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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, October 20, 2006

kinda hate thurs, because i will cry somehow.
well, JARK THAM predict that i will cry for practical today.
I am so relieved its not like my prelims prac!!
if not, i will cry till i drown myself man!

I was thinking i'm DOOMED this morning!
I cant plot graph for physics.
I was asking my friends..
"What is that 1/f or 1/x thing huh?"
"how to find focal point?"

I cant write the right conclusions and observations for damn chemistry.
and I can never ans the death question,
X is____ or Solution X is____

(just for the sake of some laughs)
I, ANG SINHUI, took a damn 30mins to melt one small spatular of X
during prelims and in the end, not enough time to finish.
my conclusions were ALL BLANK!!
i put the test tube right on top of the burnser burner
instead of on top of the flame.
it's so so DUMB of me!

okay, today's prac is so much so much better and easier! (phew!)
i have my conclusions, i name my solution A.
i plot a nice graph, found my gradient and found g.
what can i say?

BUT still, here are things that went wrong:
1. Stupid diarrhoea!
well, i declare i cant drink Milo or tea with the nice nice sweet condence milk in the morning.
it will make my legs go jelly, and hurts my asshole.
2. Forget to bring entry proof.
price i paid: scolding from Ms Tang in front of everybody
and a dollar to print one new piece.

3. Didnt realise the damn retort standfor phy can be turn outwards so that the pendulum can swing.
i was thinking how come the stand shorter than 70cm? the how to swing?
so i let the result table be only from 30-50cm when the qn wants 30-70cm.
BUT, i realise in the end lah..

end of my fantastic story for practical.

oh, i know why i will cry liao!
urm, i squeeze my pimpi.
just a lame joke..
the day has yet to end, who knows who/what will make me cry later..

AND, i must comment about the damn haze!
it was super duper thick and stinky can?
i shouldnt use was, it still is..
i was ha-chooing, coughing, runny-nosing, choking on it
the whole day long ever since i step out of the holding room.
giddy, giddy, giddy!
(side track first. i play dumb games with my friends in the room to kill time.
dipsy-dipsy dip, murderer and contact. lol. if not for that,
we cant possibly rot the 3hrs away)
i might just die for breathing difficulty lor!
blow wind blow. blow the haze away.
AND, i dont know why but my body temperature is very high these few days.
probably the haze? i am like feeling stuffy and hot all the time.
i cannot even sleep properly! so hot that
i bear to kick my precious blanket away at night!

air-con is such a genius invention man!

i feel so love sick now.
yes, i miss you!
so near yet so farrr..

(L) alphabet A
11:30 AM