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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

liana, jieling, brent, xinyi, maybel, wei ting, julius, anthonny, andrew, shu xian, mike &me decided to bond 'make love' after school!

2 anti socials sittting oppo each other.
we went to suntec.
what's for lunch?
we finally decided to eat fish & co.
urm, after viewing several retuarants' menus.
fussy people!
nonetheless, as usual, it's so yummy!
i had new york fish & chips! (my favourite!)
wah, i didnt know fish & co. got student special also!
FREE DRINK with any main course.
not much gossips/chats over lunch,
everyone savouring their food happily...
i was so into my fish that i didnt take any photos.
then, went to catch Nightmare Detective altogether.
psst, it's M18 but still we watch it altogether!
LOUSY SHOW though.
i fell asleep halfway thru when it's suppose to be a horror & GROSS show!
only wake up when BRENT started calling me..
basically, the whole theatre was OURS and that dovey couple.
seriously, i pity them.
we were such a nuisance man.
stupid BRENT, covering his face throughout the show.
maybe he got so bored that he asked me,
"eh, what's the professor's name in powerpuff girls?"
i burst into a super loud laughter man.
and he irritatingly keep asking wat's happening in the show so i went,
i was so loud that everyone at the back laughed
and andrew wake up frm his beauty sleep.
i apologised for the disturbance :p
BRENT is cute when he screamed at even not so scary parts,
and the way he laughs and hides behind his crumpler.
andrew, on the other hand,
made me laugh when he said that the guy look like the computer guy..
and that ding dong guy in the show look like dearest BEE HIVE.
for godness sake,
that guy kills people in their dreams okay?
he's suppose to be scary and disgusting.
YET, we cant help it but find him retardded.
in the end,
after so much laughter and fun,
i walked out of the theatre knowing nothing about that show.
but i'm happy still (:
after the show,
we had lotsa fun doing silly dumby things..
julius looks extra big on this tiny car
i love this GIANT chupa chups!
then Andrew, Anthonny & Shuxian left to go back to sch for CCA.
1the rest then went to toys'R'us
we didnt scare the kids away.
we just had a little fun like these...

Julius with pongs pongs as wig.

Juliana with ah meng?

Bob the builder?
A happy girl!
Jieling smile so prettily with the bottles we bought!
i got the pink and she got the orange.
Juliana & Kellie also got a pair.
this is NOT me!
look at Mike, he's playing with that bear!
look at all those purple monsters.
i so hate barneys.
Mike threw one back! (:
what a pity!
i had to leave for work after that.
but anyway...
you guys ROCK MY WORLD.

(L) alphabet A
9:24 PM