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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, September 11, 2006

I was so so happy to see kk today.
He is still in a piece and cheerful like before.
Most importantly, he’s perfectly sane. Haha.

Woah! So I really went IMH today!
Seriously, its COOL stuff man. (:

I was actually afraid when I first stepped into the building. And worse of all, I must find my way to block 3.
what if a insane just grab me and refuse to let go? luckily, luke was with me.
Cant imagine if I’m alone.
After hearing all the stories that kk told us about the people there, kinda sympathise with him. But when I sort of get to socialize with them during dinner time, they are actually okay except for one. That exceptional one is kinda scary.

I wish to say more about things I see and hear but better not. Like kinda rude isnt it?

And something nice to end my day off is to see Andrew again. Took the same bus as him and he helped me carry my groceries.
He invites me over to his house for dinner. I dint go.
but guess what that dude did, he sent cookies to me. and its cookies he made himself.
Sweet isnt it?
Im slowly enjoying the cookies now...
(L) alphabet A
5:42 PM