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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

i'm now at Mark's house.
Suppose to go buy new com today but guess wat, i ran away from home this morning. or rather, chased out.
Fuck man.
i'm gonna miss my bed, my room. :(

actually, all thanks to the call in the morning.
i don't know exactly what's the conversation because i was sleeping tightly...

i didn't even do anything lahs...
she's the one who started screaming her ass off at me when i was still sleeping.
she went rattling away but i didn't even get what's going on.
i didnt even get to speak.
the next thing i do was sweeping things off my table since she wanted me to tidy up.
fine! that's my fault but must she make a big fuss out of the book that flew and hit her leg?
she wanna call the damn police because of that! seriously, which parent would do this to their kid man? not as if i kill someone.
blah blah blah...
we screamed and shouted like nobody's business.
it ended off when she told me to go ahead to move out.
Before i left, she told me to throw all my things away. wtf
yah, like what she always say, it's her house, her property. blah blah blah...

so here i'm, with all my books and 1 set of sch uniform.
dont know if i'm going home anywhere soon but it will be sarah or char's hse for tonight.
suppose to be mugging mugging now but urrgh...

alright, leaving mark's house now.
will try to update soon if i'm arrested or killed or survived.
(L) alphabet A
6:47 AM