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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ms. Swan Eyewitness

He looka lika man! (:
(L) alphabet A
12:19 PM

I had dinner with Gary's family at Outback Steak house!! the food is nice! Gary ate the prime minister's ribeye. He started showing off that 285g of meatwhich he claims is the prime minister's. super super lame, the waitress was laughing her ass off man. together with his precious steak was $4.90 worth of spring onions (which most prob come frm aust), was really alot. but..it's kinda nice. i dint know steak should be eaten with onions. ooooops. I had the same as Gary's dad which is the Outback sirloin. Mine was nicely cooked and the serving is just nice. Gary's dad took the 310g one and it's a large piece man. oh, and my side dish is mashed potatoes. i bet it's the best mash potato i have ever eaten! And Gary's mum ate fish&chips. (: the fries are call aussie fries okay?! haha. then it was desserts. THEY ARE FREE!! and they are worth $12.90 each. One was for birthday boy and the other one was for the over $60 bill. We chose Syney's sinful sundae and thunder watever watever (i forgot the super long name). the thunder watevr watever ice cream is nicer (: the brownie below the vanilla ice cream got taste of rum man and it is warm. WOW. overall, it's yummy. OH, the place is nice and cosy for a meal. it's so aussie looking! i wouldnt mind going back again. i didnt really like the waitress but the botak guy/girl was cute and very entertaining. HAHA. Gary's dad keep teasing him/her. (i tink is girl lah cos she got no adam's apple).
After dinner, we went to see the Christmas lightnings along orchard road on the car. it has been a long while since i last did that. that lucky chap got camera from his parents as bday pressie so he was so so so busy taking photos from the car.
okay...photo time..

steak,more steak and fish&chips; our free desserts

Gary's parents; ALLtogether; Birthday Boy

Baby & I; the kangaroo i wanna steal home!

photos taken on the car and from the car.

Baby's BIG FAT BUTT!! (stuffed two small pillows)
i'm loving it!!!!! (:
i spent the night over at his house. we had a great time bullying each other. he farted all night long because of the $4.90 worth of onions. thank God it didnt stink that badly if not it will be fatal. HAHA. so, that is how we spend Gary's 20th birthday! :D:D:D
(L) alphabet A
7:46 AM

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back from interview!! they will call to tell me which mini bits i will be allocated to and when i am starting work. isnt it great? i just hope that they like kick people away after we worked so hard for them for Christmas. they should convert us to full-timers instaed man. the pay is okay and part of it goes to my CPF :D
this made my day!!

like i said earlier, it is my baby's birthday. i will be going to suntec later with his family for dinner. WHEEE. i bought him a crumpler, the one that he told me he liked. (: he was with me in his car when it turned 12am. so, i was the first to say happy birthday to him. i want to be first for every year! haha!!
few days back, my heart aches like shit. but when i look into your eyes, i see love. maybe it's true i cant live without you. i know deep down i'm partly at fault too. and, i'm glad at the end of the day, i'm still in the warmth of your arms.
(L) alphabet A
8:40 AM

HILARY DUFF!! nice nice??

woah..havent been blogging for like a week.

have been busy completing my "things to do after Os"! haha.

1. dye my hair
3. shopping
4.tidy my room
5.buy gary's present

oh... did i say i'm so happy that MINI TOONS called just an hour ago!
waited for what seems like ages.. for somebody to call me to go dwn for interview. so after
blogging... i'm going with fish to eunos. they are so nice!! i dint pick up their call so they told fish to contact me..
AWWW.. i want to work there! heh.

oh..yesterday was grad night! took lotsa pics. thanks to carol's T10. i was blinded by the flashlight man! will upload it real real soon.

alot of people tell me that it is the best grad night so far.. i think so too..
the hall and stage were very nice.

there are glitz pieces on the red carpet,
gold and silver balloons tied to the white chairs,
glitz ball, white translucent cloth on the stage wall,
giant silver and gold bows tied to the pillars,
in short,it's glam :D:D:D
according to brenda.. last year's grad night was nowhere like this.
the hall was not deco till so pretty!
we're one lucky batch..
the door gift was a nice pen in a box..looks ex! haha. the councillors say even the food is much better. oh really?
appetizer is salad(not very tasty) and creme mushroom soup,
main dish is chicken top with mushroom sauce (taste like shrooms burger) with a few potatoes.
then dessert is pudding (with a piece of choc on top).
they got this DJ hired from outside.. not bad.
though most of the time nobody really pay attention until their lucky draw numbers are called!when the number 006 was called, i was still busy eating the chicken, until brenda tell me my number was called.
so, yes..i got a prize! prize number 92. it looks big but it's just a photo frame. urm..i appreciate it lah.....at least i got sth.. (:
anyway i dont tink i look pretty.. hai. stupid curry puff hair...
oh yah..prom queen is tian tian. king is muneer.

shit. gtg for interview liao.
but before i end..
lao kok kok..
(L) alphabet A
5:12 AM

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

i went shopping with fishy for the whole day man!

so tiring man!!
(more tiring than my gyming in the morning)
we walk from taka to wisma to far east to Lido.
and this is only orchard.
we took train to bugis and continue!!
we dint even let the OG off.
we comb like almost every shops to find dresses.
ALOT of people are looking for prom dress too.
and why everyone goes for TUBE dress?

so after like 9hrs of shopping...

i finally bought MY DRESS.
yay yay yay.
it's nice i guess...

i was kinda choosy...
90% of the dresses i see are so plain
and not glam enough for prom.
so the 10% includes 3 dress..
on of them is too ex!
it's 159bucks so i decided to let it go..
was choosing between the other black dress
and this glittery one.
the other one is like over dressed liao.
everybody's dresses are so simple.
like what they wore for dining etiquette..
so i choose a simple one too...

i didnt take a picture of it..
shall only be seen on 27th Nov :p
(so fishy, you better not tell anyone abt my dress)
and it cost me 69bucks.
it's worth it.


so, now left with the accessories and shoes!
shopping shall continue to TOMORROW!

this week's expense is really high man!

i need a job
i need a job
today as i walked around
and realise everywhere seems to have jobs avaliable.
guess was kinda desperate,
so i went for 4.
fill in resumes after resumes.
i hate writing my particulars over and over again.
i hope i get one soon lor..

i just love Ikea.
fishy and i were having fun with the "suspicious article"
it's actually part of the Ikea ad
but got this idiot go hit it
and tell his friends they're safe.
we cant help but laugh.
then we started taking photos of it..
quite paisehs..
'cos we scared the guy thot we taking picture of him.
BLEAH! no way..

though tiring but really enjoyed myself.
how long has it been since i last shop like this?
(though i dont like shopping knowing i MUST find something..
i just love to shop casually,without an aim)
what a pity char cannot join us..
(L) alphabet A
4:24 PM

did i say my hair is not black anymore?

did i say i was 20 minutes late for a one hour paper?

(L) alphabet A
12:24 PM

Monday, November 20, 2006


(okay lah..actually still got sci MCQ on Mon
but who cares abt that man!
not pinning any hopes on Sci.)

my boy was hospitalised on thurs..
scare the hell out of me..
was suppose to study real hard for Fri's 3 papers
but who cares abt wars and vitamins at that time?
luckily..he is okay.
left leg cannot move but no fracture no nothing,
just the nerve..
will recover soon.
so happy he was discharged on Fri.
then he told me he got 15days MC frm army.
baby, please be careful in future man!!

so what are the things to do after Os?
1. dye my hair!!!!
3. shop shop shop (includes finding a dress)
4. tidy my room
5. *secret

that's for now...

the next big thing will be
prom night
which is on 27Nov.

i was looking forward to it at first but...
i seem to be too lazy
to go shop to shop to look for a dress.
i dont think i'll be happy
to get just any other dress..
and after getting a dress,
it will be shoes then acessories.
then on that day
hair must make nice nice
plus make-up..
how tiring just for a few hours IN SCHOOL..
(L) alphabet A
8:59 AM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

my mummy is back!!
she was literally bullied over there man!
it's not by Thai people,
it's by the people who went with her!
our so call family-member-to-be
shall not mention the details.
if not all the F words will fill half of this entry!!
i can only say she is very poor thing
fell sick
and was ALL-THE-TIME being pangsehed!
im glad she's back in a piece,
and more loveable to me than ever.

i am a happy little girl!

she even bought me stuff from there.

just now went to sakae to eat
the tea-time buffet..
with Daryl, Jaric and Kevin
i was so into salmon that i ate 8 of them!
the guys were busy talking abt
their SAF thingy
while i was busy eating.
and that Kevin very funny,
he spill the soy sauce
then the mouse kana.
lucky it still can work.
the free dessert is ice-cream.
and erm..it's NOT nice!
the flavours wriiten in the menu is SCAM!
no green tea, no choco, no mango,
basically nothing on the menu is avaliable.
oso that waitress says got
cherry, young coconut and some nut flavour.
i gei kiang go try the young coconut...
seriously it's very NOT nice.
Daryl was complaining he dont want cherry.
they were like spiting all the cherry bits out!

i paid 7bucks for the buffet
and Daryl, being nice, paid the rest for me!

i was studying at coffee bean today
instead of the usual ice-blended mocha
i tried ice latte
it's my first time..
(i know i am sua-gu)
i read from CLEO that latte is good
"it's pack with antiageing
and cancer fighting antioxidents."
but then it was so bitter!
then Jaric was lauging at my face!!
i drank like 1/4 cup before i add the sugar syrup
it was so nice after that!
oh well...

nokia just make 7373 so pretty!!
the L'Amours collection.
it now comes in Power Pink,
Black Chrome and Bronze Black.
i was and am in love with the swivel design!!
they also come up with this 7390 flip phone.
the pink one looks like something i'll like..
it's also 3G nehs.
but i feel like downgrading to 7373.
i like the bronze black one alot!!

should i downgrade??
(L) alphabet A
3:10 PM

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

it's only monday
i am already missing you.

i cant wait to see you again.

you still owe me fishballs, cheesecake
and file my nails!

i love it when you file my nails..
(L) alphabet A
3:55 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

great sunday spent!
finally watch "The Covenant"
nice show!!
went to walk ard for awhile,
(and i really mean AWHILE)
i find myself so sua-gu.

cant wait for exams to finish man!
i will shop and shop till i drop!!
today is a short break
before i start mugging again.
left with 4papers.
3 more days to
my next paper -accounts paper 2
the truth is i have not even touch a single bit!
i am just so fucked up!

then guess what?!
i am fuck unlucky!
i got 3 papers on 17th!
FNN, history and accounts paper 1.
i will cry 'cause
knowing myself..
i will start panicking and then..
write abt proteins when it should be abt Hitler!

i shall pray hard on that day man!!

just a good news for this week..
i got into Children Church Ministry!!
i was so thrilled when i recieve Lynn's sms
telling me to go for the interview.
it so came at the right time,
when my exams is ending!
whee (:
my sat morning will be more pack then..
serving at JW sat service.
also doing visitations
and then busing the kids to JW.
i guess it will start this coming Sat..

i will still take time off this hectic schedule for you..

i just love the way you say Sat is important for us.

i am usually not someone who will say this but..
i miss my mum..
she left for Thai on 9th,
will only be back on 14th.
(L) alphabet A
12:41 PM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I want to be half as pretty.

(L) alphabet A
1:02 PM

Saturday, November 11, 2006

2 and a half hours before my maths paper2,
suppose to be like revising but
decided to blog using my bro's laptop.
that lucky chap got a new laptop.
jealous, jealous, jealous.


my physics paper on wed is a gone case.
sad :(
i wanted to use phy to pull my sci marks up
fucked it.
well, cant do anything now.
it is not as if i didnt study hard enough.
in fact, i revise like a total of a week for phy,
and only an hour or so for chem!
in the end,
chem is so much easier than phy.
i will be contented to just pass sci.

at least eng was fine to me.
that makes me feel a little better.

hope maths paper 2 later will make my day
instead of ruin it.
at least, i got a 5days break to my next paper
after today..

this week is a little rocky for baby and me.
i am so emotionally messed up!

i know it is silly of me to feel that way,
and even say those things i shouldnt have said.
i know it ticks you off,
each time i turn from a sweet to a monster,
like a little girl throwing tantrums,
and play around with your words,
and keep silent over the phone.

but boy,
i hate it when you make me feel so small
like EVERYONE else is better.
i hate it when it seems like i mean nothing to you.
it makes my blood boils.

you know i am your baby,
(i mean behaves like one)
so baby me.
i want to be the center of your universe.

(L) alphabet A
4:01 AM

Friday, November 03, 2006

im at mark's house
suppose to be studying..
but, choose to slack abit FIRST.

here is a short one for my week..
before i go back to my mugging.

im very sad!! :(
my grandma is hospitalised.
really hope she will be fine real soon.
i cannot even visit her..
because it's actually serious skin disease.

and then, kinda stressed out because
the big O is like in 4 days time!!

"it will determine your future.."
my mum always tells me so..
"actually sinhui can study one.."
that is what Joan said..

and my boy is using that
to make me study all the time.

oh well..
MACs is like my 2nd home now.
oh yah,
amk got a new mac at the watever garden..
opposite the kfc.
nice designs!!
eating outdoor is like..
is like..
eating in a forest!!
kinda romantic at night..
(urm hum, i wanna go there with SOMEONE..)
and, people there are super friendly..
it's good but
abit scary thou..

basically,nothing interesting this week..
no life!

so much so that i want this week to go slooowwwly but..
im still so looking forward to TOMORROW.
my baby booking out..
my boy sms-ed to say he dont feel well..
oh no..
hope he recover over the night!

i miss you terribly.
(L) alphabet A
3:11 PM

Thursday, November 02, 2006

breakfast at 4am

(L) alphabet A
9:22 AM

1st november 2006, 5.50am

from that very moment,
i know i will be the happiest girl in the universe!!
i know i will always be..

that's my boy.

I think about him ALL of the time.
I log on MSN, first thing is to see if he is online.
(that was last time..)
I keep alot of his messages in my cell.
I will smile to myself when I think of him.
I will scribble his name all over my notebook.

He's the sweetest thing that can ever happen to me.

baby,i love you.

(L) alphabet A
4:18 AM