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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

hello (:

one more day and it marks the end of this month.
and 30Oct is Saint and Carol's birthday.

today is just a 3hrs of lab lesson.
mr FUAN is super duper cute lah! he looks like humpty dumpty!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King's horses, And all the King's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again!

absent for school on tues. food poisoning. idk what is the toxic food i ate. the runs got my legs jelly and my head giddy. bad. escaped pm ica and have to wait till few months later to take the paper with the other group of students. funny. that is like next year?

yesterday was kinda stupid
wanted to eat niceeee and healthy food at clementi but the price of it is equals to no air-con. so gave up and ate the total unhealthy kfc. thread brows. walk bebe the ungentle dog. Ikea. left my phone behind at mic's hse and went back at night. dumb.

to talk abt dumb. i watched two totally stupid shows in a week. tropic thunder and max payne.

i'm so going back to Ikea soon when mic gets the car. i like the 2.50$ bowl, the 39$ chair, 59$ shelf and meatballs and many many other things in Ikea. i like.

this month has been pretty kind to me.
and since i've got nothing better to do at home i decided to blog about a bit of bric-a-brac.

HELL♥ KITTY organiser & psp cover

BABAsweetsy ♥ gingerbreadman
from mtwt.
FLUFFY ♥ angel

WOODY ♥ balance game
from buddy mic.
seriously, it is a meant to unbalance game.

from boyf.

grab from mickey's friendster. once, the famous in jbp's feathers shop. 800$ for this cute gigantic toy. it's no longer there anymore. not that someone has bought it but it keeps rolling down on the floor. the sign that says 'no photography' really is of no use.

oh yah. buddy mic intro me to this and i got addicted!
cadbury w popping candy rocks my socks off ♥

tags replies:
mtwt - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyer.
don't remind me of that. lol. that stupid girl. omg. she is worse than 52. maybe, she never see fishes move at night before. haha.
joycelyn - hey. i'm almost still the same as before. not much diff. time flies right? you're already a mummy. your boyboy is ultra adorable.
peiqing - haha. yah, saw you too. i can see that you girls are still as happy as ever.
(: how's this sem's module??
saint - hey dude. i'm doing pretty okay now. how about you? meet out some day to catch up if you're free (: and don't litter lah pleasee :p
ww - yeah yeah. i change when i feel like it.

(L) alphabet A
3:10 PM

Monday, October 27, 2008

credit: stickgal

baby caught me red handed.
i ♥ my new large burberry vanity case.
it's much bigger than my old one.
and it is definitely time to buy cosmetics to feed it.
i don't even remember when was the last time i put on foundation.
it is this bad.

i'm going back to my scripts (:

(L) alphabet A
12:55 AM

Saturday, October 25, 2008

it's 1.37am. working tomorrow and i still dont feel like going to bed. dead meat. went to meet mtwt for dinner at pizza hut. wahaha, and he got me the hot pink haivanas. happy (:
he is a damn nice buddy. never fails to make me laugh.

while i was at home too bored in the afternoon, look what i've done again.

anyway, meeting with wufan & anna for cs proj this afternoon was fine. finished the drafts of 2 role plays. the big headache is the pm ica on tues. i have to kill brain cells on mon to mug. too bad it is impt, so i better get my ass stuck on the chair and jolly well study.

and right now
i really dont feel like working. goddamnit.
whatever sing to the dawn movie and i've to stay till 7thirty.
i shall......drag my ass there still though. responsibility?
(L) alphabet A
1:36 AM

Thursday, October 23, 2008

first attempt to make sushi with baby the other day is kinda fun.
i didnt know cooking sticky rice is so ma fan.
and baby can't cut equal width of seeweeds strips for the omelette sushi.
as i rolled the sushi, oh my, rice sticks all over the hand
wanted to take more pics but no rice on my cam pls.

(ignore my squarish shoulders)

school is fine today.
(if bhd occupies less of the space on the table, i'll be happier)
thursday = longest day of the week.
lucky James brought the lessons forward to 1:30 if not class ends at bloody hell 6pm.
oh yah. today we draw lots for the 2 cs icas. suddenly everything is like fast forward. next thursday will be the role play alrdy. duper fast.
time checked 10:23pm and i'm waiting for baby to eat dinner.

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9:55 PM

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

early bird halloween celebration at night safari last saturday.
i wouldnt say it is fun due to some issues which happened before hand but still...
it is pretty okay.
i wished i have joined the rest if not for what happened -.-

i want more halloween celebrations though.

31oct is a friday night.

one of the few animals which i could take a picture close up without flash.
wanted so much to take a photo of the tiger,
but the distance between me and it is only the glass so if i take i dunno if it is gonna dash out anytime. lol. im timid for that moment.

she is the most most real and scary looking ghost there.

this is how they hide to scare us

that grassy ghost was the only ghost who boo out from the bushes and i jumped.
i didnt notice him in the bushes at all.

the raw piece is mannequein

and as we shopped around for halloween props before hand too

ah peh

totally witchy lah, rebecca

glad your hair aint like this

i have tonns of other overdue photos still. haha.

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6:03 PM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today went to starbucks to study for cs test tomorrow.
couldnt really concentrate actually.
school starts early so i am gonna try to sleep now.

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10:45 PM

Sunday, October 19, 2008

haha, my favourite!

is that my boyfriend?

work has been fun especially with friends around.
that day i was stationed at WOD and the sales was damn bad.
i was seriously bored. sj came over during her break,
we put on the mask to entertain ourselves, scare kids and hopefully get sales. we did get sales, surprisingly. and with guilt, i accidentally scare a kid. she was crying and refused to enter the dark room to see the owls.
now that TEP has started, i will get to see them lesser. misses.

these photos were taken during the trip to panhang.
i practically behave like a pig there. eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep, watch tv. haha.
the only achievement was to learnt riding on a motorbike. usually back here, my boyf will drive me. but there, hahaha, i get to drive him. and damn shiok without helmets.
i tried their kfc which much more fantastic than here in sg. we stopped along the roads to get food like chendol, ABC (which is actually similar to ice kajang), koreng pisang.
i walked their supermarkets and streets shops. we went fishing but caught nothing. i suspect there weere no fishes lorr. we tried earthworms which were fresh from earth, prawn meet and even the whole frog but totally no fishes.
actually, it isnt that bad to spend 4days there.

had a tiff with my boyf yesterday.
well, it really take both hands to clap.
and no matter what happens..
he is still the love


i will update on my night safari trips real soon
and for now i am off to meet my precious shiyun.

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12:04 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2008

haven't been updating the whole of holidays.
my laptop is being cranky. and now i am using m's laptop for the moment.

the holidays hasn't been extremely fun because i still have to work like 4days a week. but still, i enjoyed it quite a bit.

the trip to sci center after it has closed with rebecca and sj

"huh? science center closes at 6 arhh?"

see no evil
hear no evil
speak no evil

since science center was closed by the time we reached,
we decided to eat Macs and then go and play at the kinetic park.

toilet break and proceeded to the omni theatre

we still have yet to visit science center again when it is open. soon soon.
anyway, TEP has started and I survived classical for a week already. seriously, classical is plain boring. and ICA is on wednesday. so fast?

nonetheless, i dont know why i am so unfortunate to be in the same class as the biatch again. omfg. like i told m, she is the ultimate of mankind. and for peace, i am tolerating. i really have to salute to my classmates who has been tolerating. they're wow. i would have blogged with all the fuck words if it was few days back. but nahh, time do magic.
(yensun, if u're reading this...you know who i am referring to)
if i can tolerate a person like this, i can tolerate any other human.

just one example.
she told my friend that i was repeating modules and she herself has a gpa of 3.4 so whose answer should be written onto the slides.
i was debarred not becos i failed.
i tell myself it's really okay. i didnt lose my temper.
but make sure she dont ask me AGAIN in class to help her to answer or go out to present.
fat hope.
another very simple reason why i cant stand her is because she make herself vomit after meals and now she is complaining she got no strength to change from gear 1 to gear 2.
how sweet huh? aneroxic.

on the bright side,
just tolerate for a few more weeks and that is it.
continue to keep my mouth shut and count to 10 in class. hahahaha.

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12:41 PM