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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

finally get to meet my precious princesses!
and we went ice skating.
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (:
we played from 3plus till it closes.
fun fun fun! shy to admit but it's my virgin try.

trying to act chicky chicken

so sad our next holiday isnt together,
no more cruise :(

(L) alphabet A
11:57 PM

Slacked and chilled around with Zhangyan and co. after school today.
Can't even remember when was the last time I went to a playground.
Although didn't play those childhood games but nonetheless,
I love their company.

On the train, Shirlyn and I saw 3aunties who are really WOW.
Especially the one with similar hairstyle as me.
She really really very daring. Her hair is gold with orange highlights.
and who says old people can't cut helmet head.
I'm only 19 and people say I act cute :(
I am enjoying my last teen okay?

Get Smart.
Nice and really funny.
It is really those that you will laugh out loud at the gags.
Perhaps, a right one for the emo Cindy now.
I can't wait for Tuesday.
Can't wait, can't wait.
As for now, I need a good night sleep.
No more waking up early tomorrow. Wheee (:

(L) alphabet A
1:14 AM

Friday, June 27, 2008

What am I doing at 1:33 am when lesson is starting at 9am tomorrow?

1. Online shopping
I really saw many many many pretty stuff today. I'm so gonna be broke.
Cindy Oh Cindy, choose one. McDonalds or clothes?
LOl. Online shopping is seriously a sinful sin.

2. Stare at the research on Teenage Abortion.
I have a terrifying debate tomorrow and I am trying to write my part of speech for the conclusion. I have all the thoughts running through.
But whenever I try to ink it on my paper, oh no.
Perhaps I should just start anything to get the flow going.

What if I go out and just lost all my ability to argue.
I can't think under stress or when questioned.

3. Flipping through Ikea catalogue
I cannot stop thinking about how my room will look like after the make-over.
I want this, I want that. I want this on my wall, I want that placed there.

4. Talk bullshit with Melvin the Mole

He is really good at his drawing.
(YanYan, he's better than both of us)

5. Emo-ing
I have been feeling rather emotional since last night.
Seriously, why?
I wish I know.
I have many issues. And I need solutions.
Good solid solutions.


yan: let go for a nerd party real soon! i wan to try tooo.. haha
haha. we'll not have mountain dew but we'll call mac delivery. Ours not nerd party can.. should be san gu liu po party.

Which is more funny? My helmet head or your POO?
HAHAHAHA! obviously yours.

shirley: hey girl, saw you in nyp today. called out but you didnt hear. hahaha. btw, nice cap! seldom see u in cap (:
thanks! oooh, sorry I didnt hear you. must call louder next time or wave to me. haha :D

saint: today double helmet... haha
I shall not be half or double. I shall be a normal helmet head.
And big thanks to that picture of the helmet. Must ask your sister to teach me hoe to bully you more. And learn to put sarcastic smileys behind smses :x

Alright. Random post and I shall go back to my work.
(L) alphabet A
1:44 AM

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I want a nerd party too (:
Nahhh, I mean sleepovers.

Nothing much about my typical tuesday in school.
The most exciting thing I did was to go and re-pierce my nose.

I don't have a particular reason for doing that
and actually it doesnt even make me a tweeny weeny bit prettier.
Oh well.

I just feel like doing it.
I don't worry about the people who hate or resent me,
I am more worried about the people whom I love

And I guess that is the reason why I'm so so so so pissed now.

I really hold you so close to my heart
but looks like I've been fooled.
I called you my friend.

"If I just do it, it will take less time than telling someone what I'm thinking, and have them free associate, and then come back to me and I'll hate it and I'll have to redo it."
by Issac Mizrahi
Many times, many situations, I really really feel this way. What is the point of delegating work??

(L) alphabet A
10:36 PM

Monday, June 23, 2008

Today is the first day of school reopen.
Only have Aloysious's class.

Asked the girls if they wanna have lunch in school but
zhang yan not free,
qing ling dont want
shirlyn best, no reply.

Sigh, whyyyyy my friends likeeeeeeee thissssssssssss?

Actually they 'pang seh' me
to go get cake and the super cute present for me.

Birthday celebration part 4

Look how happy I was to see them with the cake (:

This is probably my first time cutting a cake in class.
My birthday never falls on a schooling day.
came when they came out of the toilet and presented to me my present.
They bought me a child's bra and they wrote happy birthday on it.
AND they gimme in front of all the people.
Man. I must be blushing with embarrassment.

and I swear I was facing many many many many many
many many many many MANY pairs of eyes.
and like 4 cameras.
So paiseh....

I was trying not to laugh...

THANKS my precious AUNTIES ♥
Although I saw the cake and ruin the first surprise..
but it's the thought that counts.
And I really really appreciate this.
thanks alooooooooot.
love you all aloooooooooooot.
You girls are the reason why I enjoy going to school.
eeeeee, so mushy. only use to bickering with your. hahahha
(it's kids bra and it's size S)

I'll keep the bra with special care.
And when I'm sad I'll take it out to see.
(ignore that white dot there. it's a dirt on my mirror :x)
I don't know is it I'm addicted to making funny faces
or I'm simply cranky.

I love bulldogs and I'm serious.

Replies to Tags
with smiles

xin wei: you look very funny in those photos! LMAO
yeah, I know :p
even me myself also feel like laughing when I look at them.

saint: the retarded photos... HAHAHAHA
thanks to you. I thought you'll blog sia.

catherine: heyhey, i tink u look cuter with ur new hairdo. and btw where can i find prints?
thanks. but my face is too round!
you can find Prints at citylink.

yan: u sound lik a handphone seller =x
I copy and paste the chunk of words from a website of a hp seller what. hahahahahha.
but the phone niceeeeeee right?

What a lovely monday (:

(L) alphabet A
6:44 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday celebration part 1

Finally I sent all the photos from my phone.
That day,
I did the dumbest thing ever.
I brought my camera out but without the battery inside.
I was charging it the night before and I thought I've put it back into my camera already.
what a pity man.
If not there will be so many more photos.

Dinner @ Mr Mussels.
Musselicous. What a sad thing I can't eat seafood that day.
There is a very funny waiter there who comes in with my mini cake and sunflower.
And he said SURPRISE! in a damn funny manner.

Oh, I love that yellow sunflower (:

Brought to me by my two precious.
Once again, THANKS!! many many thanks.

I was a little shy to walk around vivo with the balloon and the sunflower.

They made my day.
I love love love them.
I wish Xiwen was with us, but I love her too.

Made with tons of love from my 3 precious.
I love this kinda handmade gifts.
and this one here really is pretty.

At 12am, presented to me by RAYMOND (:

I am a happy birthday girl.

Birthday celebration part 2
Lunch @ Awon Korean resturant located at Excelsior hotel.
We had BBQ and Steamboat buffet.

The food there is nice.
But I didn't had the appetite to eat so I ate really little.
I wasn't feeling well and best of it all, my wallet.

Birthday celebration part 3

Dinner @ 黑社會 with Brandon and co.
minmin, get your ass back here soon okay?

Reservations had to be made earlier as the place is always packed with people. We ordered the dinner set instead of ala carte.

Pictures credit to Belle.
I was a glutton and too busy with the food.

Personally I really adore the sharks fin soup.
The sharks fin soup came with lots and lots of sharks fin.
Ohhh, not forgetting the abalong.
The baby abalone was succulent. Every bite is so soft and nice.

Thanks for the delicious treat guys! (:
And Brandon...where is my 19C ?

Alright all these are photos from yesterday.

If you think he looks stupid then you are wrong.
You will see the most retarded Cindy ever.

Trying to learn from the Gatsby ad.

Don't laugh!

Fine. I know I dont look as cute as the milky girl.

Mashi Maro?

This is the best.

Okay, I'm retarded.
Now I am seriously embarrassed.

(L) alphabet A
6:37 PM