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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, December 11, 2006

"Welcome to mini bits."
wow! worked for a week at mini bits already. so far so good. colleagues there are nice and friendly! (but, serving some customers can be difficult at times..they like to ask lotsa qns!!!)
it's gonna be busier soon because christmas is nearing. this week's work schedule is kinda screwed up. other than first day, i work only like 4hrs a day. so i told the store manager and she say she will gimme longer working hours next week. yay. actually nothing much to say...work is still work after all..
"Thank You, see you again!!"
yesterday was my off day so i spent my day with baby. (: we went to eat at new york new york. heh. YUMMY!! i made green apple candy floss for both of us. haha. we had a great time!! then went to watch deja vu at marina square. interesting show. was nicer than i expected. wanted to go for HPT overnight meeting initialy but chnaged my mind. i scared i not enough sleep then probably doze off during work the next day. i am still thinking whether i should go for the training camp. 21st to 23rd..it's too near christmas and i cant take off. so how?? i seriously wanna go for the training camp... but i cant balance both work and HPT. this makes me think of friends in n280. they told me alot of them gave me miss calls and smes but i reply to none. the prob is i dint get anything..they also invited me for the BBQ but nah...i dont feel like i still belong there. so, i dint even wannna go...

christmas is coming!! but i am not really looking forward to it anymore..i will most probably be working lor! sian half. what about my log cake and turkey and BABY??

all i want for christmas is YOU.. buying me everything i want. (:
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