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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Monday, June 25, 2007

" Submit your tutorial question
Go for your breakfast.
Back at 1045am"
this is what Susan type on the board
before she left the classroom for her breakfast.
i'm free not because i've done my tutorial.
but that i dont even know the question.
kelly, diane and jieling doing our stats project and here i'm blogging.not that i dont give a damn.i think they think i'm not part of them.
seriously,i feel tired trying to tell them i wanna do something. and it's really not my fault i cant go online when they were discussing the survey questions.
you get what i mean? and despite my constant effort of saying..
"okay, maybe i can help with this..."urm....and also trying to contribute some ideas...i'm still like "rejected"
so after all,i fuck it.
i can imagine what they gimme for my peer evaluation. it isnt fair, but life is nvr fair.i'm the free rider.
i need to talk to somebody.
someone i can really open up my heart.
and the person that comes to my mind is Angeline
oh man.
and just when i was reading her blog,
her sms came.
how sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet~!
in fact,
i'm excited about calling her when lessons end.
too bad we cant meet today.
i got so much to tell her.
i wanna whine to her so so so badly.
i wanna curse and swear.
i wanna complain tonnes of complaints.
i wanna maybe cry a little.
hello my twin,
i read your blog.
i realise i know nothing abt your life now.
i cant even remember the last time we called up each other to chat & gossip.
dont wanna sound love sick,
but i do miss you.
my face is peeling.
and it's red, red, RED.
it's getting worse and worse each day.
it will probably peel for a month or at least few weeks.
and till it peel finish,
i dont think i wanna start work.
imagine a peeling skin sales girl approaches you.
"yeeeeek" will be the reaction.
thank God,
baby didnt say "yeeeek"
at least all these while,
when i went through all my depression and stuff...
i had him there for me
which i'm grateful for.
especially those nights when i'm down with fever,
he was there with me with ice water, and hugs.
he bought me porridge,
he fed me with those pink fever pills,
he force water down my throat,
and most importatly, he brought love along with him.
without his TLC, i wouldnt have recovered.
despite making me angry sometimes..
i've still got a good baby.
so, i'm keeping him for good.
okay lah.
enough of my no link blog entry.
lesson ended.

(L) alphabet A
2:21 AM