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my curiosity for you eats into my sleep.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

happy birthday to me?
JUNE 16 is mine,
MARCH 18 is baoshan's


we celebrated with her at pastamania cineleisure.
before the birthday girl arrives....

we, girls, had a hard time blowing all the balloons up
and lil miss X is so cute!
she dont know how to blow! and the guys had a good time laughing at her.

and after we were done, i went ard taking peektures

i took X & X took me.

men at work

and finally, steamboat started..

yummy! thumbs up (:


we (princesses, andy, janet and maling) went to taka's cold storage to buy all these ingredients and we look like aunties walking around. we carried grocceries bags to Art friend and all around Taka looking for deco and all those party stuff. -.-

LAO Andy prepared the soup which is sweet and delicious.

candid shot of the birthday girl halfwaythru eating

andy also invited the Diva girls over

maling with her pretty Diva fren
( i dontknow her name)
similarity: both from china

janet and the cute Diva manager
(i dontknow her name either)
similarity: both from phillipines


after countdown and singing the birthday song,

then it came the fun. teeheehee.

while we were preparing the cake in the kitchen,

we ALSO prepared plates of...

whip cream

whip cream with chocolate syrup


munyeong's idea of flour mix with water.

we sneaked to the back and from the back door we attacked baoshan!


i smashed RIGHT ON HER FACE and i RUN!!!

baoshan went to chased after wei with all the cream all over her face and body.

chased around cine and finally caught him at the escalator.

i seriously wished i took pics or video of all these.

but everywhere was chaos and i didnt want my cam to kana all those sticky cream also.


jen, sy and me was like screaming and running ard,

you know? like...playing police and thieves??

the HK cafe people must have thot we were cukoo.

the security came to demand us to clean some cream which was on the cine's floor.

oh well...

smashing cream is always happening,

but smashing cream and running around in shopping mall,

this is my first time.

my poor lil x, wei, hong was attacked back by baoshan.

someone never aim properly and my poor bf kana for nothing also


obi quek.

we wanted to save the fruity cake for consuming purpose but..

in the end..

the table was tripped so the cake ended up on the floor, SMASHED!

after all the cleaning up ourselves and the place,

we took our last photo and departed.

say cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

hope baoshan have a memorable 21st bday

couldn't find my lil x in the pic, i think she's hidden behind.

i bought this lion for my belove

'cos he like lions


i bet he loves tigress more.

'cos tigress is me

p.s. they got the same hairstyle!

today is a stay home for me

my cell is totally dead and i

(L) alphabet A
7:00 PM