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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The cigarette burns dimly on loose lips
She leans forward longing for kiss
Slip of the tongue and unbutton the blouse
Tell her its alright you don't have a spouse
Maybe its true and maybe its not
All either of you wants is to give a shout
To be free of the clothes that you peel
Cry out how good the midnight sins feel
The alcohol so heavy on her panting breath
Made it so much easier for you to take the step
Taking her hand and whispering sweet lie
Leading her to a hotel room saying "You're all mine"
You know she loves it and she wants more
By the way she threw her shirt on the floor
Pushing your head into soft, sweet breast
Blushing as you pull her against your chest
In the end of the night you'll leave her sleeping
Finding out that she's suddenly not worth keeping
Cause you're a wondering lover who can't stay still
Because you're no gentleman when its women you kill
Their emotions only mean something for that one moment
When they're the lover for the night you've chosen

(L) alphabet A
6:21 PM