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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

current location: TCC @ boat quay.
brought to me by Jieling (:

the ambience is so nice.
have the art gallery feel.
i adore warm lightnings.
it's a good place to slack and study.
wanted to like take a shot of the place and blog it...
but too bad photography is not allowed!
and too bad we havent get to sit on the bean bags yet.
waiting, waiting, waiting.
(sounds like weiting, weiting, weiting)

i'm eating macrononi gratin.
okay lah. not bad!
just thatthe serving a little too stingy.
even the garlic bread is like one-fifth of pastamania's.
maybe smaller...

Iced Mon Cherie is yummy-licious!
it taste as yummy as the menu describes!
sweet to the heart!!

the aroma of strawberries is so nice.
the taste of it with coffee is definitely so nice.

oh man.
a little like strawberry milk
yet you can taste the occassionally so strong coffe in it.

i so love TCC now.

splurge all my money here,
i'm more than willing!

p.s. we just got the bean bags.

yesterday's work was disaster.
in fact, i didnt even work can?!
save the grandmother story.

just that...
they take it that i was on MC the day before so that means i wont work yesterday too.
she claims that she couldnt get to me.
i didnt pick up her calls so she cancel away my shift.
so i was ask to go back yesterday.

my blood boiled and still boiling.

thank God lina is back.
i will get an answer from her today,
so i will decide whether i still wanna continue working or not.
so many people wants to quit too.
oh well...
imagine all of us resign together.

back to revision for econs.

ICA on wed!

(L) alphabet A
6:44 AM