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Sunday, July 01, 2007

i'm so into online shopping nowadays


i dont know why.

i may not really buy as much as i buy when i really do manual shopping but...

it's rather enjoyable,

all you need is click click with your mouse


although i have always prefer having a feel of the clothes i'm buying,

but online goods can be so much cheaper.
because online doesnt require any rental fees.

i have just added a few links of online shops that i like.

and what makes me like them?

their items look appealing and of good quality.

plus, reasonable price.

i just manage to go to two online shops just now.

and some of their stuffs are the same.

but looking at the price,

it's a great difference.

and you know what i have realised after i started online shopping?

clothes are nothing without models!

i'm considering setting up my own little shop.
why not?

hee hee.

and i bought a dress @ $30 online.

it's for me to wear to my uncle's wedding.

i just saw it in another online shop selling it at a steeper price.

so i guess it's a good catch?




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