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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

never even blog whole of last week!
changed the song.
so i guess i'm gonna hear other pple/that someone
using my previous song soon..
it's okay!

now it's john lim's class...
and i'm still doing Ju's bday card.
still at it.
i sacrifice my beauty sleep totally to draw cookie monster!
hope she will like it even thou it's not really very well done..
i cannot remember how that monster look like ytd night.
i was so tired from work and fighting away the germs in my stomach.

my day started out being so screwed!
it's as BAD as yesterday, maybe worse.
i cant imagine..
how pissed i can get for the rest of the day...
poor baby's ears had to suffer my naggings and complaints
early in the morning.
i almost burst his ear drums over the phone
when i couldnt get th cabS to stop.

so these were what made my tuesday morning.

1. Supposed to meet baby at 6 at Macs for breakfast.
He said he will call me at 5 just in case i fell asleep while painting.
So i was waiting for his call..
When he finally called, it was already 5:42.
so obviously we had to give Macs a miss
and he woke up 1hr earlier for nothing.
He just sat outside 7-11 to play psp.
i'm sorry i threw tantrums because you didnt call at 5,
and i neglected the fact you waited for nothing too.

2. One of my havanas got stolen!
And i dont know who, what, when, where, how.
I swear i make sure i didnt leave it outside my house
to let my stupid idiot neighbours prey on it.
There goes my love.
This seriously makes my day sucky.

3. Wanted to take a cab to quickly boom boom down to Macs.
Saw no cab for quite some time.
Finally saw one.
Waved my hand damn hard but it didnt stop.
Of course he deserve my WHAT THE FUCK.
Then 2nd one came.
But didnt stop either.
Third one still the same.
I decided all cab drivers are bastards
and i will only stop one down at 7 when the $2 charge starts.
So, i gave up and took bus.

4. It so suddenly rain.
but it wasnt so bad after all.
A cooling weather is better than a burning sun.
Just didnt want baby to get wet
on his way to work.

5. I feel idiotic with Ju's bday card
which covers half my body.

6. Gastric pain.
i dont know what's the torture for when
i did feed myself with meals.

I dont know what else happened.
I just know i wanna whine, complain and nag.
I need hugs and kisses!
I want a day of peace for me.
I want my day to be right from NOW!
because baby is moving into his new house today

and more importantly
because it's JU's birthday.


love you always always.

Can't wait for all the celebrations later.
gtg now.
John Lim finally show his power.
he threatened me to be the demostrator
(L) alphabet A
12:46 AM