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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

yesterday was mooncake festival.
it's my favourite chinese festival even thou there is no ang pao.
haha (:

i always like this festival since young.
mayb because the moon wuld be as round as my face?
brightest moon,lanterns, mooncakes, tea
a time for to be with your loved ones.
wish u aint confined..

went to cg as usual.
celebrated Weiwen and Ivan's birthday.

After cg, i went to meet eugene.
suppose to see the moon but thanks to the haze ah..

i had my dinner at tpy mac. haha
chat as usual.
when walking dwn that long stretch of tpy central, that scarly cat eugene was freakout by a police man behind us. lol.
he scolded chee bye. lucky the police dint charge him or something!!

then we went to east coast and sat at bedok jetty through the night.
dint tok much actually.
just enjoy the land breeze.
urm, we saw the moon at there which is cool. i was saying mayb it will be triangle and haha,
the clouds form a triangular border ard the moon.
and at4plus5 we saw a red moon.

nice place to relax after a hard day of stress over fnn. haha.
we left at ard 6 when the wind was unbearable cold.
didint get to see sun rise in the end.

i wish we could be together out like this too.
put away all those pains and hurts.

but it never happened..

(L) alphabet A
4:59 AM