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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

i wake up early today when it is not a schooling day.
and usually when i damn need to wake up early, i'm forever waking up late!
i'm body clock is not behaving!
nevermind. make something good out of it.
shall do many many things on a great sunny saturday!
(i woke up feeling cheerful!)
let's see,
1. clear the mess in my room!
2. sew button back onto my pants
3. change bedsheet
4. organise my stackS of notes
5. give my hair a new colour (:

yup, 5things to complete before starting work which is at 5.

today Raymond also working so not so bad.
ytd, i did closing with wei liang which is so boring.
he's super lame and kinda boastful,
so i dont enjoy a conversation with him!
ytd got 2 new staffs!
YES! that makes me not so fresh there anymore.
" Cindy is here to serve you better!"
so if people wanna write in to compliment me,
they can do it secretly w/o asking me what's my name!
i was seriously super hyper ytd.
the new staffs probably think i'm so crazily cute!

thanks to andy, ah hong & ah hou who find pleasure in teasing me,
i looked more high than ever.
ytd Raymond came to fetch me from school!
i'm so so so so happy!
it's been ages since somebody fetch me from school man.
this man says he wanna sew my button (which drop from my pants) back for me..
and he insisted and insisted.
i'm so gonna get diabetes soon. too sweet!
so we went to his house.

and this cute little man cant find his sewing kit!
perhaps i spreaded my blur-ness to him.
talking about blur-ness.
there i go again!
forget to bring socks & cap!
so i borrowed his cap which seriously smells so cheesy
and wore his socks which is clean!
he's the only interesting thing in his house.
so i played with his sister's tiny pig toy.
sorry to say,
i spoilt it.
the tail came out, unattached!
then when i was holding and laughing at my own creation,
the little "ball" attached to the end of the tail
suddenly went unattached too.

i told him,
i think the pig look cuter w/o a tail.
he nods with a sarcastic smile and hide the pig beside the bed!
i cant help it.
we're both so adorable!
thurday was a boring day at school
so i took a few photos.
this was the one taken during lunch break.
she's sitting in front of me.
speaking and laughing loudly with the boyfriend/male friend..
but what caught my attention was this..

hey you!
stop showing half your butt away!
nothing is amazing about your butt.
it's just so alike of every other butt.
(i know i'm wrong to like zoom and take her butt and blog abt it but they were intruding my eyes and affecting my mood for McNuggets!)

then during POA lecture,
i suddenly went cranky and..
i tied a bun right on top of my head.
this is just for entertaiment sake.
i DONT go out like this.
at least i make lecture more fun!

and during the 10mins break..

i bought Mogu Mogu Strawberry juice.
and Morinaga Bitter Chocolate.
i paid $3.65 with NETS.
i think it's hilarious man.
i shall buy my usual Pokka Green Tea @ 2 for $2 using NETS next time.
if not, a 50cents sweet with NETS!

and when we decided to make 10mins break to be 20mins...

that retard is xinyi!
a picture speak so much of people.
xinyi is always loud and full of nonsense.
and jieling is always nice & gentle yet corny at times.
this picture says it all.
(xinyi, dont kill me when you see this!)

Who: MK0701 (:
What: Steamboat.
When: Friday, 4th May, After school.
Where: Marina South.
How: By train. (lol)

cant wait, cant wait!
it's me. random!

(u liar! u're not 19!)

ps: i forgot to mention earlier that my button for my pants burst (literally fly out) when i was serving pasta halfway. and the zip went down straight. thank God my pants didnt drop. damn paiseh. and the funny thing is that Gina use masking tape to tape it up for me. i was so afriaid people will notice the masking tape! (dont cha laugh at me!)

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12:14 AM