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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Im so so sleepy now.
I WAKE UP AT 5AM TODAY! Only sleep for like 2hours.

Had amazing race before the ceremony. Its FUN but tiring.

First station was the most enjoyable station.
Finding 500 puzzles bits and then piecing them together as a group really is FUN.
At the end of one hour forty-five minutes, we had 488 pieces put together.
Arrgh, 2 pieces missing!!

Second station was at AJC. Oh well, I didnt like this station.
I CANT ROCKCLIMB OR BELAY. All thanks to my back problem.
We wasted quite a bit of time there.
Well, at least you were there.

Last station is so so tiring. PHS to lower pierce.
I dont know how many KILOMETERS!
And we carry Li Quan on stretches. Isnt as light as I thought.
Everyone rotates around to help carry her.

Wenjie and Colin made a big fool of themselves on the way there but really kinda entertain us. (:
they have soya bean milk all over.
They dont smell good. HAHA.

Come to think about it, I miss going camps!! Olevel just suck balls. Take away all the fun.
LOOK, I wanna go for the sec3 adventure camp DAMN MUCH can? Urrgh.

And finally, the Handover Ceremony 2006.

Woah! Its finally our handover. Pretty happy (:

HPT 6th batch

journey with hpt doesnt stops here. Im quite determine to come back as a grad. Wah, but think of going thru the training camp makes my legs go wobbly. Haha. Its all about passion I guess.

Im so so sad right now. Have you been flirting behind my back?
It kinda hurts to see those sweet talk messages from you in other peoples’ inbox. Somehow, deep inside, I don’t bear to be angry but still, it hurts.

Oh yes, Im so worried for kk right now. Received a sms from him during lunch saying that he has been with the police doing some investigations.
Oh man..thats the one and only sms.
And he left me hanging in the air like that, worrying. Hope he gets back to me real soon. Everyone is worried man.

(L) alphabet A
5:13 PM