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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, September 05, 2008

damn cool right?

went to city square @ JB
with baby today to repair psp.
was so so so tempted to change to the pink one but in the end decided not to.

i just realised city square doesn't even have kfc!
oh my, i wanted so badly to eat malaysia's kfc lorrrr~
in the end, i ate marybrown.

marybrown has those nice swing swing seats,
wanted to take a peekture but camera went dead so too bad. hahaha.

wanted to do pedicure there because it is cheaper but didn't have enough time so just shopped around a little. actually nothing much also.

bought this for eunicemomo.

omfg, i really have been in a bad mood everytime i hear about the shit in bkk
curse those people who starts the damn riot!
i hope everything falls back into place soon.
gonna book tix in nov instead of oct already. stupid.

i was blog hopping around, nothing fantastic until i saw this blog.
the blogger is cuteeeeeeeeeeeee.
remember the McDonald's Ad for its Online Delivery? the one that has this guy with his hand which is a mouse cursor? he is the one - Lawrence.

eye candy

to know more about him, you can also go to this website.
at first i thought he is a jap but to realise he was in woodlands secondary. lol.


rebecca: huh, why are you there? attachment?
really they do remember your names? that is great. perhaps, i didnt get to see the sweet ones but the more scary ones. and i only went there to visit my friend who was there for conselling. so i only see those young patients. but i have to say some of them are really normal people. and i pity them because they are locked in with seriously mentally-illed ones.

siyin: no lahhh, it's more like my face is too raw to be seen. dont complain so much hor, you always dua me until i scared sia. hahaha. you can always come jbp with your darling to visit me as well as see cute penguines and talk to parrots :D

p.s. awwwwwwww, love my baby. and, i can't help it

(L) alphabet A
5:27 PM

Thursday, September 04, 2008

it has been raining and raining and raining.
oh my, i dont like it.
especially when it rains just when i am leaving my house.

today is off day.
supposed to be out with two cute peeps
but cancelled in the end
so i thought perhaps i could go starbucks
read a book over coffee

and just when i was changing...
there comes the rain again.

see the difference?
just 5minutes from a drizzle to cats and dogs.

before and after.
see those big fat raindrops.

so in the end,
i turned on my lappy and decided to rot at home.

i skipped lunch becos i was too lazy to even go out
and munched on hello pandas the whole day long

i am a good girl today.
i tidy up my room and threw 3bags full of rubbish.

i am also a bad girl today.
i get really irritated when i get nagged.
it's getting bad and idk why. sometimes it's hard not to flare up.
i mean if she wanna know, come and ask me. dont tell others to come and ask me, then she come and ask me herself at the end. i dont see what is the point? i will just think they are a nuisance. and sometimes, it's frustrating when she keep repeating and asking the same things over and over again. walaueh, everyday the same things over and over again as long as im home. WHY?

and that is a reason why i prefer to roam outside.

went to see Dr Tan yesterday.

and then went bugis with baby.
♥ ♥ ♥ steamboat nowadays.

he got me trippin'

(L) alphabet A
6:42 PM

Monday, September 01, 2008

this is of regards to that crazymad woman who spat on me incident.
damn funny. i wished i have spat back on her. i dunno.
just dont let me see her again.

taken from behind the cashier counter @ lory loft.
working at lory loft is plain slack but at the same time boring.
because you're all alone to take care of the shop.
on one hand you can do whatever you want
as long as you serve the customers.
but on the other hand, no one is there to acc you
and sometimes there is very few tourists.
my flowery was my only source of entertainment cos it was my first time there.
so i took pictures of it.
i know i am super lame!
and know what?
lunch was super boring too.
i mean lunch without little miss thick skin, sj or joanne

so i just snap what was on the table.

and this is yee win.
she stared at the 7-up
to drink or not to drink
aiyah, drink bah!
(okay, i am lame again)

and this is me
the point is not my face but the fugly uniform.
handmade in indonesia
work is fun only becuase of the fun friends there.
today i went to work laughing the whole day through.
i wish to share but it wouldn't be funny if i type out here.
look forward to more jokes and laughter tomorrow.
and i wish to see mr big butt too.

hahahaha. happy teachers' day!

(L) alphabet A
10:06 PM