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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, May 07, 2007

FRIDAY! it's steamboat!
i sian half when only so few people came!
nevermind lah!
we had fun still right?
except for the part in town.
sorry for the misunderstanding!
glad everything is okay now.

so there was jieling, juliana, mike, maybel, weiting, xinyi, brent and shuxian.
kellie left before the steamboat and andrew joined after the steamboat.
dont have weiting's favourite satay chicken.
only had satay pork.
we had quite a fun time ouching while bbq-ing the food!
and that spoilt brent (sounds like spoilt brat)
was staring in atonishment at the man who helped us change our aluminium foil.
HEE. it's such a pity he had to leave early.
when he left,
joker no.2 came.
brent was like imitating phillipinos topping up their cards at the MRT station.
and andrew also imitated phillipino maids while we were playing pool.

our class girls are so cannot judge by looks!
juliana especially.
we were saying we wanna drink after the steamboat.
so we bought like two bottles.
andrew and mike drank 3cans.
Juliana & me worst!
a bottle plus one can each!

not drunk of course.
but the two guys turned real red!
like tomatoes!

i dropped by cine again to see raymond.

then went back home
and decided to go online to prevent from falling asleep.
all ( except maybel) that went for steamboat was online!
we chatted rubbish man!
whatever wong xiao hui and wong xiao hau.
watever mrs lah and her two kids.

after that i went over to dear's house to stayover!

accompany him to work and then slack myself there till 6.
lucky got his psp's company!

both of us end work at 11.
then we went over to amk kbox plaza to celebrate his big sis's bday.

quite enjoyable.
GREAT company i guess.
i feel more comfortable with them more than with Jackie & gang.

but i dont sing the songs that they sing.
so i was a little out of place.
i still sang a few songs (:

a great sunday today and i'm staying at home to rot.
sunday is like the family day.
dont wish to disturb people.
dear's working also.
shall watch the DVDs i've got.
and perhaps finally tidy my table.
(L) alphabet A
5:21 AM