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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Julius, a monkey
Clancy, a small giraffe
Cornelius (Clancy's older brother), a larger giraffe
Vic, a snail
Worry bear
Sheree L. Bandit, a raccoon
Todd Spicoli, a hamster
Ellie, an elephant
"Girl", a female bunny

Skurvy, a skull and bones
Mr. Owi, an owl
Shaka Brah Yeti, a yeti
"Devil" Julius, Julius' cousin
Marshmellows, the hot cocoa rapids riders
i want more money to buy PaulFrank stuff.
here's a damn obvious hint to what i want for christmas!!
wahahahaha (:

okay, i'm bored at home.
flu, flu, flu.
hate the damn haze.
couldnt even go service.

damn happy today. so many thanks to you. meow meow.
if only everyday is like this.
if only this good time will last forever.
i ask for nothing but to walk hand in hand with u to the end of the world.
where you go, i'll be.
hai. let the good time roll please..
i dont wanna think when will the next time you say goodbye to me again.
i dont want to say goodbye.

(L) alphabet A
10:33 AM