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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy birthday Shiyun!!
dinner @ billy bombers

the birthday girl. camera shy?

candid camera

our mocktails.
mine is the green one - sex on the coast

my grilled bbq chicken

the spring chicken which was damn hard to cut

american brownie
after dinner,
we surprised shiyun with the cake we made in the middle of orchard rd with a lighted candle. awwww.
it's nice to see the way she smile happily.
(anyway, i'm sorry that i decided not to carry on with the initial plan.
if not it would have been a bigger surprise)

then we proceeded to kbox

only photo taken there.

and here are the overdue photos
our secret mission

LOOK! there's an egg shell!

the outcome.

doesnt looks good but it's yummy! we finished the whole oreocheese cake.

we actually also made a huge giant card for her but i forgot to take picture of it.

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6:51 PM