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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

i still feel kinda feverish after a 17hours sleep.

perhaps i too miss and love my bed.
dont remind me of that hard floor.
so much so i love his compnay,
nobody likes to sleep on a cold hard floor.

i'm sorry i miss stats lecture again.

oh yes!
my phone's dead.
inside out.
the phone itself is screwed.
the sim card is money-less.
so baby couldnt get me since 3pm yesterday till now.
at least it got him worried.
i called him immediately when i woke up.

it's his off day today
if only i dont have that stupid ica today!
damn it!

so long never go on a date with him.

you know?
a date is sweet.
staying together with him isnt.
working together is a pain.

thanks to some jealous person at work.
she had resigned but she left a pile of complaints of me before she left.
and i tell you!
those complaints are not facts okay?
she's jealous of that heart-shape pizza baby made for me is it?
that bitch.
i wanna show her my middle finger.
i wanna give her some tight slaps on the face.

will update whether i choose to leave or not.
i promised Baoshan an answer by thursday which is tomorrow.
oh well.
i cant be hard hearted.
sometimes, i wish i can.

mother fucker.

i miss my twin.
i dreamt of her in my long sleeping-beauty sleep.
i realise i havent even been talking to her online.
oh no...
must meet her up soon.
if only our timetable didnt clash.
wonder how's she's doing with eddie.
the other day,
she came with him to pastamania just to say hi to me.
at least i was happy to see her.

okay, need to do some last minute revision for POM already.

i wishi can make it for test with my heachache
(L) alphabet A
2:09 AM