
(L) alphabet A
11:33 PM

Sunny Saturday (:

Went to bugis in the afternoon to meet Minmin 'cos she's working for 2 hours at bugis street.
As usual, crowded crowded crowded. I cannot stand the crowd. I don't even wanna shop. Have to be squeezed and squashed in the tiny mni shops. Don't talk about trying on. Min says it's really stuffy to stay inside bugis street the whole afternoon. I sympathise her, but lucky it's only for a afternoon. Actually she's just replacing her sis 'cos the sis had something on.

OMG, I hate being stuck in the middle of the traffic light.

At least it wasn't raining today.

After lunch, we headed to orchard to shop around a little.
At least orcahrd isn't as packed.
Wanted to take more pictures but...I forgot to charge camera's battery last night. ooops.
I bought a watch and canmake pink nail polish.
Min bought many many many many. She's a happy girl.
I'm missing my 3 super dearest honeys.
the sweet xiwen, the pretty shiyun, the lovely jenny.
We've got so much to catch up with each other.

Saw this and I thought of Saint. purple hair boy.


Was browsing through the web and then I found this...
WOW! They have really very pretty cakes.

"Very Different Cakes is recognized as one of the most
stylish and colorful cake design studios in the world. We are loved for our
signature whimsical elegance, and for pioneering a hot new niche in wedding and
event style – Bling!"

(L) alphabet A
11:44 AM

Saturday, April 19, 2008

hellooooooooo world.

Finally friday has arrived. I can finally sleep late tomorrow! yay-ness.

Today's classes are fun-filled.

Lecture was great. Ms Lie is so adorable that I don't think I wanna even think of pon-ning her lecture. I have made a resolution remember? So as much as possible, no skipping of lessons, any lessons. Especially tutorials.

Tutorial, hahahaha, was really really enjoyable. Although I was initially a little worried about the narrative speech because I didn't prepare any. Lucky me, I wasn't chosen today. But poor zy, she's the lucky number one. And, I really really have to make sure I prepare over the weekend man. The class really had a great time luffing with Mr John Ho. He makes lesson fun. So I guess seeing him every first lesson and last lesson of the week isn't that bad right?

He's the man.

I took some candids of my classmates...

He sits in front of me...guess who?
He's from PHS also but I'm not sure if I had seen him before.

Ben versus Han.
Oh no, is Gab having disagreements with Degui??
OH NO, Big versus Small...

Oh no, still fighting????
Nah, just kidding. No way will our class have fights.
Moreover Gabriel is the class rep, how can he bully the small?
They were just having a normal man's talk kinda thing.

WAHSEH! FIERCE! 2 bully 1.
They looked so buay song in the picture right? Actually they are all very friendly people. I just so managed to capture wrong expressions...

Mine & Zy's
That marks the end of last day of my first week of school (:
I'm looking forward to moreeeeeee fun in class.
Gonna watch tv now.

(L) alphabet A
1:18 PM

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today's lesson suppose to end at 1 but Sir is so nice to end the lesson early at 11:27am. So good right? We practically did nothing in the lesson. The lesson ended before I even can finish my Latte.

Though class ended early, I didn't go out nor stay in sch to mingle with new friends. Went home to have a good rest. I'm having real bad cramps. Plus, tomorrow is a really looooong day.
(L) alphabet A
12:18 PM

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PINK is like my new white.

The 'No Ordinary' Designer Label
I saw this bag on Ted Baker's website and I just love it. I love bags which is simple yet pretty. It will make a good school bag isn't it? And I don't think I'll see people carrying it everywhere else right?? I want! Hmmmm...No! Cut down on spending, think twice. Maybe it's just a crush? RAWWH! We shall see....


School is fine for me today. Had good laughs with my new friend zy. Melvin doesn't look like that guy! hahahaha. Oh! Plus..urm...some of my stupid actions in class. -.-
And then we were caught in human jam as we walked out of school due to flood and the heavy rain. Grandma told me she came home in the afternoon to see flood in the living room. omg. I didn't know that the rain was so heavy. Stairs were flooded also. Corridors was damn damn dirty when I got home..

(L) alphabet A
2:04 PM

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tags Replies

xi wen: short hair aso veri pretty worx ^_^
*Dear! I miss you! Actually I'm not sad about short hair. It's the colour. 'cos the colour turn quite differently from what I expect. Anyway, are you getting busier with your dance now?? No time to meet us already??

carol: =D okies! make nice earrings, i want! =D
*Thanks for your support carol :) Don't worry, more earrings coming up! Wait awhile awhile okay? And must help me promote my shop okay?? hee

mich:):):): hey...how come u chop off ur hair???
*Previously when we still got talk that time I was having long hair right? Then I hand itchy, something wrong with my mind then I went to perm. Then perm not really nice PLUS hair very spoilt. Because of bleach and all the chemicals. I went to trim but the person trim until worse so break my own heart and chopped it off. I decided to sacrifice to have better hair. Previously my hair so long 'cos it's extension. :) Now take off liao that's why. Nevermind lah, hair will grow. HAHA.

smilE: hi.. i love ur pic, de one u n ur frens posed as LOVE..
*Thanks. I think it's cute too.




it's pouring heavily now..
so I'm shall be satisfied the mini poppers in my fridge.

Anyway, found this picture like a few months back.
I wonder where they sell this lip balm. Anyone knows?
I want, I want. So cuteeeeeeee.


Back to the main topic for today.


It's great!
My new classmates are friendly with many distinctive individual character.
Urm, there's a korean guy in my class who is damn humorous but I didn't know he was a korean. I only realise it after chatting a little during lunch.
There are many pretty girls in the class also. Tall, small, elegant, cute, hyperactive, drama, blah blah and the list goes on. Well, there are more girls then guys in the class.
Shall tell you more when I get to know them more.

I hope Mandy reads my blog so she'll see what I'm going to type in my next line.
YONG MENG is still in the same class as me.
In fact he's the first person I saw when I walked into the classroom.

Oh yes, I'm not late today.

I don't know why I always can't sleep well the night before school starts. So, I only had like 3 hours of sleep last night. That's explain my slight headache now.
The headche is keeping me from my initial plan of baking.
Also, no more room for any creative ideas for accessories.

Thank God lesson is in the afternoon tomorrow.


I'm sorry to hear some bad news from Shiyun. Hope my honey is feeling better already. I'm quite worried and sorry for her but I have totally no idea how to comfort her neither do I know exactly what to say. I have all the urge to go look her up to give her a nice hug. But as I think twice, I don't know if I should. Doesn't seems right... Tried calling xiwen dear to ask her what to do but she didnt pick up. Sighs.
Honey, I'll be here if you need me. Love you.


I skipped lunch because lazy cindy is too lazy to queue. Now I'm famished so I'm off for homecook food. Yummy Yummy. Tatassss...
(L) alphabet A
10:53 AM

Friday, April 11, 2008


updated now!

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4:38 PM

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I didnt want to get outta of my house so much. Laziness plus constant changing weather. Thanks to Muchacha, I've to get more stuff to make my accessories. So, with some motivation from babylove, I dragged my feet to "CowCarWater". Supposed to get a ride there on his bike but after lunch at Cine, it started pouring. So, we got no choice but to take the train. Bad weather.

Because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to,
doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.
Thankyou Babylove, I know you love me with all you have.
He is the one who made me realise this.

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything;
they just make the most of everything that comes their way.
how true isn't it?

(L) alphabet A
5:21 PM

A stay home day for me.

I'm trying to define how much I hate to look into the mirror. Shit me. What's wrong with me?

I don't feel well.
Just look at the scorching sun that's seems like burning my ass. For a moment, I rather it poured. Know what? Water from the tap is HOT too. For the first time, I brush my teeth with natural hot water. Do your encounter this too? When I was bathing, I WALKED into the pouring water and I jumped out 'cos it was way way way too hot. To exaggerate, maybe it felt like 100 degree celsius?? And then I decided to off the water heater, but FAILED. The water is still warm. I am a person who can't stand humidity and hot weather that well.
And, I really don't feel well now.
Have been lying in bed, lying on the floor (to feel less warm), sitting down for an hour or so to make those accessories, trying all postures on the sofa while I watch DVDs. See, I'm lifeless. I need some motivation and encouragement from nice people.

I look at myself, I look at the sun, I really need to find good reasons to step out of the house.

Sorry darling. I don't think I wanna go cycling tomorrow anymore. I will probably faint or I will come back with headache and a high temperature. I don't wish to take MC on first few days of school. Sorry darling. Hope you understand.

I'm kinda depressed.

Alright. Off to eat my murtubak. (did I spell correctly?) I have beer to go along too.

Let's hope for a better day tomorrow.

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2:37 PM

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I don't like my hair already.
(L) alphabet A
1:16 PM

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anyway, the website is muchachashop.blogspot.com
and not the previous one I mentioned. I decided that was too long. teehee.
I'm so happy I manage to solve the blogger prob with a button. LOL.
I have sorta done up MuChaCha already. BUT....I only loaded up an item. I wanna make moremoreMORE first. If you are interested, you can go seeseelooklook first though. I will appreciate all your frank feedbacks or remarks about whether I have deco my shop nicely, or abt my accessories or even the price. :D
Went to meet MinMin at J8 in the afternoon for lunch.
Accompany her to library to return and borrow some storybooks. The last time I step into a library was like back in those study-for-O times.
(shiyun! going in to use the toilet is not counted.hahaha.)
Bishan library is kinda comfy and pretty and full of memories. I miss those times when I used to go with Jaric and Darryl. We even succeeded sneaking in food like ToriQ, ShiLin XXL chicken.
I'm currently watching Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai.
Funny dumb dumb show. Meant for lame people like me.
Gonna watch awhile more and then hit the sack. Waking up early tomorrow to meet someone important. Gotta do something to my ruined hair. Night.

(L) alphabet A
12:59 AM

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Woke up, watch tv, tidy up my always-messy room and
camwhore a little before leaving for town to meet babylove.

At first it was me and then..
I found a new playmate.
Meet my twin..
Why are the photos so blur?
'cos I was kinda in a rush to meet him. I admit I was late already. ooops!
My main motive for today's shopping is to get my lil bro a present. It's hard to buy something for him. He's 13. Too old for toys, too young for more matured stuff.

Fill our stomaches at Paragon's fish&co. first.
My alwayyyys favourite fish and chips. Yummy.
When I saw these two pictures and I thought...

Life is like running on spikes,
especially those times when you're so stressed up and you dont have any time to lose. and running on spikes is never easy.

If only life is as comfy as a pair of socks but yet can be pretty like a pair of heels.
My timetable is not out yet. So slowwwwwwwww.

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4:47 PM