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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, March 23, 2007

okay, my Genting trip.

i should say it wasn't great.

i didn't sleep at all the whole trip there.
it was 4:45am when we arrived,
and the weather was bad.
it was pouring.
know what's the fantastic thing?
we can only check in at 10am.
like wtf man!

so we walked around,
shopped the closed shops,
stared the not-moving Ferris wheel,
passed the closed pubs,
attempted the cyber cafe,
ate the roti prata with teh tarik,
ate the prawn mee, spaghetti, and wanton mee,
and finally back to the lobby.
it was only half pass 7.
oue eyelids were heavy.
(it was obvious, they were literally dropping)
and we slept pathetically at the pathetic chairs.

after 2hours,
the number call started from no.45
and we were 153.
i nearly went crazy.
the process of seeing the numbers jumped slowly is agonising!
then we checked in at 10:30

our initial plan was to take a little nap and then meet at 2.
when i woke up..it was alrdy 5.

so, we went for buffet which isn't very yummy...
then we bought the ticket for the indoor theme park.
played Euro Express (x2), Bumper Car (x2), Ferris wheel
and went to the Motion threatre.
then we da bao KFC back to hotel room for supper.
we ate at room 9771 which is Jerry & Yvonne's room.
ooops! it was disastrous!
chilli sauce stains on the bed,
Marinda Orange on the floor.
the two guys then went to meet their friends for a drink.
we girls played a little card game and had small talks in the room.

there goes the first day!

we went for free breakfast buffet at the hotel resturant the next morning.
i find it quite okay but they dont like it.
oh well...
then they went back to sleep in the hotel room.
as for me...
i went for retail therapy.
how can i miss that out??!

i made full use of the two hours!
bought myself a Fox Rider shirt,
bought my mum a Abercrombie shirt,
bought my bro a Radioactive shirt,
bought G a nice shirt.

we wanted to play the outdoor theme park,
but they're not operating due to the heavy rain the previous day.
so we're sad!
then we went to the Ripley's believe it or not.
it was fun!
i cam-whored!

while waiting for the bus back,
we also cam-whored!!!

i'll upload the photos when i get the cable frm G.
so thankful for G's cam!
i so want my own camera!

okay! off to meet my angeline already!
(L) alphabet A
6:44 AM