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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I had dinner with Gary's family at Outback Steak house!! the food is nice! Gary ate the prime minister's ribeye. He started showing off that 285g of meatwhich he claims is the prime minister's. super super lame, the waitress was laughing her ass off man. together with his precious steak was $4.90 worth of spring onions (which most prob come frm aust), was really alot. but..it's kinda nice. i dint know steak should be eaten with onions. ooooops. I had the same as Gary's dad which is the Outback sirloin. Mine was nicely cooked and the serving is just nice. Gary's dad took the 310g one and it's a large piece man. oh, and my side dish is mashed potatoes. i bet it's the best mash potato i have ever eaten! And Gary's mum ate fish&chips. (: the fries are call aussie fries okay?! haha. then it was desserts. THEY ARE FREE!! and they are worth $12.90 each. One was for birthday boy and the other one was for the over $60 bill. We chose Syney's sinful sundae and thunder watever watever (i forgot the super long name). the thunder watevr watever ice cream is nicer (: the brownie below the vanilla ice cream got taste of rum man and it is warm. WOW. overall, it's yummy. OH, the place is nice and cosy for a meal. it's so aussie looking! i wouldnt mind going back again. i didnt really like the waitress but the botak guy/girl was cute and very entertaining. HAHA. Gary's dad keep teasing him/her. (i tink is girl lah cos she got no adam's apple).
After dinner, we went to see the Christmas lightnings along orchard road on the car. it has been a long while since i last did that. that lucky chap got camera from his parents as bday pressie so he was so so so busy taking photos from the car.
okay...photo time..

steak,more steak and fish&chips; our free desserts

Gary's parents; ALLtogether; Birthday Boy

Baby & I; the kangaroo i wanna steal home!

photos taken on the car and from the car.

Baby's BIG FAT BUTT!! (stuffed two small pillows)
i'm loving it!!!!! (:
i spent the night over at his house. we had a great time bullying each other. he farted all night long because of the $4.90 worth of onions. thank God it didnt stink that badly if not it will be fatal. HAHA. so, that is how we spend Gary's 20th birthday! :D:D:D
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