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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

what a busy week for me!
this is gonna be a super long post.

i went for the SBM orientation on the 11th, wed.
met up with yen fenn in e morning, catch up a little on the train.
so many joy are in classmates in BIT!
and then, saw dearest thia chun fu outside the auditorium.
okay, the whole big bunch of them all in BM and i'm in MK.
when they started cheering, trying to make us less sleepy...
oh well..HPT is so much better.
as for the activities...
it was boring, real boring.
even Ricky (my OGL) says it's boring...
i left at 2.15pm for my interview at pastamania
lina (the outlet mnager) is cute!
she talk damn corny. i was laughing at her throughout the interview!

12th, thurs.
wanted to go for 2nd day orientation but...
wake up feeling giddy and sick.
so i didnt go. sorry mk0701 girls..sorry ricky..
then i woke up in the afternoon feeling less uncomfortable...
so bin accompany me to MINI TOONS to collect my pay cheque
i'm happy. it's only my commission but it's sufficient.
then i went to vivo with the intention of buying this white dress for my uncle's wedding but sadly... it's not there anymore. GONE!
i got kinda upset so poor bin had to let me vent my anger.
i was even mre emo when i cant watch movies with aiting & jackie.
because i'm not legal. wtf.
he tried to cheer me up...
got some shit from me but still tried to give me a smile.
i adore!
i finally smile when i bought my starburst from candy empire
then we went to bugis.
bought 3 denims, and 1 gold shorts.
i'm a happy girl after that (:
also, bought a paul frank shirt.
YAY! nothing rocks like paul frank!
then bought this cute yellow duckie bracelet.

that marks end of my shopping spree..

i went to pastamania office on 13th, fri.
ulu ulu place..then i went for the jab also ulu ulu clinic!
this is my conversation with the doctor.

doc: hi
me: hi (:
doc: so, you're here for the jab?
me: yep
doc: sacred or not?
me: okay lah...
doc: good! so brave!
me: hehe :l
doc: (while preparing all the syringe and stuff) sit closer..sit so far..
me: okay. (move forward and gave him my arm)
doc: taken this jab before?
me: no...
doc: never take any vaccination jab before?
me: no..
doc: are you married?
me: NO! :s
doc: still schooling?
me: yah...
doc: so you working while studying?
me: yah..
doc: so good ah? can cope?
me: try my best...
then there goes in the syringe..
and my arm ache for a day and a half.
so looking at the conversation...why did he ask me whether i'm married?

then i took a super duper long bus journey to hougang.
find my dearest bin for lunch.
in the end, the bus was so long, i had to enjoy McNuggets myself.
then i went to vivo to purchase this adidas belt for work. my burms is loose!
then i was targeted by this Mr Foo at mrt station.
so, he intro me to prucash.
and, i became his client.
it's fri the 13th. and he got a huge lump on his head because he bang onto the wall earlier on.
lol. am i his curse too?
so after rushing up and down to all the places to do all the things i'm suppose to do..
oh gosh..
i still need to work.
i'm 8mins late.
cute lina forgave me. stressed derrick didnt say anything.
he keeps on asking me if i'm okay.
haha.. i made a new friend call jenny. she's cute.
the chef is call ah fu. but he look like ji an. lol. (if you know what i'm talking abt)
and this cute chef is call raymond.
he keeps on teasing me. urrgh.
i enjoy working there! (:
i'm a happy girl.

can't wait to go to school tomorrow! yay!
i'm meeting the girls 7.45am at the fountain (:

(L) alphabet A
7:50 PM