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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yesterday I was 45minutes late for John Lim’s class.
But little did I know that I was also late for the ICA test.
I really didn’t know there was an ICA.
Nonetheless, I still any-o-how do. Hopefully I will get some pathetic marks.

And then the next terrible bad news is that I have another stats ICA in the afternoon which I totally forgot.
I’m sotong until cannot sotong. Damn! Screwed it of course!

So I thought my day was so rotten, but turn out to be good.

I got back my EWS’s ICA2 and I got 21.5 out of 30.
Phew! I thought I flung it man. I was suppose to write two activities in the report but I had no time so I only wrote one. So I seriously thought I would fail it.
Luckily I didn’t.

After class, I accompany Diane to PS to get her speakers. I find her so funny talking to the salesman. Even the salesman laughed when she keep on asking which one is better. Then she keep on asking whether she really can connect the speakers to her phone. So she finally decide on the $49 one.

She’s super super sotong know? The speakers can change the “front cover”, and there are three colours in the package. White, black and green. And she never realise that. She tell me that she like the white one but don’t have leh. Then I LMAO and told her it’s three colours in a package lah!

Then after that on bus 132 back home, she tell me she like pink and blue (shown on the cover) but don’t have leh. Then I LMAO again and say this one is recommended accessories that means must buy additional one.

I find her silly, but silly-ly cute.

After buying her speakers, we left PS and headed to Far East.
Diane was starving so she brought me to eat the nice nice Chicken Rice there.
It’s the first time I eat a “coffee shop food” in far east.
It was $3.50 + $1 = $4.50. $1 is for the pokka green tea.

After a yummy-licious meal, we went shooooooping.
I wished I had remember to bring money along then I could have bought some of the stuffs we saw too.
She spend $15.90 + $23.90 + $12.90 @ Skin shop. She told me it’s a Korean shop and I hadn’t realise it last time. Their stuffs are kinda nice. Last week I bought the blue and black Flash Lights crayon (so call eyeliner) from there @ $9 each. She bought a super fruity nude lip gloss, body care product and the special diet lip gloss. I find the diet lip gloss really unique. Just by using it, it will help u crave less for food. Can you imagine?
And they also got this chocolate flavored lip gloss too. NICE!
And I’m going back soon to get the 15.90 body care enhancer too. The packaging is so kawaii, so cute and it smell so milky! MOOOOO~! I ADORE!
I set my eyes on a bag too. I like the black one and I think she likes the other black one. I think we will be getting it soon.

The only thing I got today was the handphone sock @ $1.90 from Citru sox. I don’t know this is the number what socks I have bought. I like just my phone to wear a sock. We bought the same one. Bright and baby blue big strips (:
I don’t deline the fact that I use to dislike her quite a bit.
We are both very straight forward people so we tend to disagree with each other. I couldn’t quite accept the fact we could really chat and shop together. And after today, I realise we agree on many things too. Haha.

And, don’t be surprise why I am suddenly so close with Diane. A friend who stays by you when you are in need, she’s a friend in need. When the whole world may be talking behind my back, she chose to call me and hear my side of story.
And it’s true you wont understand a person until you try doing so.

People do change in a wink of your eyes.
Just like people who were once so close to me can backstab me so hard on my back that I feel the pain right through my heart

P.s. I don’t understand why you people can make such a big fuss to whether I perm my hair or not. You people are so mofo. Total mofo. What’s your next hot issue?
“ That Cindy why suddenly so close with that Diane ah?”
Oh man, gimme a break.
Since we aint friends, and since you people left me when I needed you people, then fuck care what I’m doing now. It’s my business and none of yours anymore.
(I don’t care if I’m crude.)

And all in all, I had a great day. (:
(L) alphabet A
3:43 PM