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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

just reached home (:
today is half a bad day, half a happy day.

i finally say out all the truth!
conscience clear!
feel so much better.
im sorry if i hurt you, you or anyone else.
you know who you are..
sorry frm the botttom of my heart.

i cannot control where my heart wanna goes..

know what makes a girl happy?
i went to town to shop with carol just now.
woah, cant wait to shop with her again.
so enjoyable to shop with her!
and we are both so obasan. (winks)
okay, today i burnt a hole in my pocket!

Item one: PaulFrank top (screams!)
Damage: $39.90
Item two: Adidas shoes (screams!)
Damage: $50
(50% discount. damn fuck cheap)
Item three: Roxy wallet
Damage: $29
Item four: Black top frm hula &co.
Damage: $19.90
Item five: Jeans
Damage: $35.90
Item six: Pointy shoes
Damage: $19.90
Item seven: tu-tu cake
Damage: $2

total damage: dont dare to calculate!
but thanks to the overflowing blessings.
God really multiply what you give.
but i bought all pretty stuff,
and stuff i love

okay, missed sch today again.
tmr i shall go.
i miss sch actually.
(L) alphabet A
12:13 PM