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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

physics paper suck balls too! (actually I didnt study thats why)
but according to others, it is really tough.
I fell asleep for the science MCQ papers.
Shit man.

Didnt visit kk today because I have got a more important thing to do for him!
I made a GIGANTIC postcard for him.
Get N280 to write greetings on it and the front has everyones palm prints!
Aww…hopefully it will surprise him and cheer him up a little. He’s suppose to be discharged today… but…I didnt receive any good news. :(
Bet he must be damn depressed over there.
Today, mich and i finally talked.
Oh well, forgive is easy but to forget takes a long time?
Just hope that all those pains and hurts haunt me no more. (:
Andrew, thanks for the chocolates.
(: I am suddenly so thankful for the hot-pink lady. if not for her, we wouldnt have met!

thats all for today.
(L) alphabet A
2:56 PM