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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

YESTERDAY was labour day.
other people's PH equals to my labour day, literally labouring.

went to work from 12 to 5.

yen fenn & alicia came.
yen fenn ate chicken bolognese today.

jake & his BIT friends came too.
one of them was like over friendly,
keep on disturbing me!

fishy who dropped by too.
fishy! my bf is the chef not the cashier! oh please!

ran into so many people too.
saw andrew that joker on the train,
saw shiyang & his gf at mango,
saw lehan & a guy outside Espirit,
but missed Jieling with her friends who were at Heeren.
Wanted to find yf & alicia to shop around
but so sad they're going home early.
Wanted to call my twin to meet up with her but...
GOSH! handphone went dead.
just as i was about to rot myself to death..
i ran into Xinyi at the road outside cine.
oh man!
then i went to join her and her friends.
Namely xiang yi, lynette, jonathan and benmin.
(xinyi, are you impressed i can memorised their names? haha)
we went to rot at Taka's Coffee Bean.
i shared Blueberry Delight with xinyi.
just chit-chatted,
and benmin also performed his magic tricks.
and as usual,
waited for Raymond to end work.
he's sweet.
and TODAY!
know why?
i wasnt late for lecture!
in fact, i still waited for jieling at yck MRT station lor!
i deserve some compliments pleasssee!
thanks to Raymond who gave me morning call.
of course, jieling rocks too.
she's my nanny;
she wakes me up in the morning;
she reminds me to do tutorials;
she reminds me to photocopy notes;
she's my soulmate;
she's helps me tap if i wake up late;
she shares green tea with me @ 2 for $2;
she leaves a seat for me when i'm late;
she's super sweet!
so, i'm STUCK WITH HER! (evil laughter)
my snacks for lecture today!
i adore all! they keep me awake!
suppose to have John Lim's make-up lesson today..
but the whole class decided that we dont wanna go.
so it was cancelled!
Juliana, Jieling, Brent, Kellie, Peijia and I went to j8 to eat lunch.
MOS burger we chose.
that spoilt brat, brent, never eat MOS before.
(ps. he doesnt know steamboat in Marina south has got no air-con)
Had alot of jokes as usual..
kept laughing while eating.
after that,
Juliana, Jieling and me went over to kellie's house to rot.
she's got a nice & cosy place and it's near school!
so we decided to sleepover someday then can wake up at 7.15 when lesson starts at 8.
i'm steady one! aint joking!
at around 5plus,
juliana had to leave for work..
so we all left.
and here i am at home now rotting.
Raymond completes me (:
i ADORE him!

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9:28 AM