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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

thanks to daryl, my com is okay already.
it just refuse to start windows normally yesterday!! irritating.
he also put in the internal card reader for me!
and wheee.. FINALLY got sound!! i was seriously dumb.
gosh, i pluck the wires wrongly!
suppose to be red white red white. but i pluck in as red white white red.
left is suppose to be on the right, i pluck right on the left.
BUT, it is not why i dont have sound for weeks lah! it's really got prob in the com itself!!
i can finally listen to nice songs like swear it again (haha), watch dvd and stuff.
im happy.

went to study at sun plaza coffee bean in the afternoon.
wahaha. studied quite a bit then went for my FIRST crash course lesson at CHEC!
i like the class size, only 24 in a class.
i like the classroom. purple tables, white foldable chairs (which JARK THAM mock at me because i cant move it properly) and the colorful walls.
even though there are no rules (which means we can use hp, can eat sweets as and when we like) but i really did learn something.
IT'S POA today and i learn something! IMAGINE how wonderful it is!!
looking forward to more of the lessons there.
i even sign up for one more.

all in all, i had a great day!

except the part that im jealous because you keep asking me what present you should get for another gal.
now i cant even sleep!
what if i wake up tmr morning and you didmnt sms me?
i'll cry and go back to sleep. hai.
i may sound mean, i may sound like i dont give a damn when you wanna hang up but i felt damn sad. i dont want you to be upset with me but neither do i want to let you bully.
im sorry.
hopefully, you will still love me!
i hope our love is stronger than i think.
is our date on friday still on? say yes. hai.

and except the part that i felt like vomiting followed by stomache.
it's probably walkinbg straight after a full meal plus the damn haze.
when will it be blown to somewhere else.
LEAVE SINGAPORE and poor patty alone!

i miss carol.
and, i miss YOU.
(L) alphabet A
5:14 PM