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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

i saw this on kokwey's never update blog, isnt it cute?
i cannot help it but "steal" from there..ooops!
IT'S SO ADORABLE. even baby think so too.. (:

well, tomorrow is a sunday and i am not waking up early in the morning to rush to yck to meet the taxi gang, i dont even tink i am ever going to do that again. thanks to some biatch..i cannot help it but scold her right?! who can stand such a "it". nevermind. what's done cannot be undone. i am just gonna miss all of you...especially carol and jaric. they are two people i really treasure alot. thinking of all those times....makes me sad. studying together with jaric, combing the whole city hall for a good priced T10 and all the shoppings!! hai :( and this means i cannot go chcc anymore. no more cute cute boys and girls, no more cute cute songs in their service. oh well... so life's gonne be rather dead now. work and work and still work. maybe it's good. i got debt with M1. havent pay my bills. then what abt all those christmas present also?? hee. i will definitely get fishy a present! she's such a sweet!! she is going out with me to buy black pants and black shoes tomorrow. hee. so happy.. alright. i hope i will get to blog soon. haha. miss me!!
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2:28 PM