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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, July 27, 2007

I totally didn’t wake up to go school and I woke up only at 1:32pm.
(thanks to baby’s sister who knocked so hard on the window and woke me up)

Ooops, I’m such a lazy bum because I almost slept thru the whole of today.
All I did was wake up to have lunch, kiss baby goodbye before he left for work , then I went back under the cozy little blue blanket and sleep.
I slept all the way till 7.40pm and then wake up to watch TV.

Then baby called and scolded me for not having my dinner yet. So I reluctantly switch off the TV and went downstairs to pack fried rice with egg, and bought my favourite Ribena.
After that went back home and continue rotting.

I was watching the Crime Watch on Channel 8. Aiyoyo.
What is the world coming to?
People who fake their identity have motives like robbing and raping after you open up your gates to let them into your house.
Folks, really must be careful before letting people in. Must double, triple check on their identity before you let them in. Or, don’t let strangers in if you’re alone at home.
What I couldn’t believe is that they actually target on elderly people. These people are seriously heartless.

Actually suppose to go club/pub with Diane and friends but nah, I’m already broke.
Plus, I’m feeling super duper lazy today.

Baby got OT today so I’m waiting for him to come home.
Zillion misses.
(L) alphabet A
4:18 PM