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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I went to visit kk again. (:

Today is cooler, SK and I actually sat in for their therapy.
Actually its like a sharing session but through that, I actually understand some of them more and the problems they go through.
i bought a doughnut and his favourite choc for him. And SK bought us nasi from change village. But guess what?
The nurse went to put it in the fridge. lOL.

All of us got rather irritated by SDI and we got kinda mean. Frankly speaking I feel so bad now. Sam will be discharged tomorrow morning. I guess Im gonna kinda miss her man.
She a hot chic (:
somehow when I look into kks eyes, I could feel his sadness. Hmmm, I feel sad for him.
Hope that he can be discharged too.
He is seriously not fit to be there!

Actually, i had a tiff with my mum this afternoon. Its always the same old issues but yet we cant seems to resolve. Theres nothing much I can do about it but give in or plainly keep quiet. Hai. Im saving up to buy a new com for myself man.

And the sweet thing to end off today is still Andrew. He makes me smile when I saw him at ninth floor waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers. And its my favorite sunflower. He damn sweet. Kinda melt my heart.

I still refuse to let go just like that, even when someone better comes along. Did I really leave you with no choice?

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3:13 PM