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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Yesterday was a super long day for me!

Badri’s class is canceled but I still need to wake up early to go to Diane’s house to do excel project. I didn’t know my house is only 5 bus stops from Annie and Diane’s house.
We did the project until around 12:40 before we left her house.
They are both dressed up prettily to go bugis and I’m going back to school to do the macro project.

So I reached school’s library at around 1:20.
Shu Ying, Pei Jia and I had quite some fun time laughing and joking around while doing the PowerPoint. And this crazy Shu Ying keep on asking me questions, can see she is so interested in me. HAHA. Just kidding, it’s because she just realise that I turn out to be quite different from who she thinks I am. Like, she thinks I’m not an easy to get along but actually I am in fact rather easy-going and funny.

The other day, Shu Ying gave me a nick name call Ban Ge Yi Zi which means Half a chair. And the reason being, she spotted me sitting only half a chair.
LOL. She’s so crazily cute.

She somehow makes my day.

I left school at 5:30 and headed to work.
Work was okay, typical.

And 45minutes ago, I was in school having the formal presentation.
HAHA. I’m just glad it’s over.
And Janet Choo is a total monster. She and her 10minutes rule.
What’s her problem?
(L) alphabet A
4:27 AM