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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

now at jieling's house.
drinking a little beer...
some girls' night
my dear Ju got pms.
she's so so so emo today.
nvm. i still love her so.
and i am so happy that jieling created her blog!

had a damn rough day today.
i woke up feeling my left eyeball like bulging out.
went to brush my teeth and got the shock of my life.
there's a swollen lump of my white/pink around my pupil with stains of blood.
and i keep on tearing and tearing...
and i cant open my eye totally!
i feel like half the pupil being covered.

then had a misunderstanding with baby.
he never tell me he got gastric.
he didnt know my eyes were swollen initially
i thot he didnt care that my eyeball will drop
he was in pain and i didnt know
'cos he told me he was okay already.

i'm glad it was resolved!
i'm really glad.

i know i say it like zillion times,
but still, i love him!
love him, love him, love him!

altough i had super teary and half swollen eyes,
but i still went back to take care of baby.

i cant resist his innocent face that spells " pleaseee dont leave,"
i cant resist his stares when i feed him tau huey.
really like a baby! still must wipe his mouth for him.
my baby is the cutest ever.
nobody beats that.

me: must take careof yourself hor!
baby: *shake head
me: why not?
baby: i want you to take care of me.

he deserves my hug.

after a happily ever after ending with baby,
went to Novena Square tcc to like revise my POM.
oh no...ICA this Wed.
3 chapters are enough to kill all my brain cells!
but at least i revised at least more than half.

i drank Iced Latte Mocha
ate beef Mozha-Tofu
and had Marble cheese cake for dessert.

i tell you i tell you
the beef Mozha-Tofu is damn nice!
MUST TRY! it's only $8.50.
take into consideration the cheese and neglect the fact that tofu is cheap

had been staying over at baby's house.
a little not use to it.
he say i like already move in with him...
then occasionally go back to liang jia.

okay lah.
that's all for now.
must call baby to fetch me.
dont know if he will.

(L) alphabet A
2:27 PM