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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

current location: TCC @ boat quay.
brought to me by Jieling (:

the ambience is so nice.
have the art gallery feel.
i adore warm lightnings.
it's a good place to slack and study.
wanted to like take a shot of the place and blog it...
but too bad photography is not allowed!
and too bad we havent get to sit on the bean bags yet.
waiting, waiting, waiting.
(sounds like weiting, weiting, weiting)

i'm eating macrononi gratin.
okay lah. not bad!
just thatthe serving a little too stingy.
even the garlic bread is like one-fifth of pastamania's.
maybe smaller...

Iced Mon Cherie is yummy-licious!
it taste as yummy as the menu describes!
sweet to the heart!!

the aroma of strawberries is so nice.
the taste of it with coffee is definitely so nice.

oh man.
a little like strawberry milk
yet you can taste the occassionally so strong coffe in it.

i so love TCC now.

splurge all my money here,
i'm more than willing!

p.s. we just got the bean bags.

yesterday's work was disaster.
in fact, i didnt even work can?!
save the grandmother story.

just that...
they take it that i was on MC the day before so that means i wont work yesterday too.
she claims that she couldnt get to me.
i didnt pick up her calls so she cancel away my shift.
so i was ask to go back yesterday.

my blood boiled and still boiling.

thank God lina is back.
i will get an answer from her today,
so i will decide whether i still wanna continue working or not.
so many people wants to quit too.
oh well...
imagine all of us resign together.

back to revision for econs.

ICA on wed!

(L) alphabet A
6:44 AM

Saturday, May 26, 2007

a quick one before work.

working is such a pain in the ass now.
dont even have any motivation!


in the end, i didnt make it for the ICA.
baby brought me to see doctor.
i was diagnosed with gastric flu.
2days MC.
so i didnt went to school and work.

no solid food for me.
not even porridge, just soup and water.
it's a big big big torture!

went to amk S11 cannot eat my favourite fishball noodles with 7fishballs.
and what else,
no carrot cake.
no sushi.
no alcohol!
no fish & chips.

the consolation is i've caught Pirates of the Carribean, At World's End.
Nice show!
"Welcome to Singapore!"
was laughing damn loudly.
the ending....
shall not say.
i just wanna say that flying dutchman is dead!
no more tactacles.
everytime i see it i feel like eating taso pachi.
dunno whether i remember wrongly.
u know?
the 3 for $2 one.

GO and watch okay??
2hours plus plus show so it's worth it!

and great news!
baby and i are as loving as before, in fact better.

yesterday was our first month anniversay.
did no celebration.

i was sick.
and he had to work full shift at shaw house.
so i was a good girl and rested alot at home.
patients need lotsa rest right?
woke up in the evening and felt no pain
then went to fetch him from work.

he cooked fried rice for me.
that was the first solid food i've eaten after 2 days.

with his tender loving care,
i'm only left with runny or sometimes a block nose.

we wanted to go "pa tor" just now before work..
but in the end..
we went to amk hub NTUC to do some groccery shopping
with his 2nd sis and her bf.
we bought 2fans @ only $19.90 each,
fries, nuggets, maggie mee, oil,
chocolates, snacks, 2x 1litre Pokka green tea,
1spoon, vegetable, eggs, chilli sauce, tartar sauce,
yoghurt, sausages etc.
then went to ave 10 market to eat kway chap.
bought a pot and chopping board
then headed back home.

i miss my ju and jieling.

did both of your miss me too?

gtg. kinda running late already!

(L) alphabet A
9:47 AM

Thursday, May 24, 2007

i still feel kinda feverish after a 17hours sleep.

perhaps i too miss and love my bed.
dont remind me of that hard floor.
so much so i love his compnay,
nobody likes to sleep on a cold hard floor.

i'm sorry i miss stats lecture again.

oh yes!
my phone's dead.
inside out.
the phone itself is screwed.
the sim card is money-less.
so baby couldnt get me since 3pm yesterday till now.
at least it got him worried.
i called him immediately when i woke up.

it's his off day today
if only i dont have that stupid ica today!
damn it!

so long never go on a date with him.

you know?
a date is sweet.
staying together with him isnt.
working together is a pain.

thanks to some jealous person at work.
she had resigned but she left a pile of complaints of me before she left.
and i tell you!
those complaints are not facts okay?
she's jealous of that heart-shape pizza baby made for me is it?
that bitch.
i wanna show her my middle finger.
i wanna give her some tight slaps on the face.

will update whether i choose to leave or not.
i promised Baoshan an answer by thursday which is tomorrow.
oh well.
i cant be hard hearted.
sometimes, i wish i can.

mother fucker.

i miss my twin.
i dreamt of her in my long sleeping-beauty sleep.
i realise i havent even been talking to her online.
oh no...
must meet her up soon.
if only our timetable didnt clash.
wonder how's she's doing with eddie.
the other day,
she came with him to pastamania just to say hi to me.
at least i was happy to see her.

okay, need to do some last minute revision for POM already.

i wishi can make it for test with my heachache
(L) alphabet A
2:09 AM

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

now having u-nair's class.
never sleep yesterday night...
so PPG all so restless now.
can you imagine we reached school at 6:46.
we sat at Macs and slept for 20minutes.
i had hotcakes
i remembered how happy i got when i get to eat Mac every Sun
when i was a little girl.
i wished the hotcakes made my day but obviously they didnt.
with my heart aching
and eyelids falling,
the sweet syrup dont seems that sweet anymore.

i got not much energy to smile nor laugh like i usually do.
i bet Brent miss my unique laughter!

i'm sitting at a little corner right at the back now.
it's my comfort zone.


okay, i spend John Lim's class trying to do something to my blog.
it may not be nicer but at least seeing colours makes me happier.
and my entries can be colourful colourful colourful.

songs will be up back soon.
i promise.

i'm trying so hard to make my own day.
oh dear.
i am down.
i mean down!
upset, sad, depressed!
not emo not emo!

many a time,
i ask him this question:
"Does he loves me?"

is this seriously my problem?
is it because i dont have confidence in myself?
or is it he didnt love me enough to make me feel secure.

how can i stop this negative thoughts?

when i say i dont feel his care,
he says he does.
and he says our definition to "care"
is different.
YES, i agree.
so how?
we will never come to terms with each other right?


obviously he's the one i need all my time!
i cant afford to let our relationship rot away just like that.

and i know!
at the end of the day,
no matter how angry i was or he was,
we still end up patching when we both apologise,
with a kiss from one another,
and a nice warm hug that can never be better.

like yesterday night,
we spend like 2hours quarrelling over the phone
but yet we still came up with no resolutions.
all we did was..
cooled down and apologised.

i need to resolve all this!

i dont want a communication break down.

i dont wanna let all our conversations be an arguement.

i want him to keep me by his side
as much as i want to keep him by my side.

i hope i will be back to cheery cheery me soon.

i feel my forehead burning,
my brains beating hard against my skull.
fever symptoms.
i need medicine and a hug.

i miss my baby,
i need his reassurance that he still loves me so.

i feel like collapsing on the floor right now.
probably just to take a nap..

(L) alphabet A
2:57 AM

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

now at jieling's house.
drinking a little beer...
some girls' night
my dear Ju got pms.
she's so so so emo today.
nvm. i still love her so.
and i am so happy that jieling created her blog!

had a damn rough day today.
i woke up feeling my left eyeball like bulging out.
went to brush my teeth and got the shock of my life.
there's a swollen lump of my white/pink around my pupil with stains of blood.
and i keep on tearing and tearing...
and i cant open my eye totally!
i feel like half the pupil being covered.

then had a misunderstanding with baby.
he never tell me he got gastric.
he didnt know my eyes were swollen initially
i thot he didnt care that my eyeball will drop
he was in pain and i didnt know
'cos he told me he was okay already.

i'm glad it was resolved!
i'm really glad.

i know i say it like zillion times,
but still, i love him!
love him, love him, love him!

altough i had super teary and half swollen eyes,
but i still went back to take care of baby.

i cant resist his innocent face that spells " pleaseee dont leave,"
i cant resist his stares when i feed him tau huey.
really like a baby! still must wipe his mouth for him.
my baby is the cutest ever.
nobody beats that.

me: must take careof yourself hor!
baby: *shake head
me: why not?
baby: i want you to take care of me.

he deserves my hug.

after a happily ever after ending with baby,
went to Novena Square tcc to like revise my POM.
oh no...ICA this Wed.
3 chapters are enough to kill all my brain cells!
but at least i revised at least more than half.

i drank Iced Latte Mocha
ate beef Mozha-Tofu
and had Marble cheese cake for dessert.

i tell you i tell you
the beef Mozha-Tofu is damn nice!
MUST TRY! it's only $8.50.
take into consideration the cheese and neglect the fact that tofu is cheap

had been staying over at baby's house.
a little not use to it.
he say i like already move in with him...
then occasionally go back to liang jia.

okay lah.
that's all for now.
must call baby to fetch me.
dont know if he will.

(L) alphabet A
2:27 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

a damn quick one before i go and meet baby.

today went to Brent aka utonium to do POM project.
he has got a nice house and a cute mum.

"Cannot bring the girls to your room ah~!"
"Sorry girls...we've got some house rules."

the girls: your dog male or female??

he says that prince is gong zhu which means princess in chinese.
damn funny.
we laugh the whole 2hours at his house.

fact is we didnt do much..
but at least got assign our shares of work.

and great.
i cant open the HISTORY email that i'm suppose to edit.

tomorrow got effective writing ICA.
our first ICA ever.
shall do the revision tonight.

must meet my baby.
YAY. gtg.
(L) alphabet A
10:27 PM

never even blog whole of last week!
changed the song.
so i guess i'm gonna hear other pple/that someone
using my previous song soon..
it's okay!

now it's john lim's class...
and i'm still doing Ju's bday card.
still at it.
i sacrifice my beauty sleep totally to draw cookie monster!
hope she will like it even thou it's not really very well done..
i cannot remember how that monster look like ytd night.
i was so tired from work and fighting away the germs in my stomach.

my day started out being so screwed!
it's as BAD as yesterday, maybe worse.
i cant imagine..
how pissed i can get for the rest of the day...
poor baby's ears had to suffer my naggings and complaints
early in the morning.
i almost burst his ear drums over the phone
when i couldnt get th cabS to stop.

so these were what made my tuesday morning.

1. Supposed to meet baby at 6 at Macs for breakfast.
He said he will call me at 5 just in case i fell asleep while painting.
So i was waiting for his call..
When he finally called, it was already 5:42.
so obviously we had to give Macs a miss
and he woke up 1hr earlier for nothing.
He just sat outside 7-11 to play psp.
i'm sorry i threw tantrums because you didnt call at 5,
and i neglected the fact you waited for nothing too.

2. One of my havanas got stolen!
And i dont know who, what, when, where, how.
I swear i make sure i didnt leave it outside my house
to let my stupid idiot neighbours prey on it.
There goes my love.
This seriously makes my day sucky.

3. Wanted to take a cab to quickly boom boom down to Macs.
Saw no cab for quite some time.
Finally saw one.
Waved my hand damn hard but it didnt stop.
Of course he deserve my WHAT THE FUCK.
Then 2nd one came.
But didnt stop either.
Third one still the same.
I decided all cab drivers are bastards
and i will only stop one down at 7 when the $2 charge starts.
So, i gave up and took bus.

4. It so suddenly rain.
but it wasnt so bad after all.
A cooling weather is better than a burning sun.
Just didnt want baby to get wet
on his way to work.

5. I feel idiotic with Ju's bday card
which covers half my body.

6. Gastric pain.
i dont know what's the torture for when
i did feed myself with meals.

I dont know what else happened.
I just know i wanna whine, complain and nag.
I need hugs and kisses!
I want a day of peace for me.
I want my day to be right from NOW!
because baby is moving into his new house today

and more importantly
because it's JU's birthday.


love you always always.

Can't wait for all the celebrations later.
gtg now.
John Lim finally show his power.
he threatened me to be the demostrator
(L) alphabet A
12:46 AM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mummy's Day.

Brought my mummy to eat crab crab at yishun.
It's my treat!
It's the first time i treat her instead of buying a gift.
She's a happy mum.

we had a great chat over dinner.
mostly about baby actually.
she make it sound as if i'm marrying him tomorrow.
he's the first bf my mummy saw anyway.
i'm happy my mummy likes baby.

after that we went to amk central to walk around.
i bought lotsa breads.
and cheese cake.

then i so miss my baby.
so i decided to fetch him from work.
wanted to like give him a little surprise but....
too bad he still found out
that i was peeping at him from behind the pillar.
just wanted to make sure he hadn't leave while i went to buy vitasoy what!

Bought him the King and Queen keychain.
since he's moving..
a new keychain for a new set of keys.
Glad he likes it

i feel a little tipsy.
not nice to drink with an empty stomach.
gotta sleep now.
tomorrow is monday blues again.
still gotta work from 1-11.
I dont wanna burnt my hand again!

(L) alphabet A
6:13 PM

Monday, May 07, 2007

FRIDAY! it's steamboat!
i sian half when only so few people came!
nevermind lah!
we had fun still right?
except for the part in town.
sorry for the misunderstanding!
glad everything is okay now.

so there was jieling, juliana, mike, maybel, weiting, xinyi, brent and shuxian.
kellie left before the steamboat and andrew joined after the steamboat.
dont have weiting's favourite satay chicken.
only had satay pork.
we had quite a fun time ouching while bbq-ing the food!
and that spoilt brent (sounds like spoilt brat)
was staring in atonishment at the man who helped us change our aluminium foil.
HEE. it's such a pity he had to leave early.
when he left,
joker no.2 came.
brent was like imitating phillipinos topping up their cards at the MRT station.
and andrew also imitated phillipino maids while we were playing pool.

our class girls are so cannot judge by looks!
juliana especially.
we were saying we wanna drink after the steamboat.
so we bought like two bottles.
andrew and mike drank 3cans.
Juliana & me worst!
a bottle plus one can each!

not drunk of course.
but the two guys turned real red!
like tomatoes!

i dropped by cine again to see raymond.

then went back home
and decided to go online to prevent from falling asleep.
all ( except maybel) that went for steamboat was online!
we chatted rubbish man!
whatever wong xiao hui and wong xiao hau.
watever mrs lah and her two kids.

after that i went over to dear's house to stayover!

accompany him to work and then slack myself there till 6.
lucky got his psp's company!

both of us end work at 11.
then we went over to amk kbox plaza to celebrate his big sis's bday.

quite enjoyable.
GREAT company i guess.
i feel more comfortable with them more than with Jackie & gang.

but i dont sing the songs that they sing.
so i was a little out of place.
i still sang a few songs (:

a great sunday today and i'm staying at home to rot.
sunday is like the family day.
dont wish to disturb people.
dear's working also.
shall watch the DVDs i've got.
and perhaps finally tidy my table.
(L) alphabet A
5:21 AM

Sunday, May 06, 2007

(L) alphabet A
9:59 PM

Thursday, May 03, 2007

i'm a happy girl!

went gai gai with raymond.
(suppose to work lah~)

he fetched me from school then we went to bugis.
suppose to accompany him for shopping therapy,
but when we walked pass the spiderman 3 poster..
he was like whining which was damn cute!
then i suggeted we check if there are any seats avaliable.
we did a fast therapy at Bugis street then went for the movie already.
the movie was okay.
just a bit too long winded.
then went to work~!
i got a new nickname call SOTONG!
given by my mao mao mushroom.

this was why i got it..
i gave wrong schedule for work last week.
so i had to work today
which is demoralising.
because raymond got off today!
so i called shiyun to replace me.
she agreeded, but elieen didnt.
elieen say cannot let two trainnees do closing.
then i couldnt find other replacements...
so i reported to work at 6 just now...
then i saw xiwen.
i didnt think there was anything wrong.
after 1 hour, which i basically only pluck the parsley,
Janet tell me i'm not suppose to be working today.
i work for nothing can?!

xiwen came to replace shiyun who was suppoe to replace me.
and silly me thot i wasnt replaced by anyone.
i know it is my fault that i'm blur....
luckily raymond still at taka!
then he came to fetch me from "work".
then he was saying we should catch another movie.
then he says he wanna eat sushi!
i say cine got Suki,
but we walk halfway then he say but he wanna use the GV voucher.
then i say we go PS then..

i dont know why but
we kept laughing and laughing.
he kept calling me SOTONG also.
then we took a bus to PS.

to satisfy his cravings,
we ate at the Fiesta (if i'm not wrong)
it's all the usual sushi and stuff
but the person eating with me makes the sushi extra delicious!
the way he stares at the sushi when they go merry-goes-round is cute lah!
like little kid!

we also ordered cookies & cream for dessert.
i fed him with the cherry from my mouth then he pui back!
like little boy who spits veggies out!
oh man!
i love him!

in the end,
we never watch another movie!
no show.
LOUSY can?!

then we sat at the benches outside PS to liek chat.
it was pathethic to sit there lah...
so i suggested going esplanade.

he insisted on taking train.
i insisted on walking.
so he reluctantly walked with me.
then he keep complaining that he got conned by me cos i told him it isnt far!
i cant stand his cuteness!

when we finally reached esplanade,
we went to the terrace to sit down and chat.
i so love the way he asks for a hug.
i so love the way he cuddles me.
i so love the way he feeds me green tea.
i once again tell him i wanna go ferry wheel with him.

we left when the police came to say terrace's closed.

while waiting for the train..


before taking photos must make his hair nice nice!

he's damn fussy about photos also!
aiyo, worse than me!
i love him....


(L) alphabet A
5:23 PM

YESTERDAY was labour day.
other people's PH equals to my labour day, literally labouring.

went to work from 12 to 5.

yen fenn & alicia came.
yen fenn ate chicken bolognese today.

jake & his BIT friends came too.
one of them was like over friendly,
keep on disturbing me!

fishy who dropped by too.
fishy! my bf is the chef not the cashier! oh please!

ran into so many people too.
saw andrew that joker on the train,
saw shiyang & his gf at mango,
saw lehan & a guy outside Espirit,
but missed Jieling with her friends who were at Heeren.
Wanted to find yf & alicia to shop around
but so sad they're going home early.
Wanted to call my twin to meet up with her but...
GOSH! handphone went dead.
just as i was about to rot myself to death..
i ran into Xinyi at the road outside cine.
oh man!
then i went to join her and her friends.
Namely xiang yi, lynette, jonathan and benmin.
(xinyi, are you impressed i can memorised their names? haha)
we went to rot at Taka's Coffee Bean.
i shared Blueberry Delight with xinyi.
just chit-chatted,
and benmin also performed his magic tricks.
and as usual,
waited for Raymond to end work.
he's sweet.
and TODAY!
know why?
i wasnt late for lecture!
in fact, i still waited for jieling at yck MRT station lor!
i deserve some compliments pleasssee!
thanks to Raymond who gave me morning call.
of course, jieling rocks too.
she's my nanny;
she wakes me up in the morning;
she reminds me to do tutorials;
she reminds me to photocopy notes;
she's my soulmate;
she's helps me tap if i wake up late;
she shares green tea with me @ 2 for $2;
she leaves a seat for me when i'm late;
she's super sweet!
so, i'm STUCK WITH HER! (evil laughter)
my snacks for lecture today!
i adore all! they keep me awake!
suppose to have John Lim's make-up lesson today..
but the whole class decided that we dont wanna go.
so it was cancelled!
Juliana, Jieling, Brent, Kellie, Peijia and I went to j8 to eat lunch.
MOS burger we chose.
that spoilt brat, brent, never eat MOS before.
(ps. he doesnt know steamboat in Marina south has got no air-con)
Had alot of jokes as usual..
kept laughing while eating.
after that,
Juliana, Jieling and me went over to kellie's house to rot.
she's got a nice & cosy place and it's near school!
so we decided to sleepover someday then can wake up at 7.15 when lesson starts at 8.
i'm steady one! aint joking!
at around 5plus,
juliana had to leave for work..
so we all left.
and here i am at home now rotting.
Raymond completes me (:
i ADORE him!

(L) alphabet A
9:28 AM

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

liana, jieling, brent, xinyi, maybel, wei ting, julius, anthonny, andrew, shu xian, mike &me decided to bond 'make love' after school!

2 anti socials sittting oppo each other.
we went to suntec.
what's for lunch?
we finally decided to eat fish & co.
urm, after viewing several retuarants' menus.
fussy people!
nonetheless, as usual, it's so yummy!
i had new york fish & chips! (my favourite!)
wah, i didnt know fish & co. got student special also!
FREE DRINK with any main course.
not much gossips/chats over lunch,
everyone savouring their food happily...
i was so into my fish that i didnt take any photos.
then, went to catch Nightmare Detective altogether.
psst, it's M18 but still we watch it altogether!
LOUSY SHOW though.
i fell asleep halfway thru when it's suppose to be a horror & GROSS show!
only wake up when BRENT started calling me..
basically, the whole theatre was OURS and that dovey couple.
seriously, i pity them.
we were such a nuisance man.
stupid BRENT, covering his face throughout the show.
maybe he got so bored that he asked me,
"eh, what's the professor's name in powerpuff girls?"
i burst into a super loud laughter man.
and he irritatingly keep asking wat's happening in the show so i went,
i was so loud that everyone at the back laughed
and andrew wake up frm his beauty sleep.
i apologised for the disturbance :p
BRENT is cute when he screamed at even not so scary parts,
and the way he laughs and hides behind his crumpler.
andrew, on the other hand,
made me laugh when he said that the guy look like the computer guy..
and that ding dong guy in the show look like dearest BEE HIVE.
for godness sake,
that guy kills people in their dreams okay?
he's suppose to be scary and disgusting.
YET, we cant help it but find him retardded.
in the end,
after so much laughter and fun,
i walked out of the theatre knowing nothing about that show.
but i'm happy still (:
after the show,
we had lotsa fun doing silly dumby things..
julius looks extra big on this tiny car
i love this GIANT chupa chups!
then Andrew, Anthonny & Shuxian left to go back to sch for CCA.
1the rest then went to toys'R'us
we didnt scare the kids away.
we just had a little fun like these...

Julius with pongs pongs as wig.

Juliana with ah meng?

Bob the builder?
A happy girl!
Jieling smile so prettily with the bottles we bought!
i got the pink and she got the orange.
Juliana & Kellie also got a pair.
this is NOT me!
look at Mike, he's playing with that bear!
look at all those purple monsters.
i so hate barneys.
Mike threw one back! (:
what a pity!
i had to leave for work after that.
but anyway...
you guys ROCK MY WORLD.

(L) alphabet A
9:24 PM