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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


jieling, juliana, xinyi, kellie, lehan &me went to town today.
although it was pouring and we were stuck in heeren unable to do much
but still i enjoy their company. (:
you guys rock socks!
more neo-prints next time k?

these naughty girls insisted on eating pastamania.
so we went to shaw house where raymond is.

i was super shy at first. lol.
but we chatted quite alot after that.


it was only when i saw him chatting so happily on the phone that i decided to say goodbye.
(was wondering who is it!)

he never really smsed me before...

he either call me or too busy to reply my sms.

then as i was walking in the underpass leading to orchard MRT.


raymond appears in my inbox!

i opened and read:

"Tmr you free? wanna go out after your school?"

havent been having such a sweet feeling since i dont know when man.

then halfway thru the sms i asked who he talking to just now...
he said he was talking to andy.

when we were leaving town,

i smsed him to ask if he wants me to wait for him..
then he called almost immediately.
he said that he not use to girls waiting for him...
b'cos usually he's the one who wait for girls...
then i say is it? also never see you wait for me?!
then he say cos i special mah.
aiyo~! i was a little turned off by this man.
then i smsed him after that saying i not meeting him liao.
and tell him i aint free for our date.
he called again.
explaining and stuff..
then he say he did waited for me..
first day of my work & yesterday.

i like this kinda guy who bothers explaining.

so i am still meeting him tmr.
venue & time not decided.

oh man! so excited that i probably cant sleep tonight.

what should i wear?!

what an important first date!

now talking on the phone with him.

i secretly zoom and took it yesterday.
he's so cute that even the uncle bside him stares!

i'm sorry i'm so so so love sick!
(L) alphabet A
2:31 PM