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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

today was the last lesson at chec.
no more colourful classrooms.

(L) alphabet A
3:26 PM

Sunday, October 29, 2006

yesterday had 2nd physics lesson at chec.
electricity seriously use to kill my brain cells
but look who is teaching today..
it's MR. PATRICK..

what makes him funny is his pronounciations!!
he sounds like a china man.
his words has weird tune.
words like..
potential difference~

he is a singaporean.
(1 girl asked him if he comes frm China.)

and his electric shock is electric sock!!

really enjoy his class!
not because we are busy laughing at patrick but..
he really make electricitry so much easier to comprehen!
i will probably laugh when i do my phsics paper
and think of him!!

PATRICK: What will happen if you connect
the wires wrongly?
Nicholas: You will die lah!
PATRICK: huh? Who will die?
Nicholas: You lah!
(whole class laugh)
PATRICK: (hur hur) Me ah? no lah.
i always connect correctly one.

then during Q & A,

Student: cher, why ah?
PATRICK: oh..because....
Student: orh nvm, know liao!

the whole class like bullying him..
but he is such a mr nice guy.
didnt get angry at all!!

and he say we shall have musical parade during break time
because my handphone rang SUDDENLY!

so many other funny stories lah!!

"why the bird wont die?"
our ans is..
"because it only has one leg"
(PATRICK only drew one leg for the bird..)

it may not be funny to you
but you are suppose to laugh!!

(L) alphabet A
2:25 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2006

went to fish and co. at wheelock with sweetie.
was pestering him to go there with me!
it's deco with halloween!!
i like halloween pumpkins..
kinda cute.
i wanna go with him to celebrate halloween
in western countries next time!!
i have new york fish and chips
and a special halloween drink.
pirates venom.
it was bloody red with
vampire teethsweet inside.
i didnt wanna talk to him after dinner..
garlic taste so strong!!
(L) alphabet A
6:27 PM

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

went to vivo with carol and sherylyn.
it's kinda too confusing there.
we took an hour to like find a shop.
but it's too too too too crowded!
didnt buy much,
only buy a very nice sweater (chosen by carol)
and a FCUK shirt for my sweetie
pictures speak louder than words right?

PHOTOS: me & carol (inside GAP's chidren's fitting room);
me & sheryl & our Meiji milk; "four eyes" witches;
ugly lao tou; greeny monster; ugly disfigured witch

cant wait to go out with you two again!!

(L) alphabet A
2:23 PM

Friday, October 20, 2006


i finally bought my ipod video!!
so so happy.
over the rainbow!

And i had a great night out with my sweetheart.

we went to watch "the guardian" midnight show.
its a very very nice show!! i give it 5 patricks (stars i mean)

im happy but too tired to show my excitement.
my eyelids are weighing tonnes on my eyes.
my head is dropping on the keyboard.
good nights!
(L) alphabet A
7:11 PM

kinda hate thurs, because i will cry somehow.
well, JARK THAM predict that i will cry for practical today.
I am so relieved its not like my prelims prac!!
if not, i will cry till i drown myself man!

I was thinking i'm DOOMED this morning!
I cant plot graph for physics.
I was asking my friends..
"What is that 1/f or 1/x thing huh?"
"how to find focal point?"

I cant write the right conclusions and observations for damn chemistry.
and I can never ans the death question,
X is____ or Solution X is____

(just for the sake of some laughs)
I, ANG SINHUI, took a damn 30mins to melt one small spatular of X
during prelims and in the end, not enough time to finish.
my conclusions were ALL BLANK!!
i put the test tube right on top of the burnser burner
instead of on top of the flame.
it's so so DUMB of me!

okay, today's prac is so much so much better and easier! (phew!)
i have my conclusions, i name my solution A.
i plot a nice graph, found my gradient and found g.
what can i say?

BUT still, here are things that went wrong:
1. Stupid diarrhoea!
well, i declare i cant drink Milo or tea with the nice nice sweet condence milk in the morning.
it will make my legs go jelly, and hurts my asshole.
2. Forget to bring entry proof.
price i paid: scolding from Ms Tang in front of everybody
and a dollar to print one new piece.

3. Didnt realise the damn retort standfor phy can be turn outwards so that the pendulum can swing.
i was thinking how come the stand shorter than 70cm? the how to swing?
so i let the result table be only from 30-50cm when the qn wants 30-70cm.
BUT, i realise in the end lah..

end of my fantastic story for practical.

oh, i know why i will cry liao!
urm, i squeeze my pimpi.
just a lame joke..
the day has yet to end, who knows who/what will make me cry later..

AND, i must comment about the damn haze!
it was super duper thick and stinky can?
i shouldnt use was, it still is..
i was ha-chooing, coughing, runny-nosing, choking on it
the whole day long ever since i step out of the holding room.
giddy, giddy, giddy!
(side track first. i play dumb games with my friends in the room to kill time.
dipsy-dipsy dip, murderer and contact. lol. if not for that,
we cant possibly rot the 3hrs away)
i might just die for breathing difficulty lor!
blow wind blow. blow the haze away.
AND, i dont know why but my body temperature is very high these few days.
probably the haze? i am like feeling stuffy and hot all the time.
i cannot even sleep properly! so hot that
i bear to kick my precious blanket away at night!

air-con is such a genius invention man!

i feel so love sick now.
yes, i miss you!
so near yet so farrr..

(L) alphabet A
11:30 AM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

thanks to daryl, my com is okay already.
it just refuse to start windows normally yesterday!! irritating.
he also put in the internal card reader for me!
and wheee.. FINALLY got sound!! i was seriously dumb.
gosh, i pluck the wires wrongly!
suppose to be red white red white. but i pluck in as red white white red.
left is suppose to be on the right, i pluck right on the left.
BUT, it is not why i dont have sound for weeks lah! it's really got prob in the com itself!!
i can finally listen to nice songs like swear it again (haha), watch dvd and stuff.
im happy.

went to study at sun plaza coffee bean in the afternoon.
wahaha. studied quite a bit then went for my FIRST crash course lesson at CHEC!
i like the class size, only 24 in a class.
i like the classroom. purple tables, white foldable chairs (which JARK THAM mock at me because i cant move it properly) and the colorful walls.
even though there are no rules (which means we can use hp, can eat sweets as and when we like) but i really did learn something.
IT'S POA today and i learn something! IMAGINE how wonderful it is!!
looking forward to more of the lessons there.
i even sign up for one more.

all in all, i had a great day!

except the part that im jealous because you keep asking me what present you should get for another gal.
now i cant even sleep!
what if i wake up tmr morning and you didmnt sms me?
i'll cry and go back to sleep. hai.
i may sound mean, i may sound like i dont give a damn when you wanna hang up but i felt damn sad. i dont want you to be upset with me but neither do i want to let you bully.
im sorry.
hopefully, you will still love me!
i hope our love is stronger than i think.
is our date on friday still on? say yes. hai.

and except the part that i felt like vomiting followed by stomache.
it's probably walkinbg straight after a full meal plus the damn haze.
when will it be blown to somewhere else.
LEAVE SINGAPORE and poor patty alone!

i miss carol.
and, i miss YOU.
(L) alphabet A
5:14 PM

Swear It Again

I wanna know
Whoever told you I was letting go
Of the only joy that I have ever known

Girl, they were lying
Just look around
And all of the people that we used to know
Have just given up, they wanna let it go
But we're still trying
So you should know this love we share
Was never made to die
I'm glad we're on this one-way street
Just you and I
Just you and I

I'm never gonna say goodbye
Cos I never wanna see you cry
I swore to you my love would remain
And I swear it all over again and I
I'm never gonna treat you bad
Cos I never wanna see you sad
I swore to share your joy and your pain
And I'd swear it all over over again
All over again

Some people say
That everything has got it's place in time
Even the day must give way to the night
But I'm not buying
Cos in your eyes
I see a love that burns eternally
And if you see how beautiful you are to me
You'll know I'm not lying
So there'll be times we wanna say goodbye
But even if we tried
There are some things in this life won't be denied
Won't be denied

::Repeat Chorus::

More I know of you
Is the more I know I love you
And the more that I'm sure
I want you forever and ever more
And the more that you love me
The more that I know
Oh, that I'm never gonna let you go
Gotta let you know that I

::Repeat Chorus::

All over again
And I swear it all over again

OMG. he says that this song says it all.
im throughly melted.
guess i shouldnt tink too much anymore.

And damn the haze. so hazy.
i dont even dare to go out or open the bloody window.


hope you like the jacket! sorry that its too small.

(L) alphabet A
9:27 AM

Sunday, October 15, 2006

just reached home.
im so tired~!
couldnt wake up this morning to go for service. then was 15minutes late.

i'm glad!
finally settle all the misunderstandings..

after service, went to Funan with carol. suppose to buy cybershot T10 together but i didnt in the end. i decided to listen to gary and wait awhile longer.
hopefully, the ebay's warranty is international.
she bought the black one at harvey norman (because of the extended warranty) in the end.

damn! i want the pure white one!!

i want to take lotsa lotsa photos with PETTY, CAROL and everyone!

even though my feet including my toes hurt but i still had a GREAT time with carol!
going (walking) the extra mile for you is definitely worth it!
i didnt buy the T10 with her but we bought other stuffs together!
that cutie handphone thingy. and the cherry necklace that says
friends on hers and forever on mine (: so sweet isnt it?

and oh yes,
THANK God we didnt die!!
we were on the shuttle bus back to MRT station then at the T-junction, stupid bus 195/197 was speeding towards the right side of our bus lor! its our green light, so what is his prob?
our bus so big, he cannot see meh?!!
that bus was only like few centimetres from us. and know what? he dint even stopped when he see our bus! so, if our bus move like few seconds slower, oh man, i'm dead!
i love carol loads but not to the extent of dying together with her. lol.
everyone was freak out on the bus lah.
and i was still on the phone with gary. imagine. he hears the bus crash and i'm gone.
gosh! nightmare!!

i can still feel the pain on my toes after taking the shoes out for so long. sob.
(L) alphabet A
3:46 PM

what seems so sweet has turned sour.
it's ALL my fault!

all i wanted you to say was
no matter what, you wont leave me.
but you didnt.

(L) alphabet A
2:42 AM

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just reached home.

studied at macs with PATRICK Jaric as usual.
today is so productive unlike other days.
maybe because i studied ss which is a sub im more interested compared to others like POA.
studied till like 5:30 then went to meet up with my ever-loving petty.
wheeee.. (:
we went to ps to watch YOU, ME AND DUPREE.
it's my kind of show so yah, find it nice (:
(anything with petty equals NICE)
had fishball noodles at amk. DAMN!! im going back there to eat man!
im still excited over the 7 fishballs.
fishballs are simply irresistable, just like petty.
after which, we went to lower pierce.
its like the perfect place for me after all the nonsense yesterday.
it was really quiet, peaceful and relaxing over there!
thank God, hazeless too!

THANKS petty for the evening.
IT WAS REALLY FUN AND ENJOYABLE. (you know what i mean)

winks winks.

when i needed you the most, you are always here for me.
Hey, will it be a promise that you will never walk out of me again?

AND, i'm really grateful i cleared the airs with carol.
it really cheered me up much MUCH MORE!!
i know i can always trust you!


(L) alphabet A
7:12 PM

Friday, October 13, 2006


(L) alphabet A
3:03 PM

thursday is a day i never fail to cry.
no matter how i prevent, it still happens.

will thursday be the day i get married?
will thursday be the day i die?

today the whole day im like stuck in my room.
only went out to bathe and eat. i did not even watch TV.

just a plain day like any other.
did nothing much actually.

tomorrow is graduation day.
oh well..
gonna miss PHS and all my friends.

omg! i really do! more and more each day in fact!!
scoop me up because you melted me <3
(L) alphabet A
12:28 AM

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

im sorry i dint study much today but i tidied up my room.
i decided to dump one pile of redundant clothes in my wardrobe.
i have long forgotten their existence.
now i got more hangers, more space (:
so, MORE new clothes can come! paul frank..

suppose to go on to clear up that rubbish dump look alike pile of i dont-know-what beside my table but nah, too lazy.
shall do it tmr morning after breakfast.
my mum is RIGHT! i'm getting real lazy.
slack in my room the whole day long.
right now, even shopping seems like a chore.

someone help me.
gimme the medicine to cure laziness (if there is).

i went to take a nap at 1plus just now, because i dint sleep last night, and was so super duper tired.
set my alarm at 3 to wake up to go study with Jaric but..
feel damn guilty now.
Sorry Patrick Jaric!!
poor him.
i know it dont feel good to be pangseh.
sorry sorry. but i know u aint that petty.
meow meow.

miss you
(L) alphabet A
3:55 PM

today is like the last day of school and damn! i dint go!
know why?
not that i cant wake up, i did okay? !!
but fell asleep on the toilet bowl after that!
and by the time i wake up, it was already late.
(pleeeeaassseee dont laugh!)
i toss and turn but couldn't sleep yesterday night!
friday i die die will make it for the grad service!

studied alittle, played a little
then went for prayer meeting.
it's my first time at the jurong west building.
nice nice!! (:

i bought my tom out.
(its the yellow cat that anet gave me two yrs back)
name it tom because it looks like mark's real cat, tom.
guys, its not a hp screen wiper!! (:

how long was it since the last time you "walk me home"?
it just made my day (:
i'm gonna miss you till you come back which is thurs night.
and i'm really starting to feel your love again baby!
once again, im happier than ever.
you always make the difference.
PLEASE stay for good, let the good time roll.

gonna start mugging tmr. since i promise my sweetie to study.
oh well..
(L) alphabet A
3:33 AM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Just for your angelic face..
Just for your little girl's behavior..
Just for coming in my arms when you cry..
Just for being..
The other Half of Me..

i just saw this online (while trying to find some pics),
it's so sweet that it kinda melted me.
miss you
(L) alphabet A
7:20 PM

just reached home (:
today is half a bad day, half a happy day.

i finally say out all the truth!
conscience clear!
feel so much better.
im sorry if i hurt you, you or anyone else.
you know who you are..
sorry frm the botttom of my heart.

i cannot control where my heart wanna goes..

know what makes a girl happy?
i went to town to shop with carol just now.
woah, cant wait to shop with her again.
so enjoyable to shop with her!
and we are both so obasan. (winks)
okay, today i burnt a hole in my pocket!

Item one: PaulFrank top (screams!)
Damage: $39.90
Item two: Adidas shoes (screams!)
Damage: $50
(50% discount. damn fuck cheap)
Item three: Roxy wallet
Damage: $29
Item four: Black top frm hula &co.
Damage: $19.90
Item five: Jeans
Damage: $35.90
Item six: Pointy shoes
Damage: $19.90
Item seven: tu-tu cake
Damage: $2

total damage: dont dare to calculate!
but thanks to the overflowing blessings.
God really multiply what you give.
but i bought all pretty stuff,
and stuff i love

okay, missed sch today again.
tmr i shall go.
i miss sch actually.
(L) alphabet A
12:13 PM

Monday, October 09, 2006

Julius, a monkey
Clancy, a small giraffe
Cornelius (Clancy's older brother), a larger giraffe
Vic, a snail
Worry bear
Sheree L. Bandit, a raccoon
Todd Spicoli, a hamster
Ellie, an elephant
"Girl", a female bunny

Skurvy, a skull and bones
Mr. Owi, an owl
Shaka Brah Yeti, a yeti
"Devil" Julius, Julius' cousin
Marshmellows, the hot cocoa rapids riders
i want more money to buy PaulFrank stuff.
here's a damn obvious hint to what i want for christmas!!
wahahahaha (:

okay, i'm bored at home.
flu, flu, flu.
hate the damn haze.
couldnt even go service.

damn happy today. so many thanks to you. meow meow.
if only everyday is like this.
if only this good time will last forever.
i ask for nothing but to walk hand in hand with u to the end of the world.
where you go, i'll be.
hai. let the good time roll please..
i dont wanna think when will the next time you say goodbye to me again.
i dont want to say goodbye.

(L) alphabet A
10:33 AM

Hilary Duff is so so so PRETTY
and with the right attitude.
love her loads.

wake up wake up

(L) alphabet A
6:32 AM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Come and fill me Holy spirit
i seek the warmth of your embrace
Lord i'm longing for your presence
just one touch of your grace
i'll keep on waiting, waiting on you

All my life i've searched for heaven
my heart it longs so much more
a love so true, now i've found it in you
i'll keep on waiting, waiting on you

Lorsd i give my life
a living sacrifiece i place at your feet
i offer to you
for only you can satisfy my longing
Jesus you're all i desire

Lord i give my life
a living sacrifice i place at your feet
more than what this world offers
you ar my only treasure
my world means nothing without You

(L) alphabet A
1:17 PM

yesterday was mooncake festival.
it's my favourite chinese festival even thou there is no ang pao.
haha (:

i always like this festival since young.
mayb because the moon wuld be as round as my face?
brightest moon,lanterns, mooncakes, tea
a time for to be with your loved ones.
wish u aint confined..

went to cg as usual.
celebrated Weiwen and Ivan's birthday.

After cg, i went to meet eugene.
suppose to see the moon but thanks to the haze ah..

i had my dinner at tpy mac. haha
chat as usual.
when walking dwn that long stretch of tpy central, that scarly cat eugene was freakout by a police man behind us. lol.
he scolded chee bye. lucky the police dint charge him or something!!

then we went to east coast and sat at bedok jetty through the night.
dint tok much actually.
just enjoy the land breeze.
urm, we saw the moon at there which is cool. i was saying mayb it will be triangle and haha,
the clouds form a triangular border ard the moon.
and at4plus5 we saw a red moon.

nice place to relax after a hard day of stress over fnn. haha.
we left at ard 6 when the wind was unbearable cold.
didint get to see sun rise in the end.

i wish we could be together out like this too.
put away all those pains and hurts.

but it never happened..

(L) alphabet A
4:59 AM

Saturday, October 07, 2006

thank God man.
thank God for blessings and thank God for a good teacher.

it's such a miracle. only God can do such a miracle.

i was suppose to do finish coursework by today 2p.m.
i keep losing my files! walau. was going bonkers over the bloody coursework.
i started panicking at 12:30p.m when i realise actually i still have tonns.
how to finish?!
i couldnt even tink of what to type for evaluation.
i was seriously feeling hopeless.

on the cab to sch, i prayed.

when i reach school, i tot im entering the gates oh hell.
but no, God is good.

hahaha. mdm afrose says..
i give her all that i have finished to her first and the rest on Mon.

WOW! believe it or not man.

how many other souls are as fortunate? (:
like what u always say, i'm one lucky girl. hee.

(L) alphabet A
9:48 AM

Friday, October 06, 2006

my flu is seriouly getting worse with the stupid haze.
damn it. damn the haze.
(L) alphabet A
1:27 AM

Thursday, October 05, 2006

went to watch a midnight show "the possesed".
some mofo M18 show.
looks more like a porn show at first instead of thai ghost show.
i was giggling away at those scenes.
Eugene says it's very throw face.
cos im the only one giggling in the whole theatre.
Damn you. must you make me cry when i didnt. why must you hurt me all the time.
i waited and waited and waited with my heavy eyelids. called and called and wonder if you are asleep. but still, i dint give up.
but what did i get in the end. IDIOT!
why? TIRED is a good excuse to use ur bloody words to hurt me?
shut your damn mouth. hai. dont know lahs.
time to let go perhaps. so sick and tired of all these..
Can you just be nicer to me like i'm just another girl u like?
Please. i want to be a happy girl..

(L) alphabet A
4:48 PM

i'm blogging with my new com!!
i'm so happy to finally get my own com. wahaha (:

yesterday was definitely a damn tiring day!!
carry all those damn heavy stuff from simlim to funan, from yck mrt station to daryl's house
and finally, went home.
THANKS to daryl and jaric who really help me alot. thanks buddies. <3
shall give you two a big treat?
and i use up all my savings for this com man!
i guess it's all worth it. (:

what i bought yesterday?

Item1: Personalised CPU
Damage : $685 ($65 more than budget)

Item2: Acer 17" LCD screen
Damage : $268 (saved $11)
Item 3: Evo5 2.1 sound system
Damage : $59.90 (not in budget)

Total damage : $1012.90

okay, one thing off my wishlist.

now the next one in line is the ipod video.
there is this shop outside simlim that gives much cheaper price.
or bk can ask the auntie to get cheaper price also.
a few months more then i will get my hands down on this ipod.
kinda excited now already!
black or white? haha.
(L) alphabet A
4:42 AM

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

im home.
too tired to say anything.
just hope all the scoldings and grumblings outside in the living room will stop.
so, goodnight.
tomorrow will be a new day (:
(L) alphabet A
12:08 PM

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i'm now at Mark's house.
Suppose to go buy new com today but guess wat, i ran away from home this morning. or rather, chased out.
Fuck man.
i'm gonna miss my bed, my room. :(

actually, all thanks to the call in the morning.
i don't know exactly what's the conversation because i was sleeping tightly...

i didn't even do anything lahs...
she's the one who started screaming her ass off at me when i was still sleeping.
she went rattling away but i didn't even get what's going on.
i didnt even get to speak.
the next thing i do was sweeping things off my table since she wanted me to tidy up.
fine! that's my fault but must she make a big fuss out of the book that flew and hit her leg?
she wanna call the damn police because of that! seriously, which parent would do this to their kid man? not as if i kill someone.
blah blah blah...
we screamed and shouted like nobody's business.
it ended off when she told me to go ahead to move out.
Before i left, she told me to throw all my things away. wtf
yah, like what she always say, it's her house, her property. blah blah blah...

so here i'm, with all my books and 1 set of sch uniform.
dont know if i'm going home anywhere soon but it will be sarah or char's hse for tonight.
suppose to be mugging mugging now but urrgh...

alright, leaving mark's house now.
will try to update soon if i'm arrested or killed or survived.
(L) alphabet A
6:47 AM

Monday, October 02, 2006

I sent Gary to camp. it was the first time i sent you to camp.
the feeling that was gone really came back the moment i see you.
the moment i turn around i know i'm gonna miss you.
tell me what to do man...
then i met up with Eugene for a midnight show.
actually suppose to meet Eugene earlier in the afternoon but i decided not to go. my day really started off dadmn badly yesterday. hai.
well, we watched "stay alive".

it's a nice show man. makes me wanna play the game but it's not a real game.
after that we went to jalan kayu to eat prata.
guess what?
we actually sat there the whole night.
we talked alot about ourselves, our past.
:) we know each other so much better now.

what a unique first date isnt it?
its not some nice high class resturant but an oily prata shop.
its not our best outfit but our most casual clothes.
its not puting up a fake front but telling all the ugly truths.
its not some memorable event but just plain chatting.
you in your slippers and shorts,
me with my eye bags and pimple outbreaks.

but thanks for pei-ing me through the night.

just now after service, went to sim lim square to find com stuff.
so we check out the price and it's $620. okay, that's the exact budget price.
i'm gonna get it tmr.
feel kinda excited now.
my own computer nehs!
(L) alphabet A
2:48 PM