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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

today is like the last day of school and damn! i dint go!
know why?
not that i cant wake up, i did okay? !!
but fell asleep on the toilet bowl after that!
and by the time i wake up, it was already late.
(pleeeeaassseee dont laugh!)
i toss and turn but couldn't sleep yesterday night!
friday i die die will make it for the grad service!

studied alittle, played a little
then went for prayer meeting.
it's my first time at the jurong west building.
nice nice!! (:

i bought my tom out.
(its the yellow cat that anet gave me two yrs back)
name it tom because it looks like mark's real cat, tom.
guys, its not a hp screen wiper!! (:

how long was it since the last time you "walk me home"?
it just made my day (:
i'm gonna miss you till you come back which is thurs night.
and i'm really starting to feel your love again baby!
once again, im happier than ever.
you always make the difference.
PLEASE stay for good, let the good time roll.

gonna start mugging tmr. since i promise my sweetie to study.
oh well..
(L) alphabet A
3:33 AM