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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Know what's the In thing now? (not my wavy hair of course)
Blogging about Top 5 or 7 bloggers you hate or like most.
I'm so not into this. Oh please... And i know it kinda started from Xiaxue's blog right? Yeah, i went to read it already. I shall just comment about one.
This is Ice Angel's :
The reason why she has the honour of me commenting is that i dont understand why some people can say she's hawt. she's not lah seriously. She's just such a kid. I dont even know why all her super lame entries can make her blog popular. Usually blogs get popular either because the blogger is hawt, cute, pretty, handsome or has some X-factor, OR the blogs have very entertaining entries or superb photos. And hers has neither. Oh well...
i was talking to my twin about all those people who goes ii lubb euu kind.
that is a total turn off for me. what?! you think singlish is not bad enough? Or so you think it's cool? Let me tell you it only makes the whole blog looks low class and ah lian-ish.
i know i'm so going to offend people or even friends but no offence. This is mypersonal dislike. If you think you like to go an extra mile to spell i as ii, and a simple you/u as euu then find go ahead. And those who sms with your that kinda language...i salute you. you totally defy the use of short form. then know what? i rather you type out in proper english since you dont mind typing more right? English grades are important.

That's all i have to say.

And, people have all their rights to blog the way they want, blog what they want, so dont condemn them. all i do is dont visit if i dont like. yeah.
i believe there are people out there who dont like my blog too.
(L) alphabet A
12:34 PM