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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

went for HPT traning camp...
only went for the last day - BURDEN.
last yr's one was definitely tougher and more burden. haha!!
nonetheless i feel so happy to be in red shirt again.
well, sad that nxt yr's sec3 adventure camp is not taken by us!!
how can??
now i am considering dying back my hair just for hpt
because..hpt is part of council..urrgh.
(provided there are MORE activites nxt yr for grads!)
seriously, i HATE spraying my hair black! IT'S GROSS.
i can leave my ponytail's mark on your face if i spank you with it.
believe it or not!

anyway, i finally talk to my mum..urm after she found out my ugly secret.
that day we sat down at the dining table to make tang yuan
then finally we talked!!
then my father ask me...
"yesterday you took your boyfriend's car ahh?"
and i nod my head.
then he ask me how old is my boyfriend and i said 20.
cool huh?? first time i so openly talk to them abt my boy.
the last time was because..
i was crying like mad over a breakup with a bastard..
HAHA. feel so.....i dont know how to say....
i just hope that my boy and i can last real real long.
i wanna see him with wrinkles or white hair. OOPS.

bad news...
i pissed my supervisor off...HAHA.
abit sad but there is nothing i can do abt it now...
but i know she s forgiving one.
at least i hope so...
tomorrow it is christmas eve.
ha! thou working but cwmb staff will be doing exchange of gifts.

it's gonna be 2007 soon. so lemme come up with some resolution..
anyway, nice blogskin right?
favourite julius neh..

and baby, i love you many many!!
this will stand forever <3

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3:31 PM