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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

I slept through my day.
If only I can sleep through my life.

Taking a long stroll alone tonight seems like a lie isnt it? White lie?
Nvermind. Nothing i can do abt it.

And for my saturday night...
Its party time!
Andrew invite me over for his bro birthday party.
The party really rock socks!
When I reached there, it was jam packed.
His house was turned into glitchy electro land. His bro is a drum maniac.
He and his band laid the whole house with…urm…melodic sounds with wicked beats.
Andrew gave him the new drum set as birthday present!
Aww..how sweet!
Andrew had a hard time trying to ask me if I want volka.
Uh huh. VOLKA. (i didnt get drunk)
I dont understand how people can actually hear a decent word inside!
I simply tell Andrew to give up talking to me! haha.
All the people there are pretty babes and punk dudes, feel kinda fugly there.

12am and we sang happy brthday song.
After which I chill a little more and left.

Well, it was fun and cheered me up a little.

For now, i shall continue to sleep to drown the sorrows.
(L) alphabet A
4:50 PM