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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

so after appealing,
i got into NYP. Diploma in Marketing (:
i realise i didnt blog abt it b'cos alot of people is asking!
it's a course i wished for!
so, i'm a happy girl (:

life felt so much more meaningful when i know where i'm heading!

let me talk about somebody..

the other day i went out with Cindy Ang Xin Yi.
she's my twin sister.
i'm Cindy Ang Sin Hui (:
i didnt had time to blog abt it that day so shall update now!

23rd March
we went for medical check up together,
the nurses & doctor asked if we're twins.
it's been like this since pri sch.
teachers asked if we were twins at that time too.

we then had pasta mania at cine.
oh yes!
my favourite marinara!
i adore!
(although i cant eat that much of prawns)
we chatted over dinner.
so so much to talk about man
and, it's not gossip i'm saying!

we then stroll in the rain to Heeren
hee! we took neo-prints (x2)
we're behaving like long lost sisters!
we even cam-whore in the neo-prints machines!
after shopping a little in Heeren,
we then stroll our way to far-east.
there, we bought same hp socks and same elmo pencil case.
we didnt buy much actually!
must wait for her pay to come!
and my school fees are weighing on me!
it's amazing how we can be so similar!
we're glad we never like the same dude thou!
a stupid unglam picture taken on her phone marks the end of our date!

cant wait to meet up with her again!

oh yah,
we've agreed to go to sch together when sch starts.

anyway,anyone going same course as me?
tag me!
(L) alphabet A
3:05 PM